Open a SIPP Account

Open a SIPP account and choose how you invest for your life in retirement

Follow these steps to opening your SIPP

New to Interactive Investor?

If this is going to be your first account with Interactive Investor, click Open an Account to start the application process.

Step 1: You will need to start by opening a shares & fund account – it's handy for your day-to-day investing but it also means you can pay the account fees without dipping into your SIPP.

Step 2: Complete the application process, and add your debit card / bank account details - these enable you to pay in and make withdrawals from your trading account but not to your SIPP as all payments will be via a SIPP bank account held by us as your SIPP Trustee.

The application takes only a few minutes and, once completed, you'll be able to login to your account and follow these next steps.

Already an Interactive Investor customer:

Login to your account, select the Account Admin section and click on ‘Add account’ and choose the SIPP option.

Step 3: We’ll ask you to pay the first year’s SIPP Administration fee.

Step 4: Provide some details about your pension contributions so that we can prepare your ‘Key Features Illustration’ – an indication of how your pension might grow and the income it might produce based on some standard measures set by our regulator, the Financial Services Authority.

There are some important documents to read: they ensure you understand the service we’ll provide and the basis on which we’ll provide it. You can see them here: 

We’ll ask you to confirm you have read these. To do this, tick the confirmation box.

Finally, we'll complete your account opening and send you confirmation, together with your Scheme Number and the relevant forms required to complete the set-up of your SIPP.

You can also download the forms from our site.