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Net Asset Value(s)

Notification by an investment company/trust of its Net Asset Value

Issue of Equity

WORLDWIDE HEALTHCARE TRUST PLC Legal Entity Identifier 5493003YBCY4W1IMJU04 22 September 2017 Allotment of Ordinary Shares WORLDWIDE HEALTHCARE TRUST PLC (the ?Company?) announces the allotment of 15,000 Ordinary shares of 25p each fully paid from its block listing authority. These shares were issued today at a price of 2490.00...

Net Asset Value(s)

WORLDWIDE HEALTHCARE TRUST PLC Legal Entity Identifier 5493003YBCY4W1IMJU04 NET ASSET VALUE The estimated un-audited net asset value per share, calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Association of Investment Companies, for Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLC at the close of business on 21 September 2017 was 2455.27p (ex income...

Five fund managers give their best investment ideas

Some of our panellists are opting for a more cautious approach, with Asia proving popular. Marina Gerner finds out whic...

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25-09-17Net Asset Value(s)RNS
22-09-17Issue of EquityRNS
22-09-17Net Asset Value(s)RNS
21-09-17Five fund managers give their best investment ideasMoney Observer
21-09-17Issue of EquityRNS
21-09-17Net Asset Value(s)RNS
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20-09-17Monthly Fact SheetRNS
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14-09-17Net Asset Value(s)RNS
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