Stockwatch: Get lucky with this 8% yield

Stockwatch: Get lucky with this 8% yield

A big dividend is likely supported by cashflow, which gives the contrarian rationale for this blue-chip a tad more grist, argues Edmond Jackson.

  • 10/01/2017

    This small-cap's 2016 annual results should smash expectations, but litigation makes it a risky investment. Still, a big asset manager is behind it and Edmond Jackson is more-than intrigued.

  • 06/01/2017

    Recent acquisitions and a supportive dividend will underpin a significant rerating at this group after a tough two years, reckons Edmond Jackson. It's also a takeover target.

  • 13/12/2016

    This company's immediate operations story is a turn-off for Edmond Jackson, but a longer-term value opportunity has been created with a decent yield as compensation.

  • 06/12/2016

    Enhancing organic growth with clever acquisitions, this market leader boasts a track record of consistent earnings growth. Edmond Jackson reckons it offers good tuck-away credentials.

  • 22/11/2016

    It's regularly touted as a recovery play, but Edmond Jackson thinks that cost-cutting by the new boss could unlock 18% capital upside and 6% yield.

  • 18/11/2016

    It's not everyone's cup of tea, but Edmond Jackson reckons new initiatives, director buying and broker upgrades make this share a buy. Next week's Autumn Statement might help, too.

  • 11/11/2016

    An accounting error usually screams danger - there's rarely one skeleton in the cupboard. But with so much investor cash needing a home, Edmond Jackson thinks this share is worth the risk.

  • 08/11/2016

    The market is pricing in a moderate UK slowdown for this share, but a substantial dividend ought to be secure, and Edmond Jackson believes there's potentially significant upside.

  • 04/11/2016

    Recent share price weakness at this mid-cap has piqued Edmond Jackson's interest, especially after its blockbuster merger. Despite regulatory pressure, it's time to reconsider the investment case.

  • 01/11/2016

    Despite recent share price underperformance, fund manager Gervais Williams backs this AIM share. Edmond Jackson also thinks it could do well.

  • 18/10/2016

    Some amber lights present a dilemma for conviction investing, but this stock looks very cheap and offers a 5% yield. Edmond Jackson thinks there's an opportunity to average-in

  • 07/10/2016

    A bellwether of the global economy, this long-term bid target has just been upgraded. Edmond Jackson reckons investors should appreciate the cyclical risks, but run the gains.

  • 30/09/2016

    On a forward PE of 8 times and yielding 8%, it's as if the market thinks the numbers are a cyclical warning. Edmond Jackson disagrees and believes the shares could trade higher.

  • 27/09/2016

    With an improved earnings outlook de-risking the ambitious dividend policy, Edmond Jackson believes he's found a way for traders to exploit coal's recent bull run.

  • 16/09/2016

    It's the second most shorted stock and its valuation looks full, but results suggest a revolution is underway. It's a close call, but Edmond Jackson reckons risk is to the upside.

  • 13/09/2016

    This company's track record isn't great, but if management continues the current turnaround, risk-averse investors will be richly rewarded, says Edmond Jackson.

  • 06/09/2016

    Don't be put off by the recent service scandal or its heavy price, says Edmond Jackson, strong dividend and cash flow metrics justify a rerating here.

  • 01/09/2016

    This company has been through the wringer, but Edmond Jackson has identified a number of reasons why positives are coming together for this contrarian play.

  • 23/08/2016

    The market has discounted plenty of risk and this recruiter could soon rerate, says Edmond Jackson who makes the case for 30% upside for the lowly-rated shares. 

  • 19/08/2016

    Sent into a tailspin after the referendum, the cyclical nature of its market is a risk for this share. Edmond Jackson explains why he thinks it has long-term value.

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