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The 10 investment trusts I have picked for my pension portfolio

Heather Connon names the 10 investment trusts she has lined up to achieve the sustainable annual income she wants from...

F&C Commercial Property director retires

F&C Commercial Property Trust's first chairman, Peter Niven, retired from the board yesterday at the conclusion of the a...

Directorate Change

From: F&C Commercial Property Trust Limited L.E.I.: 213800A2B1H4ULF3K397 Date: 31 May 2017 Directorate Change ? Retirement of Mr Peter Niven Further to the recent AGM Results announcement, the Board announces the retirement of Mr Peter Niven as a Director of the Company will effect from the conclusion of the AGM today. Peter has been a director of...

Result of Annual General Meeting

F&C COMMERCIAL PROPERTY TRUST LIMITED (a closed-ended collective investment scheme established as a company with limited liability under the laws of Guernsey with registered number 50402) Result of Annual General Meeting 31 May 2017 At the Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 31 May 2017, all ordinary resolutions set out in the Annu...

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