Share Sleuth

Brammer: Aping the Americans

Brammer is a market leader in a small market that wants to be a market leader in a much bigger one. The question is, will it get there?

Bunzl: Acquisition machine rolls on

With 17 roll-ups in 2014, Bunzl’s acquisition machine rolls on. So does the profit machine.

XP Power: Power to investors’ portfolios

Power adapter manufacturer XP Power’s solid full-year results are another indication of the company’s metamorphosis into a stalwart. It explains itself well too.

Dewhurst: The company’s a buy but the report’s a sell

Piecing together Dewhurst’s business model is more of a challenge than it should be. It’s a good business though.

There’s no such thing as a happy holder

Buy, hold and sell are simple enough terms. But ‘hold’ is a catch-all phrase that hides a multitude of sins. It’s important to know why we hold.

Titon: On the front foot

Titon’s annual report is a revelation. It shows us what the company has done to survive, and what it must now do to prosper.

Rolls-Royce: Sticking to the plan

After an unaccustomed contraction, and the prospect of lower revenue and profit again in 2015, Rolls-Royce says it’s sticking to its plan. It’s a good plan.

Haynes: Straining for relevance

Venerable motor manual publisher Haynes barely broke even in its first half. It’s revving up its digital strategy to become more relevant.

ARM: Perfect in every way

ARM’s perfect strategy has delivered a perfect set of full-year results. The shares are priced for perfection too.

Tristel: Lessons in competitive advantage

According to its chief executive, disinfectant manufacturer Tristel sidestepped the extinction of one product by developing a "thick blanket of protection" around another.

Idox: Prospering from a flat economy

The document management specialist eked out an increase in revenue and profit in January’s full-year results as it seeks to expand from its public sector stronghold.

Treatt: Competing with customers

Inside squat grey buildings on an industrial estate in East Anglia, a small British essential oil supplier is creating new flavours for us to drink.

SThree: A subtly shifting strategy

Rising revenue and adjusted profit could mark a return to form for recruiter SThree, a company that specialises in specialists.

ITE: No 'V' shaped recovery

While ITE has recovered from past Russian crises rapidly, recovery this time is likely to be more protracted. The shape of the company that emerges will be different too.

Treatt: Adding value

The promise of Treatt, a profitable company in the past and present, is of increased profitability in future.

ITE: Maximum stress

The robust businesses of ITE, a trade show organiser operating predominantly in Russia and neighbouring states, are being tested, almost to the max.

Sage: Maturing gracefully

Investors are paying quite a high price for current earnings, perhaps because they see many years of steady but unspectacular growth ahead.

Victrex: A PEEK into the future

Thermoplastic manufacturer Victrex has maintained its competitive advantage by innovation. As it evolves its strategy to develop more modern materials for dentures and sub-sea pipes, the story goes on…

Fenner: Too many moving parts

The usual yardsticks indicate shares in Fenner are good value, and the company is adapting to severe economic challenges. Forming a view on future profitability is daunting.

ECO turns on the sales

When ECO Animal Health published half-year results in December, traders may have been impressed by double digit increases in revenue, profit, and cash flow. Long-term investors may be celebrating too.