Trading on Desktop and Web


Interactive Markets Web

Login to your account, safely and securely, wherever you are. There’s no software to download so you can quickly access your current positions and trade using the full range of order types.

Our web interface offers the most popular chart types and technical analysis indicators to help you take informed positions on the latest market movements:

  • Trade and manage orders from our advanced charts with one-click dealing
  • Choose from candlestick, line or bar charts
  • Analyse data with 40 technical indicators, historical market information and seven timeframes
  • Add your own lines to show market trends, support and resistance, Fibonacci retracements and more
  • Free access to Autochartist, which helps you find the patterns you might have missed ,direct from your account
  • Full range of order types available: Stops, Guaranteed Stops, Trailing stops, Limits, OCO & Parent & Contingent orders.

You’ll also get easy access to live-streaming news so you can keep up-to-date at all times.

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Desktop Screen

Interactive Markets Trader

Our most powerful platform, you can select your own settings so your account is displayed the way you want it, every time. This platform gives you the largest selection of features, charting options and indicators.

Get access to all the features on our web platform, with the following extras:

  • Fully customisable interface so you can set your displays as you want them
  • Save multiple layouts and create views of different markets and portfolios
  • Increased charting options with over 85 technical indicators, eight chart types and multiple timeframes

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Interactive Markets is a trading name of GAIN Capital - UK Limited and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA No. 190864.