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Best green funds balance ethics with results

Investors have been slow to appreciate the impact on the bottom line of irresponsible corporate behaviour. Heather Connon digs out the best funds and themes.

Funds to help make you a successful ethical investor

With a wealth of socially responsible funds around, Money Observer searches for the best-performing ethical investments.

Investors want ethical options

More than half of British adults with investments would like to invest in green and ethical investments, according to figures from the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

Socially Responsible Investing on the increase

Lessons learned from the financial crisis have led to a considerable increase in socially responsible investing according to a new report.

Kitemarking scheme can restore trust

Ethical and environmental fund adviser, Barchester Green, has called for the introduction of a kitemarking scheme for green and ethical funds.

Financial advisers go ethical

Carbon footprint

Increasing numbers of financial advisers now offer green and ethical investments, according to a new survey.

The study, by the Association of Independent Financial Advisers (AIFA), was conducted as part of the run up to National Ethical Investment Week, which starts on 7 November.

Can high impact investing yield returns?

In 2005, John Fleetwood founded Ethical Money. He had already developed an impressive track record in ethical investments, but this new move was to see him focus more on investments with a particularly high impact.


Deutsche Bank invests in Social Enterprise

Deutsche Bank has confirmed it invested £450,000 in the Big Issue Invest Social Enterprise Investment Fund.

Business leaders fear for Green Investment Bank

A powerful group of businesses, entrepreneurs, campaign groups and MPs has urged the government not to compromise its plans for the green investment bank.

Lottery pledges £11 million to Social Impact Bond

The Big Lottery Fund has announced it will invest £11.25 million in the social impact bond run by the social investment bank, Social Finance.


Social impact bonds work by drawing up a contract between the government and a third sector provider to run a project to combat a certain social ill.


Investors from the private sector can then invest in the bond and receive a payout based on the performance of the project.