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Conversion of Securities

BH Macro Limited (the "Company") (a closed-ended collective investment scheme established as a company with limited liability under the laws of Guernsey with registered number 46235) November 2016 Share Conversion 1 December 2016 The Company has received (in aggregate) the following share conversion requests from shareholders for the 30 November 201...

Monthly Shareholder Report - October 2016

BH MACRO LIMITED MONTHLY SHAREHOLDER REPORT: OCTOBER 2016 YOUR ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO THE DISCLAIMER AT THE END OF THIS DOCUMENT BH Macro Limited Overview Manager: Brevan Howard Capital Management LP (?BHCM?) Administrator: Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Guernsey) Limi...

Investors panic ahead of OPEC meeting

The blue chip index continued to struggle as investor jitters over the fate of a production cut by OPEC saw oil prices fall m...

Net Asset Value(s)

BH MACRO LIMITED (the ?Company?) (a closed-ended investment company incorporated in Guernsey with registration number 46235) Announcement of Weekly Estimated Net Asset Values As at the close of business on 25 th November 2016 the estimated Net Asset Values of each class of the Company?s shares are as follows: Fund Name Sedol NAV MTD Perform...

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01-11-16Conversion of SecuritiesRNS
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24-10-16BH Macro share conversion StockMarketWire
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21-10-16Transparency ReportingRNS
19-10-16Management Fee ArrangementRNS
18-10-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
18-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
17-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
17-10-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
14-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
13-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
12-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
11-10-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
11-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
10-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
07-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
06-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
05-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
05-10-16Net Asset Value(s)RNS
04-10-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
04-10-16Transaction in Own Shares - CORRECTIONRNS
03-10-16Conversion of SecuritiesRNS
30-09-16Transaction in Own SharesRNS
30-09-16Monthly Shareholder Report - August 2016RNS