How to invest in a VCT

Existing Clients

Step 1:

As VCTs are classified as a Complex Product you must complete the complex products appropriateness test.

If you have not completed this form before it can be found when you Login to your investment account. Please navigate to the Account Admin tab.  You will find the form under the section Account Details.  The form is called  “Add the ability to trade complex products”.  On successful completion we will be able to process your application.  The form only needs to be completed once.

Step 2:

Please follow the instructions on the application form of your chosen VCT and post to this address enclosing a cheque for the amount you wish to subscribe:

Interactive Investor Trading Ltd
Settlement & Custody Department
2 West Regent St

Please write your Interactive Investor Clients Reference number at the top of your application form.

In order to receive the tax benefits that VCTs can offer the application must be in your own named account.

We charge a flat fee of £ 30 per application - please provide a cheque made payable to Interactive Investor or ensure there are sufficient funds in your Trading account. If no cheque is received or there are insufficient funds available to cover our fee the application process may be delayed resulting in the application not being within the required timescales.

Your application must be received by us 3 working days prior to the VCT application closing date. This includes any early bird offer specified dates.

Step 3

On receipt of your share certificate from the VCT registrar you must then complete and send us a signed ‘Change of Agency Request' and 'Crest Transfer' form which can both be found under the tab ‘Account Admin’ > 'Transfers'. The Change of Agency Form has its own reference with the Crest Transfer from being found under the "deposit your paper share certificates". Please post the forms to the address above.

New to Interactive Investor?

Step 1

Apply for an investment account. This should take less than five minutes.

Step 2

Set up your secure pin details and you should then be able to access your new account straight away and follow the process for Existing Clients above