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Trends and Targets for 21/04/2014

COMEX:SI, SILVER.   Just about everything with Silver is interesting from our perspective. Aside from the impatient detail it is avoiding a drop dead obvious trigger level. Movements during 2014 indicated the metal would bottom at around 20.14USD, a feat it has failed to accomplish on the ‘real’ market yet achieved in the futures markets. Generally we find this tends to indicate a further stab at the bottom level before any recovery occurs.

As for recovery itself, what criteria needs fulfilled to become certain the stuff is about to shine again?

Trends and Targets for 18/04/2014

GULF KEYSTONE. About the only nice thing we can say about GKP is it only needs the oomph to exceed 158p currently to cancel its logical projections for the future. The share price has done everything bar take an advert in the mass media to suggest its going to the 70p level, maybe even 35p!

In fact, our software projects an ultimate bottom at just 12 pence.


So that's all the misery out of the way in just a single paragraph.


Trends and Targets for 17/04/2014

It took a while for the egg to drop and realise Easter is also having a dire effect on the markets. We'd been assigning the current period of 'A Lot, not doing A Lot' to the Ukraine effect but of course, a heck of a lot of people are on holiday. Next week promises to be equally boring unless, of course, anything happens about the Ukraine and associated suspects. The DOW JONES has been a firm case in point with movements in the last week tending to signal it wants to get to 16530 or so. We've an in-house rule of rises being regarded as fake until such time 50% of the potential is exceeded. In the case of the DOW, if it starts trading above 16425, we'll start to pay attention and regard an up cycle as commencing.

Recent movements on Burberry

Trends and Targets for 16/04/2014

GOOGLE (NASDAQ:GOOG) seems to be popular with the SB/CFD crowd and the recent share split with associated repricing has certainly introduced some volatility to the price. When we view the shares price on the Nasdaq, it closed the session on the 15th with a mid-price of 539USD. But when we view the cost on the futures market currently, the share is trading at 548USD. Regardless, both the futures market, along with the actual share price, show Google is shuffling into position with the possibility of some near term growth.

In the event of Google futures exceeding US$558.5,

Trends and Targets for 15/04/2014

Caracal Energy (LSE:CRCL) provoked a rash of emails during the afternoon session, a single glance at the shares price giving the reason. Is a 55% rise liable to end in tears or, is there somewhere else this price can go. From our perspective, the share had been playing by the rules as, when the price broke RED on the chart below, we'd immediately been able to project a drop target at 345p.

Trends and Targets for 14/04/2014

Proactis (LSE:PHD) has featured in our mailbox, thankfully giving easy inspiration for Mondays headline item. Essentially, its chart since the beginning of time illustrates a share which hasn't really managed to do anything spectacular. Broadly speaking, it has mimicked the misery experienced by many stocks during the last few years. Near term, we'll be interested in the event of the share trading intraday above 58.25p as this allows movement to a less than interesting 62.5p or so.

The Friday Forex Etc

Our Friday Forex, Market, and Commodity projections are below. Please check the times against each item as this was published and sent to clients within the last hour. As a result, some triggers may already have happened.

Please remember, each Broker has different parameters and you will need to tweak the numbers below to match your Broker. And for index trades, add points to be safe! As for our stop loss levels, they are the tightest scenario. Wider would perhaps be better.

Trends and Targets for 11/04/2014

CAIRN ENERGY (LSE:CNE) is a share where our five year view had a calculated bottom potential at a ridiculous looking 149p. Recent moves have come pretty close to such a point, so as a result, we're looking for a bounce of meaning. We always make fun of our timeframe logic but the share certainly looks capable of being forced to illustrate some sort of movement soon. Ideally, we want the price to CLOSE above BLUE on the chart below to provide comfort but even intraday movements exceeding 174.5p currently will signal coming growth to an initial 185p with secondary, if bettered, at 199p. Circled on the chart, a movement earlier this year when the price was 'gapped down' from 194p. It tends to give substantial credence to our 199p target.

Are there dangers? Obviously yes.

Trends and Targets for 10/04/2014

We usually try and show off by illustrating a potential for the next day in this section. Rolls Royce (LSE:RR.) is not in this category but instead, is included because of the little circled on the chart below. Sometimes this sort of thing can be a warning signal and when we notice them, tend to pay some attention. Especially, as in the case of RR, the market forced the share price down rather severely in February of this year.

Essentially, that little circle is viewed

Trends and Targets for 9/04/2014

Sports Direct  (LSE:SPD) shouldered the blame for trashing Tuesday on the market.  As a result, a few folks have asked where the share price 'might' find a bottom and there's an important aspect worth considering with the shares collapse on the 8th. Perhaps the most important detail is, it hasn't actually starting GOING down. Despite a 10% slump! Perhaps it's ridiculous but as RED shows on the chart below, the price didn't even break its immediate uptrend.

We would, obviously,

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