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This valuable service helps you get the technical support you need, either online or delivered directly to your email account. Trading Central is a leading investment research provider for financial market professionals, offering technical strategies covering equity, index, forex, commodities and fixed-income markets. Their market depth and knowledge come from extensive experience gained on the trading floors of many banking institutions.

As an Interactive Markets Spread Betting, CFD or Forex customer, unlimited access to Trading Central is one of the many benefits of your account - giving you free access to online research and the ability to have trading ideas delivered direct to your email box.

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Autochartist helps you detect chart patterns automatically so you can identify trading opportunities that you may have overlooked:
  • Intraday scanning - get early notification of potential trading opportunities
  • Pattern alerts - both visual and audio
  • Quality indicators - gives you an overall rating of the pattern's quality
  • Support and resistance lines - automated to support breakout and swing traders
  • Highly customisable searches - leave only the chart pattern information that's most relevant
You can access Autochartist free, directly from your trading account.

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Foresight-A.I.™ forecasts the market’s movements and helps you confirm when the market might be moving up or down, offering you:
  • trading support for: EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD currency pairs
  • two indicators in one: a leading indicator and a timing indicator
  • forecasts delivered in advance, to prepare your strategy for the next trading day

Once you’ve opened your account, you can also add Foresight-A.I.™ to your two-minute chart, where it shows up as a single line.

Since Foresight-A.I.™ shows the possible times the market may rise, fall or change direction, it’s important to always pair it with other technical indicators.

Existing customers

Call us now on 0845 8800 003 to have Foresight-A.I.™ added to your account. 

Foresight AI™ is free for one month.  Cost thereafter is £70 per group of FX pairs/instruments

Foresight AI


Trends & Targets

Trends and Targets send you technical reports and stock predictions direct from their professional analysts. Written in plain English, these valuable reports arrive in your email box before the markets open. When you sign up to this service you’ll get:

  • Daily Reports, issued before the London Stock Exchange opens (view sample)
  • Price movement expectations on up to 110 shares UK shares, small to large cap
  • Proven track record on movements and targets (view previous predictions)
  • Company library, providing long-term price potentials
  • Specific Forex, Commodity and Index reports
  • Bespoke reports with marked chart potentials

When you hold an Interactive Markets Spread Betting, CFD or Forex account you can access Trends and Targets free for a month. After that the service is available for £15 per month.

To get your free month trial of Trends and Targets, please email us at with your name and account number or call 0845 88 00 003 to activate your trial.

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Autochartist Trading Ideas

Autochartist Trade Ideas uses analysis from Autochartist Chart Patterns to give you live trade setups covering 18 currency pairs.

This real-time program can help you confirm your analysis and make more informed Forex trades by providing:

  • Entry, stop and limit prices for trades on 18 currency pairs
  • A calculation of how many pips the trade could make
  • The probability of each trade, on a scale from 1 to 10
  • The time period of the trade: short, medium or long term

You can access Autochartist Trading Ideas from the ‘Analytics’ tab on your trading account.

Clients with a minimum balance of £2,500 can subscribe to this service for free








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Forex trading, CFDs and Spread betting with or without the use of Autochartist Trade Ideas, involves high risk, with the potential for substantial unlimited losses and is not suitable for all persons. Any trade ideas generated should be independently evaluated before any trades are placed based on these ideas. Trade Ideas does not take into account any persons objectives, financial situation or needs; therefore, investors should seek professional advice concerning investment. Trade ideas and probability calculations are based on historical data and patterns and past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. See Autochartist Trade Ideas terms and conditions for explanation of probability.


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