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Xaar: Still tempting

Digital printhead manufacturer Xaar is a good business, and the share price has dropped nearly 70% since its peak. It’s tempted the directors to invest, and it’s tempting me.

Checklist: Haynes' digital future

Full year results earlier this week from the venerable motor manual publisher reveal how much Haynes has changed over the last five years.

Goodwin joins Share Sleuth portfolio

Engineer Goodwin is not obviously cheap, but then again it is obviously a good company as ten years of results show.

Northgate exits Share Sleuth portfolio

The decision to liquidate a holding in van hire firm Northgate was particularly tortuous, pitting respect for management against an intrinsically unstable industry.

Share Sleuth Digest: Putting the 'c' in "long-term"

Reading recent academic studies, I experienced one of those moments when a subject I’d been grappling with, in this case contrarianism, comes into clearer focus.

Checklist: Torn by Northgate

Van hire company Northgate has staged a turnaround and a stable business may have emerged. It’s valuation though, seems to belie remaining uncertainties.

Buying illiquidity for higher returns and lower risk

Most investors shun illiquid shares, yet according to an important study shares that are harder to sell earn higher returns, especially over the long-term.

The family effect

A study shows family owned businesses are more profitable. Maybe its because their very ownership protects them from the winds that buffet more popular shares, like Tesco.

Checklist: Cheapish Cohort passes, just

A positive AGM update on Tuesday fails to provide an explanation why Cohort is so undervalued. Its long and short-term prospects appear solid enough.

Share Sleuth Digest: Choosing a strategy that suits

It’s tempting to determine which investment strategy to use by how much value it’s expected to generate per unit of effort, but there’s probably a better way.

Investment checklist: Sagentia is good value

Although the immediate outlook for profit is cloudy, shares in research and development consultancy Sagentia are probably cheap.

Investment checklist: Games Workshop

Fantasy wargaming company Games Workshop must tread the delicate line between generating a satisfying return for its shareholders and gouging its customers.

Dechra results bear out strategy

Dechra Pharmaceuticals has embraced newly mandated strategic reporting by explaining how its highly profitable business makes money, and how it intends to make more.

Strength in numbers: Abcam, Dunelm and Ricardo

Abcam, Dunelm and Ricardo all reported this week, the numbers are easy on the eye.

Share Sleuth Digest: Beating every index

This week: Stockpicking takes effort, but it beats investing in trackers. Also: Theories on the demise of Tesco and quantum weirdness on balance sheets.

Avoiding failure is key to long-term success

The Share Sleuth portfolio has almost doubled in size, a statistic that belies disaster and triumph, and an increasingly strong focus on avoiding failure.

Goodwin: "I love it when a plan comes together"

After all the analysis, the payoff is that Hannibal Smith moment, the moment you know at the right price, you’d invest.

Investment checklist: James Latham

Timber and panel product importer and distributor James Latham is a stable, profitable company at a reasonable price.

Share Sleuth Digest: Share Who?

It's a little self indulgent, but should you wish to know more about me and the roundabout way I came to manage the Share Sleuth and Nifty Thrifty portfolios, here’s an interview that explains all.

Investment checklist: Xaar

Digital printhead designer and manufacturer Xaar has gone from being a jam today stock to a jam tomorrow stock in six months.