New to Forex?

Forex trading lets you take a position on changes in price between currencies. You can trade on more than 120 currency pairs, for example on the British pound versus the US dollar.

Forex uses margin or ‘geared’ trading which means you can trade using an initial deposit, rather than the full transactional value of your trade. This gives you the potential to free up your capital for other trades as you only need a small initial outlay. However, it also carries the risk of making losses far bigger than your initial deposit.

With Forex trading we offer you market leading leverage of 200:1 – so you would only need to deposit 1/200th of your overall trade value of the position.

In our Learn section, our information videos will walk you through the fundamentals of trading Forex, or you can download our comprehensive guides.


I5d.AlisonBell Our videos and downloadable guides will help you to build your knowledge so you can trade with confidence.