Richard Beddard
Richard Beddard
| Mon, 22nd October 2012 - 12:27

PipeHawk claims to be: ...the global market leader in ground probing radar technology read more

By: Trends and Targets | Wed, 21st February 2018 - 22:24

Avanti Communications Group (LSE:AVN) This share is a bit of a puzzle. Once trading at nearly 8 quid, it's now messing around at the 10p level and frankly, by all big picture logic, the price should be in negative figures. When the last straw broke in 2016, we feared the worst!
By: Trends and Targets | Tue, 20th February 2018 - 22:56

By: Trends and Targets | Mon, 19th February 2018 - 22:46

SCANCELL HOLDINGS (LSE:SCLP) For the n'th year running, the USA managed to surprise by sneaking in "Washington Birthday" as an excuse to close the markets. Quite why a President who promoted a gun culture which led to todays USA is feted utterly escapes us. Otherwise, he didn't do anything really important...

By: Trends and Targets | Mon, 19th February 2018 - 00:17

FTSE THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) The market has bounced, pretty convincingly, from the immediate Brexit Vote red uptrend. It's something worth considering, we had eschewed this uptrend for quite some time, due to the fake nature of the post vote drop. But visually, the market computers now regard it as viable.

By: Trends and Targets | Thu, 15th February 2018 - 23:30

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) Market performance last Friday once again confirmed why our weekly FTSE mumble is, by far and away the most read headline section, literally worldwide. As can be assumed, this is truly flattering but blooming terrifying also. Real people, real money, real responsibility!