Apple Inc (AAPL)

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52 week high190.35 10/05/18
52 week low142.20 16/06/17
52 week change 34.95 (22.77%)
4 week volume455,757,985 01/05/18
price date1527292686

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  • Re: Earnings beat

    Probably like Warren Buffet, it was great and a bit lucky to get the timing right, but I wish I'd invested more! p-h
    polly hound
  • Re: Earnings beat

    Hey Polly, You must be ecstatic. You have been buying on the dips and posting those on here. And, along with Warren Buffett himself, you were RIGHT ... with a +10% jump and ...
  • Re: Earnings beat

    Typical of the investor mentality in the USA - when Warren Buffett announced he had bought some shares, the price rocketed. Never mind the sales, profits, buy backs, increased ...
    polly hound

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