Richard Beddard
Richard Beddard
| Mon, 22nd October 2012 - 12:27

PipeHawk claims to be: ...the global market leader in ground probing radar technology read more

By: Trends and Targets | Thu, 23rd February 2017 - 23:49

FTSE for FRIDAY (LSE:UKX) This week has been pretty boring on the FTSE but the movement in the closing 20 minutes bothers us quite a lot. While Thursdays are supposed to stink, due to Ex-Div adjustments, by the end of the day all manipulation has been enacted but at 4:10pm, the market moved below the February uptrend (such as it was).

By: Trends and Targets | Wed, 22nd February 2017 - 23:40

A G BARR (LSE:BAG) We're winding up our ISA candidates with A G BARR, makers of Irn Bru and probably some other products too. There's something fairly interesting going on with this lot from a trend perspective and we've drawn a circle around the evidence.

By: Trends and Targets | Tue, 21st February 2017 - 23:33

ABERDEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT (LSE:ADN) This continues our ISA candidate analysis (link to our prior ADN analysis) but there's something perhaps remembering with Scottish focussed companies. While south of the border, the media (sometimes) pretends to be sane, if north of the border the media treats any future Scotland with similar fervour to that employed when discussing Corbyn, Trump, Brexit, etc. The reason for this hysteria, we suspect, is to lay the political groundwork against any future Scottish Indie referendum.

By: Trends and Targets | Mon, 20th February 2017 - 23:24

RENTOKIL (LSE:RTO) Our ISA candidate commentary continues and we're looking at Rentokil. Needless to say, the inspiration (yet again for RTO) came from a mouse. A habit of leaving the office outside door ajar to stop the dogs playing the "can we get out, so we can bark to get in, so we can bark to get out" game came to an abrupt end a couple of days ago. The mouse which scuttled into the office challenged any last vestige of manliness and provoked a (successful - by Georgina who does admin) hunt.

By: Trends and Targets | Sun, 19th February 2017 - 23:15

THE FTSE UPDATE (FTSE:UKX) and BRENT too. There's been times recently when we've been quite puzzled at just what the heck is going on with the markets. Behaviour with the FTSE, S&P, and DOW will often leave us quite perplexed, even feeling slightly clueless. And then the penny dropped.