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The FTSE 100 was still in the red despite US equities starting to recover from Thursday's sell-off on trade war fears.

An uplift in sterling against the dollar was bad news for UK blue-...

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Evy Hambro: Lost money on commodities? Keep the faith
Thu, 12th October 2017 - 08:05

Hambro's message to those who have been hit by the end of the commodity supercycle is to not throw in the towel, writes Kyle Caldwell.

Economic news

Spring Statement: Hammond bullish, but FTSE 100 down
Tue, 13th March 2018 - 15:17

The Conservatives cheered Philip Hammond through this maiden Spring Statement, but Graeme Evans asks whether there is much to smile about.

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Fri, 23rd March 2018 - 16:03

In a four-day week lacking much by way of company results, it's the bitter squabble over control of UK engineering giant GKN that will likely take centre stage.

Fri, 23rd March 2018 - 13:33

Stuck below $10,000 for the past fortnight, interactive investor's Cryptocurrency Writer of the Year Gary McFarlane looks at the bitcoin price and rounds up latest market-moving crypto news.

Fri, 23rd March 2018 - 11:44

Independent oil industry analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood has seen it all. Here, he gives interactive investor his opinion on the sector's top stories.