Sat, 14th July 2012 - 19:12

Technical Indicators - RSI

In the third of our four-part series on technical analysis, we show you how to see when a stock is overbought or oversold using the relative strength index.

Technical Analysis - Candlestick Anatomy

In the first of our four-part series on technical analysis we examine the intricacies of the most important tool in the chartists’ box – the candlestick chart

How to trade Foreign Exchange

Private investors have easy access to the gigantic, 24-hour-day Foreign Exchange market. But it is not a place for the uninitiated, so here is our beginner’s guide to trading Forex. Watch this space for more video guides to expert trading.

A beginner's guide to technical analysis

Learning to read a chart is a vital weapon in the arsenal of investors and traders alike. Here we present our guide to the basics of Technical Analysis.

1. Introduction

Your interactive investor account and how it works.

CFDs - Managing Risk

Once you’ve mastered the CFD fundamentals you can grab a few tips on how to trade effectively and how you get your head around the absolutely crucial skill of analysing and then managing your risk.

What are CFDs

Contracts For Difference are an increasingly important part of the private investors’ toolbox. Used correctly they are a highly effective and cheap way of taking the position you want on almost any financial instrument.

CFD Trading Example

If you are going to be efficient and successful when trading CFDs it is vitally important to understand how margin works. This short film will show you all you need to know about staying safe with CFDs.

Part 1: An introduction to value investing

Nick Kirrage, manager of the Schroder Income Fund, looks at value investing in the first of a two-part series for iiTV. For more, read our Guide to value investing

Margin & Gearing

As we get further into the techniques of spread betting one of the most important is to understand how the broker works and how the magnification of your cash deposit can have a dramatic effect on the resulting liability and profit.