React Energy (REAC)


React and Larkfleet unit submit planning application

Falcon Waste Development Land Co - part of the Larkfleet Group - and React Energy have submitted a planning application to build an energy recovery facility in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. The two companies are partners in Clay Cross Biomass Limited (Clay Cross), which is owned 90% by REACT and 10% by Larkfleet. The company has been established specifically to develop the Clay Cross Energy Recovery Facility which will produce heat and electrical power by 'gasification' of waste wood from construction and demolition, commercial and industrial sources.

Extensive public consultation on the plans has been undertaken and as a result some substantial changes have been made. REACT and Larkfleet expect to secure planning permission from Derbyshire County Council in first half of 2015. Construction of the facility is subject to financing being in place and is anticipated to commence later in 2015 with the plant operational during 2017.

When running at full capacity the plant will be able to generate around 12 MW of electrical power. Some of this will be required for operating the facility itself but around 10 MW is expected to be exported to the electric grid network which is anticipated to be sufficient to meet the energy requirements of approximately 18,000 homes.

In addition to electricity the plant will produce up to 10 MW of thermal energy in the form of hot water or steam. This could be made available to local businesses, industry, homes and nearby future developments and is expected to be sufficient to heat the equivalent of nearly 4,000 average houses.

The other usable output of the gasification facility will be an ash/char material which can be used as aggregate in low grade concrete production or as a capping for landfill or for land reclamation. Approximately 4,000 tonnes of this material could be produced each year, about five per cent of the total weight of waste timber being put into the process.

The 2.4 hectare site is in the northern industrial area of Clay Cross. The history of the site and its existing permits for handling waste make the proposals an ideal way of safely bringing the site back into productive use. As well as 'low carbon' power generation and the environmental benefits associated with productively using waste material that would otherwise go to landfill the Clay Cross Energy Recovery Facility will offer local employment and training opportunities including an apprenticeship scheme.

React Energy also confirmed that its registered office has been changed to Building 1000, City Gate, Mahon, Cork, with immediate effect.