Share Sleuth

Getting to grips with segmental analysis

Buried in the notes to the accounts, a company’s segmental analysis can tell you a lot about it.

Walker Greenbank: Rags to profits

Cashflow aside, Wallpaper and fabric designer and manufacturer Walker Greenbank’s full-year results confirm its multi-decade transformation from serial loss-maker into something of a stalwart.

Clarkson: A bet on world trade

Shipbroker Clarkson has produced impressive results in uncertain times for global trade. Can it last?

Computacenter: Potential for recovery and growth

Box shifter Computacenter is facing up to rapid changes in the way businesses use IT. The potential for recovery and growth is tempered by the possibility of irrelevance.

Patient Capital: Thinking the unthinkable

What happens if the trust doesn't meet it's eye-catching performance target? The case for owning Patient Capital shares is inextricably wound up with the character of the manager, Neil Woodford.

Finsbury Food: Fattening up

Finsbury Food’s half-year results present a remarkable turnaround. It’s customers are fattening up on cake, and it’s fattening up on buns. The party should last, at least for a while.

Churchill China: New broom, same schtick

Churchill China may have a new chief executive, but the venerable tableware manufacturer is growing as reliably as ever.

Xaar: The best time to invest is when everything is grim

Printhead manufacturer Xaar is demonstrating its credentials as a boom-bust stock. If the best time to invest is when there’s ink spilled on the proverbial streets, that time may be upon us.

BrainJuicer: Future’s not bright, it’s juicy

Full-year results from the quirky market research agency lack zest and a strategic shimmy is disconcerting, but there’s plenty of juice left.

Treatt joins Share Sleuth

Flavour manufacturer Treatt’s strategy to move up the value chain makes sense, and the valuation is tempting. After considerable angst, it joins the Share Sleuth portfolio.

Titon leaves Share Sleuth

The bargain share came good and leaves the Share Sleuth portfolio to make way for new blood. It’s not a good feeling.

Goodwin: Answers from the chairman

Engineer Goodwin’s recent results raised questions about its prospects during a period of lower investment by oil and gas companies. John Goodwin answers.

Portmeirion: Fired up for growth

Portmeirion is investing in a new kiln that will increase earthenware output 50%. Judging by the growth of the potter’s UK manufacturing arm, it needs to.

Goodwin: Short-term uncertainty hides long-term potential

The creeping reality of falling profit as a result of low capital expenditure by oil companies is weighing on stalwart engineer Goodwin.

Dialight: Potential for growth for some years to come

Full year results from Dialight indicate that the rapidly growing LED lighting manufacturer is still on track, although its older divisions can still prove troublesome.

Doubling-up on Rolls-Royce

By its own admission the next few years will be difficult for Rolls-Royce but there’s value in the wounded eagle.

Anpario: Potential to pay for

The natural animal feed additive manufacturer’s full-year results show again it’s capable of growing while investing in three big untapped markets.

Sagentia: The company no one wants to sell

When Sagentia asked institutional investors if it could buy back their shares, they said no. Perhaps it’s because the company’s undervalued.

Brammer: Aping the Americans

Brammer is a market leader in a small market that wants to be a market leader in a much bigger one. The question is, will it get there?

Bunzl: Acquisition machine rolls on

With 17 roll-ups in 2014, Bunzl’s acquisition machine rolls on. So does the profit machine.