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Updated: 4 hours 32 sec ago

FTSE indices turned volte face to be lower midday as heavy results-induced falls by Fresnillo (FRES) and Legal & General (LGEN) were vanguard for generally weaker resources stocks. Gains from...

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Two small-cap oil companies are still a buy
Thu, 26th February 2015 - 17:59

One City broker has taken a very thick red pen to forecasts for small cap oil explorers. Find out which two it still thinks are worth buying.

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The week ahead: Glaxo, Sky and Beazley
Fri, 30th January 2015 - 15:06

GlaxoSmithKline, Sky and Daily Mail and General Trust will report this week, along with the economic news.

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Wed, 4th March 2015 - 14:57

Europe has been sluggish but SQS is trying to break America. In the meantime, significant operational gearing and sensible acquisitions mean SQS Software is growing fast.

Wed, 4th March 2015 - 13:21

Profits plunged in 2014, but Standard Chartered says it will not raise extra capital. Phew. There is a lot of hard to be done here, but there could be a great technical trade, according to one expert.

Wed, 4th March 2015 - 13:16

It's been another good year for the broadcaster as its five-year plan comes to an end. But has ITV already played its trump card?