Share Sleuth

EDP: Two steps sideways, one step backwards

Software company EDP is struggling to raise revenue in a competitive market. It’s profitable, though, and the shares may be cheap if it can stop shipping customers.

Treatt’s strategy contains the ingredients for success

Treatt broke something of a curse in its full-year results published last week. Not only did it increase profit, it increased revenue, which had been flat for three years.

Tristel’s purple patch

Disinfection manufacturer Tristel has experienced an eventful period in which it was driven out of one market but triumphed with a new product range in new markets.

Titon: Clear profit

After a decade of marginal results, tiny Titon has finally produced a definitive one, and it’s a profit!

Investing in illiquid shares

A wide spread and a small Exchange Market Size, doesn’t preclude long-term investment. A small free-float might.

MS International tests resolve

Disappointing half-year results may raise more fundamental questions about the manufacturer with an ailing defence division. It’s a question of trust.

ITE is down but far from out

Judging by the share price, you’d assume exhibition organiser ITE was in crisis. In fact it’s just reported a record (adjusted) profit. The company is weathering a geopolitical storm, but it’s faced challenges like this before.

Why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

Long-term investors jump to conclusions at their peril.

Dewhurst: Startlingly undervalued

Steady progress from Dewhurst in improving markets, is reflected in the company’s full-year results. The shares appear to be startlingly undervalued.

Euromoney: an interesting but acquisitive business

Euromoney Institutional Investor’s full-year results reveal a publisher rushing headlong into the digital age.

Animalcare joins Share Sleuth

Animalcare is a good company at an attractive price. Two good reasons to add it to the portfolio.

Fenner: challenges on many fronts

Falling turnover and profit at Fenner are a symptom of temporary weakness in coal prices and the global economy, but attempts to reduce carbon emissions may pose a permanent threat.

Animalcare has the answers

Animalcare's annual report is a model for other smaller companies. Not only does it have answers, but the answers are reassuring.

Dealing with uncertainty

Risk and uncertainty are often used synonymously. Taking risks, though, is a lot more rational than rolling the dice.

Red flags in risk reports

When a company includes a new risk in the principal risks and uncertainties section of its annual report, it may be time to reconsider the investment.

ECO: A conversation with the finance director

An email exchange with ECO Animal Health’s financial director fills some of the gaps in the investment case.

Trifast gets A for effort in mid-term report

Judging by its half year results, the manufacturer and distributor of nuts, bolts and rivets, is growing so fast it might blow a gasket.

ECO's antibiotic ambition

ECO Animal Health, which primarily markets an antibiotic for the treatment of pigs and poultry, is following a well known path to profitability: differentiation.

The intangible thing about Eco Animal Health

Eco Animal Health is a conundrum. Much of its value is in intangible drug registrations, giving it the right to market Aivlosin around the world.

Familiarity breeds contentment

The comforting feeling of familiarity leads investors in big name stocks astray. Buying what you know is not as straightforward as it seems.