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Share Sleuth Digest: Probability and competitive advantage

This week: Working out whether high levels of profitability will continue, customers at odds with Games Workshop’s strategy, and can you remember the crash of ‘29?

Trading rules to contain the father of all risks

The future is fraught with risk, which successful investors contain. Fortunately containing the father of all risks is as easy as ABC.

Checklist: Matchtech's people perform

Recruiter Matchtech had a good 2014. Demand for staff increased, and the company focused on its specialist engineering and technology businesses.

Checklist: Haynes may accelerate digital strategy

Motor manual publisher Haynes is giving out mixed signals. Maybe two research projects will put an end to that.

Share Sleuth Digest: Watching James Halstead

This week: James Halstead, conviction investments, and the “thought virus” that’s attacking a weakened global economic immune system.

Lessons from an accidental trade

On Tuesday, Share Sleuth doubled up on its holding of Sagentia. It was a mistake. But it should end well.

Checklist: Doubling up on FW Thorpe

FW Thorpe’s annual report is an account of a company in good health. The Share Sleuth portfolio has held the shares since 2010, and with the market valuation compelling, it’s added some more.

Checklist: Animalcare - more jam tomorrow

On the face of it, pet medicine and product supplier Animalcare is a jam today company offering more jam tomorrow. The jam is good value.

Checklist: Finsbury Food feeds on Fletchers

The acquisition of rival baker Fletchers will double the size Finsbury Food, putting it in a stronger position in a competitive market. Maybe it’s paying too much...

Share Sleuth Digest: Remembering Black Monday

Good news: Share prices are falling and traders are fretting. History and the psychology of crash avoidance tell us we should rejoice.

Stand up for your rights

The link between the companies that deliver profits in the long-term and the savers that should benefit is broken. Re-establishing it would help heal markets, and make us wealthier in the long-run.

Checklist: Tristel sparkles

Yesterday’s full-year results were a vindication for the disinfectant manufacturer as Tristel’s new products returned it to high levels of profitability.

Checklist: Alumasc builds stability

2014 was a year of stability for the manufacturer of building products as it emerges from a period of self-imposed and wider construction market turmoil.

Checklist: Air Partner is cheap but susceptible

Air charter broker Air Partner is having a bad year, but the company checks out as a value investment.

Share Sleuth Digest: Trading cyclicals

This week: Dodging cyclical Xaar and dumping cyclical Northgate may well have been good decisions, but they’ve exhausted Share Sleuth.

Xaar: Still tempting

Digital printhead manufacturer Xaar is a good business, and the share price has dropped nearly 70% since its peak. It’s tempted the directors to invest, and it’s tempting me.

Checklist: Haynes' digital future

Full year results earlier this week from the venerable motor manual publisher reveal how much Haynes has changed over the last five years.

Goodwin joins Share Sleuth portfolio

Engineer Goodwin is not obviously cheap, but then again it is obviously a good company as ten years of results show.

Northgate exits Share Sleuth portfolio

The decision to liquidate a holding in van hire firm Northgate was particularly tortuous, pitting respect for management against an intrinsically unstable industry.

Share Sleuth Digest: Putting the 'c' in "long-term"

Reading recent academic studies, I experienced one of those moments when a subject I’d been grappling with, in this case contrarianism, comes into clearer focus.