Guide to property investment

For investors seeking the lowdown on the UK - and wider - property investment market, we have in-depth analysis of prospects at home and abroad, as well as tips on how and where to invest.

By: Cathy Adams I Fri, 23rd March 2012 - 17:59

Competitive mortgages and rising rents are luring investors back into the recovering buy-to-let market, says Cathy Adams.

By: Iain Murray I Fri, 2nd March 2012 - 11:29

F&C fund manager Peter Ewins picks CLS Holdings, an investment fund that has judged property market fluctuations to perfection, as his favourite share, writes Iain Murray.

By: Moneywise I Wed, 11th January 2012 - 10:27

David Hollingworth, a mortgage expert at London & Country Mortgages in Bath, weighs up an investor's property dilemma and discusses alternatives to buy-to-let.

By: Alexander Garrett I Tue, 3rd January 2012 - 11:16

Something of a hybrid between residential and commercial, student accommodation has proved one of the best property investments in recent years.

By: Faith Glasgow I Wed, 21st December 2011 - 10:41

Malta's familiar 'Britishisms', a warm assimilation of expats and sensible planning laws are creating rising interest among retirees, says Faith Glasgow.

By: Faith Glasgow I Wed, 7th December 2011 - 10:02

It sounds a bit risqué, but bare ownership is not particularly risky. The French scheme could appeal to cash-rich property investors prepared for the long haul, as Faith Glasgow reveals.

By: Lindsay Vincent I Fri, 12th August 2011 - 15:20

TR Property manager Marcus Phayre-Mudge insists that with low interest rates and rising income streams, property pays.

By: Esther Armstrong I Thu, 1st September 2011 - 09:49

Investing in property abroad has never been easier and offers investors a chance to diversify their portfolios away from the stagnant UK market. But be aware of currency fluctuations, warns Esther Armstrong.

By: Alexander Garrett I Wed, 26th October 2011 - 08:39

Residential property has strong rental underpinnings for investors, but a dearth of financing is a problem, says Alexander Garrett.

By: Rob Griffin I Wed, 28th September 2011 - 08:38

After its struggles over the past few years, signs of recovery are evident in the commercial property sector, says Rob Griffin.

By: Scott Huggins I Mon, 12th September 2011 - 00:10

Investing in a property to rent can be bewildering and complicated but here professional property investor Scott Huggins gives you his guiding hand through the buy-to-let jungle...

By: Ruth Emery I Sat, 30th July 2011 - 16:11

Ruth Emery asks the experts where investors can find value in the property sector.

By: Moneywise I Mon, 12th September 2011 - 00:10

Buying a property abroad can be a dream come true, but make sure you talk to a broker and take independent legal advice.

By: Faith Glasgow I Mon, 12th September 2011 - 00:10

Spain may be beginning to recover from a painful property market crash as coastal properties attract foreign buyers, says Faith Glasgow.