Spread Betting

Best of the boards: Hurricane, iomart and Caza

Best of the boards: Hurricane , iomart and Caza

In this week's best of the boards, Interactive Investor takes a look at what its users have been saying on the discussion boards.

Investing in gold: Speculation versus insurance

Some investors focus on gold as portfolio insurance, others invest more speculatively. Different types of investment suit each approach.

How to trade currencies successfully

To hedge against exchange rate risk or simply to make money from market movements, investors are turning to foreign exchange trading.

The core problems with JPMorgan's failed trades

JPMorgan lost billions in its hedging strategy not only because it was sloppy, but because it grew too big in a market of complex financial instruments that it had created.

12 rules to beat the markets

Mike McCudden meets day-trading veteran David Rogerson and discovers how his 12 golden rules helped him to play with someone else's money and hit the jackpot.

How to spread bet commodities

Spread bets offer a route around the currency risk of investing in commodities, says Peter Temple. As well as offering you exposure for a modest outlay, the opportunity to short is a useful tool in the current market.

How to trade volatile markets

The recent surge of commodity-led stockmarket bumps could be just the entry point for some traders, says Mike McCudden. He talks through what to look out for and offers advice on how to trade the volatility.

Spice up your investment strategy with spread betting

There is far more to spread betting and CFDs than taking a punt on market swings. They have plenty of other uses and are a very effective way to spice up your investment strategy.

Getting to grips with spread betting and CFDs

Sam Barrett explains how spread betting and contracts for difference can make you money in falling as well as rising markets.

How to profit from gold and oil

In a world often full of turmoil and instability, cautious investors flock to gold while traders are jumping on the oil bandwagon. Sam Barrett shows you how you can profit.