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Inside Xaar

A visit to Xaar’s recently expanded manufacturing facility in Huntingdon provides a glimpse of the future

Universe: Polishing up the jewel

Mysteriously, Universe’s profitability is declining now it’s focused on its most profitable business.

Investing in stability

Active fund managers are finally mounting a challenge to passive fund management, which could bring more stability to markets, and more prosperity to all of us.

Money, Blood and Revolution

Money, Blood and Revolution is a thrilling book about economics and scientific progress. It may also be right.

Latchways: Deep dive reveals signs of treasure

A deep dive into safety equipment designer and manufacturer Latchways’ last ten years shows that if the past is a guide to the future, the shares may be undervalued.

MS International: Bargain business, inscrutable investment

If you just look at the business, MS international is a bargain. There's a little bit more to the investment decision than that though.

Latchways: Traders and management anticipate recovery

Management and traders agree recovery is on the cards, but the last two years have shown working in fall protection does not necessarily prevent a fall in profit.

Impressive Trifast back in form

Trifast’s results marked a return to the performance levels it achieved a decade ago. The question is, will they stay there?

Universe: Not yet one that got away

Canny shareholders spotted the hidden value in Universe before it divested loss-making operations more than two years ago. It may still be good value though.

Castings: Don’t be scared off by step backwards

Although management are characteristically matter-of-fact about the year gone by, Castings keeps on producing its prosaic goods.

Behavioural Economics: Misbehaving

One of the founding fathers of behavioural economics, Richard Thaler, has published a book on his life’s work, with interesting implications for investors.

PayPoint: Banking on the network effect

PayPoint is cleaving itself in two. In the short-term at least, the news that it will focus on its leading bill payments network is good.

Vp: Value realised

Plant and tool hire firm Vp’s results bolster its stalwart credentials again.

Judges Scientific: Acquisition machine can roll on

A conversation with the finance director clarifies the company’s accounting for acquisitions and its prospects of finding new businesses to buy.

Confessions of a mechanical investor

The promise of mechanical trading is the computer does all the work, leaving the investor to enjoy a life of indolence. My experience has been anything but indolent.

Amortisation: Ignoring the bad stuff

Wags and investors often dub profit figures stated before certain charges “Earnings before all the bad stuff”. Sometimes the bad stuff isn’t as bad as we think. It can be good.

Judges Scientific: Buying opportunity

Judges Scientific is still buying and building, the strategy it embarked on in 2005. Last year though, the company failed to grow revenue and profit for the first time. It’s probably a blip.

Finding hidden debt in company accounts

Without shops, a high street retailer has no business. Without planes, an airline can’t fly. Whether the company leases the assets or takes out a loan to buy them, the risks are similar, but the accounting can paint a very different picture.

Booker: Taking stock of a growth share

With the chairman leaving on a high in July and the company’s strategy a decade old, it’s a good time to take stock of a consistent growth story.

Sagentia AGM: When too much cash is a problem

The HQ impresses, and so does the chairman. But despite having more cash than it knows what to do with, Sagentia just cannot excite the City.