Regular Investing for £1.00


Invest regularly for £1.00, then reinvest your investment income

Investing each month is a great way to achieve your aims - not only can you start investing with £25.00 a month with our Regular Investment service, but with a low dealing fee of just £1.00, it's cost effective too. Making regular investments helps you get into the habit of investing - so it's a good way of keeping to your plan, ensuring you're on track to achieve your investment goals.

Then, once you start receiving dividends, turning that income into capital with our Dividend Reinvestment facility, giving you the potential to grow your investments even faster.

Benefits of Regular Investing

When you're investing regularly each month you won't need to worry about buying at the right time. When the price rises, you buy fewer shares that month: when it falls, you buy more. Over time you'll average out the cost of your holding


  • Available within your Investment, ISA or SIPP account
  • Choose where to invest from a choice of most UK companies, plus ETF and Investment Trusts
  • Pay just £1.00 per purchase (plus stamp duty where applicable)
  • Make regular credits to keep your account topped-up, or make one-off payments when you need

You can also:

  • Choose how much to invest
  • Change your monthly amount and investment date to suit changing circumstances
  • No commitment to a minimum period - start and stop investing whenever you want

Please be aware of the risks involved. The price and value of investments and their income fluctuates and you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. If in any doubt, please consult a financial adviser.

How Does it Work

By making bulk orders, we're able to pass savings onto you.

With regular investing you decide how much you want to invest and where. On 23rd of each month we collect everyone's requests and make bulk trades, allowing us to pass commission savings on to you. It is as simple as that.

When you set up your plan you can select a subscription date (when the money leaves your bank account). You'll also choose the amount you want to invest each month and where you want to invest it. From then on the trades will be made automatically on a monthly basis.

You can change where and how much you invest at any time. You can stop and start the plan whenever you like, and even stop payment for a month. It's a truly flexible way to build up a portfolio of investments, while taking advantage of low commissions.

Please note: If you had a regular investment set for two or more dirty funds and they are currently going through the clean class conversion process, please note that you will not be able to delete regular investments on these funds.

Please set your regular investment option to zero, whether you have configured it as a monetary amount or a percentage. After the funds have been converted we will write to you again as a reminder that you may wish to re-set future regular investments.

Setting up Your Portfolio Builder plan?

Step 1

Login to your investment account and click on the Regular Investments tab.

Then check you are setting up regular investments from the account you want (for example you may want to set up investments in your ISA or SIPP account.)

Step 2

Begin by setting up your payment plan.

Click on the Create button to get started.

Simply decide how much you want to invest on a monthly basis, and when you want your payments to start. Money will then go from your linked bank account into your investment account on the date you’ve nominated, every month.

Remember, you can cancel this payment instruction at any time.

Step 3

Now set up your investment plan

Click on the edit portfolio button on the right hand box

To select the investments you want to invest in regularly, select ‘Add Another Item’ and start typing in the Name box. Decide how much you want to invest and save. You can easily add another investment.

Once you’ve added your investments, confirm you’re happy to proceed. If you are changing your investment choices, selecting new ones will overwrite your previous choices.That’s it!


What is the minimum/maximum I can invest?

The minimum limit per investment is £25. There is no maximum limit.

The Portfolio Builder plan has been created for new investors. Its low investment minimums and reduced commissions are designed to help you start building your investment portfolio cost effectively.

How often can I change my Portfolio Builder plan?

You can change your Portfolio Builder plan as often as you like, with no penalty fees.

At any point, for the following month's transaction, you can change where and how much you invest. You can also start and stop the plan whenever you like, and even suspend any number of monthly payments.

The flexibility of our account allows you to:

  • Invest as much or as little as you want from as low as £25
  • Stop and start whenever you want with no penalty fees
  • Buy shares in most UK companies
  • Change the amount you invest or when you buy
  • Experience no tie in or charges if you change your mind

Can I make other trades as well as?


With your Portfolio Builder plan you can still buy or sell at a time of your choosing for our normal low trading commission of £10 for UK trades, or taking advantage of our £6 frequent trader rate (see our charges].

Turn Investment Income in to Capital

When you're investing for the longer-term rather than for income, you can add to your existing holdings by using our Dividend Re-investment facility.

You can choose whether to do this for all of your holdings or just pick the ones where you'd like that to apply. We'll automatically re-invest the income from each investment you've selected, buying more of those shares each time they pay you a dividend


There’s one important thing in particular to remember when the time comes to sell an investment on which you’ve set a regular or dividend reinvestment, and that is to cancel that instruction. After all, if you’ve decided to sell all of a holding you won’t want to inadvertently buy some more or reinvest any final dividend that’s due to you. Cancel your reinvestment before the final sale and you’ll avoid that potential risk.

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