Richard Beddard
Richard Beddard
| Mon, 22nd October 2012 - 13:27

PipeHawk claims to be: ...the global market leader in ground probing radar technology read more

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FRONTERA RES. (LSE:FRR) We've received rather a few emails regarding this lot and worse, noticed it's repeatedly one of the top chat topics in discussion groups on the internet. Our preference is to ignore sub 1p shares, due to price movements often appearing driven irrationally and also, we've a horror of being blamed ourselves as promoting any movement. Our 'thing' is to lay the groundwork where movement is liable to follow some sort of logic.

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SSE (LSE:SSE) Just as the internet stuffed Yellow Pages, we sometimes wonder if all this energy saving nonsense will stuff electricity company expectations? A visit to our local council website to report a street light failure resulted in an LED streetlight being fitted, substantially brighter than the grudging orange sodium glow and, if our exterior LED floodlights are anything to go by, substantially cheaper to run.

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Royal Dutch Shell (LSE:RDSB) By bettering 55 USD (marginally), there's a theory Brent Crude has enabled a game changing movement and is supposed to be on a cycle to 60 USD next with secondary, if bettered, at 71 USD. Of course, how much of this is due to hysteria over recent storms or the usual winter fakery remains to be seen! Perhaps we're placing undue credit on a day high of 55.20, especially as Brent Futures only reached 55.065...