Security Centre - Keeping your data and your account safe

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How we protect you and your data from attack

We use the latest and most appropriate technology to ensure that our online services are provided in a safe and secure environment. This includes:

Encrypting your data

We use the latest encryption technology on the trading services sections of our site to stop anyone from seeing your details, payment card details or transaction information.

Secure login

Our secure account login process requires you to authenticate yourself with your name and password.

Additional dealing password

For added security we ask you to set a ‘dealing password’ on your account which must be provided before cash can be withdrawn from your account and must be different to your login password. You also have the option to apply this additional security step before each trade is placed.

Automatic account lock out

For your protection we disable online access to your account after three incorrect attempts to log in. Call us on 0345 607 6001 to reactivate your account.

Secure online sessions and timed exits

All your trading activity is done within a secure session. If you leave your account without activity for a period of time, we will automatically log you out.

Your personal details

We store personal data securely on internal networks and the networks of our agents. These are not directly accessible from the internet.

You can update your personal details and preferences using the ‘account’ section of your secure account, and from time to time we will ask you to verify your personal information to comply with regulatory requirements.

We will never ask for your account details to be sent by email and our agents will never have access to your entire password.

Your nominated bank account

We ask you to nominate a bank account to withdraw your money to and you will only be able to withdraw your money to a bank account in your name. We will not allow any payment requests to a third party.

Secure messaging

We offer a secure messaging facility, accessed from the ‘account’ section of your secure account. This is the easiest, and safest way to contact us directly with any queries about your account.

How your money and assets is held and protected

Keeping your account safe. How you can be ScamSmart.