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BlueCrest AllBlue redemption proceeds received

Highbridge Multi-Strategy Fund - formerly BlueCrest AllBlue Fund - has received from AllBlue Limited and AllBlue Lev...

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Statement regarding a particular issue

Disclosure of Home Member State

Statement regarding a particular issue

Net Asset Value(s)

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26-02-16BlueCrest AllBlue redemption proceeds received StockMarketWire
25-02-16Receipt of Redemption ProceedsRNS
25-02-16Disclosure of Home Member StateRNS
25-02-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
25-02-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
25-02-16BlueCrest AllBlue name changeStockMarketWire
24-02-16Results of EGM and Cash ExitRNS
18-02-16BlueCrest AllBlue update on return of capitalStockMarketWire
18-02-16Update re Return of CapitalRNS
18-02-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
18-02-16Holding(s) in CompanyRNS
12-02-16Correction to Form of ProxyRNS
10-02-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
09-02-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
08-02-16Publication of CircularRNS
04-02-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
04-02-16Directorate ChangeRNS
02-02-16BlueCrest AllBlue update on continuation proposalsStockMarketWire
02-02-16Update on Continuation ProposalsRNS
29-01-16Total Voting RightsRNS
27-01-16Holding(s) in CompanyRNS
27-01-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
25-01-16BlueCrest AllBlue update on continuationStockMarketWire
25-01-16Update on Continuation ProposalsRNS
21-01-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
14-01-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
14-01-16Update on Continuation ProposalsRNS
12-01-16Total Voting Rights - Corrective AnnouncementRNS
06-01-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
04-01-16Total Voting RightsRNS
31-12-15Director's Other DirectorshipRNS
30-12-15Net Asset Value(s)RNS
23-12-15Net Asset Value(s)RNS
22-12-15Net Asset Value(s)RNS
16-12-15Net Asset Value(s)RNS
10-12-15BlueCrest AllBlue update on return of capitalStockMarketWire
10-12-15Net Asset Value(s)RNS
09-12-15Update on Proposed Return of CapitalRNS
08-12-15Holding(s) in CompanyRNS

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