Stockwatch: Time to ditch this growth favourite?

Stockwatch: Time to ditch this growth favourite?

The conclusion Edmond Jackson has come to regarding this winning FTSE 250 stock is "sell" and wait until it becomes an income share.


WORLDPAY (LSE:WPG) Fairly understandably - given their 27% day, we were pelted with emails asking how far up the food chain Worldpay could be expected to clamber. The answer was more uncomfortable than we'd prefer as, try as we might, our software refused to give a sane answer!


It will have to prove it doesn't have an FX blind spot, but Edmond Jackson reckons this online retailer could transform the industry. As some lock in gains post-Brexit, can it re-inspire buyers?


Shell is up almost a third since January, but its 7% dividend yield may not be secure, argues Edmond Jackson.


As a corporate development story, this has been a good one, but after shooting the lights out recently, Edmond Jackson worries that the good times are over.


This share has prospered in a low interest rate environment, but what happens when borrowing costs rise? Our resident stockpicker explains.


It's had a cracking run lasting a number of years, but the valuation is looking spicy and the shares could struggle in choppy markets.


Management is hugely positive and the business is throwing off cash. It is quite the ideal stock for the current environment, says our resident stockpicker.


It's been a stunning performer during its first year as a listed company, and our resident stockpicker thinks this share will prosper for years to come.


Increasing exposure to this share for the medium term makes sense, given strong fundamentals. But watch the chart like a hawk for signs of exhaustion.


This stock has doubled since our resident stockpicker highlighted its virtues, but despite a failed placing, there's little to worry about here.


This business is able to return meaningful amounts to shareholders while also investing for growth. But is it overvalued, or is its share price momentum signalling further upside?


JIMMY CHOO  (LSE:CHOO)  starts our week researching companies with odd sounding names. Currently, the price must be viewed as heading to 151 where hopefully a bounce is encountered. It seems to be a relatively new listing and given the trend since it commenced, the 151p thing even makes visual sense. Secondary, if the 150 level breaks, is at 140p.


Taking his lead from canny directors, our resident stockpicker has identified a share with further upside potential ahead of Eurozone QE.


This stock was priced for failure, but our resident stockpicker examines an interesting speculation ahead of a rights issue.


Our resident stockpicker thinks a generous dividend should underpin these high-yielding shares.


Our resident stockpicker explains what the roaring enthusiasm for this major flotation implies for the equities bull market.


Our resident stockpicker considers how monetary stimulus has ended up having a perverse effect for this Mid-250 industrial developer.


Our resident stockpicker explains why this FTSE 100 financial share is a prime study for long/short traders.


Our resident stockpicker dares to suggest Warren Buffett has diverted from his investment principles with Tesco.


AIM-listed financial advisory group Mattioli Woods is well-positioned to take advantage of pension reforms, says our resident stockpicker.