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Trends and Targets for 29/04/2016

BRENT CRUDE . Brent is in an interesting position. We'd an upper target (since March!) of 47.8 and it appears the product may have achieved this. We're being a big vague out of necessity - on the New York exchange, it achieved 47.82 whereas against Futures and SB companies it reached 48.18 USD. Our core driving data comes from the NY exchange, so we'll tend adhere to that for the purposes of this dissection.

Trends and Targets for 28/04/2016

BARCLAYS PLC (LSE:BARC) AND THE DAX. By 0.5p, Barclays has achieved a Higher High. As a result, and similar to Lloyds yesterday, we are going to take an optimists viewpoint against the share price' future potentials. After all, it's not as if anything is happening in Europe or the World which could threaten a retail banks price movements...  We need to temper our unblemished optimism by pointing out something glaringly obvious.

Trends and Targets for 27/04/2016

LLOYDS GROUP PLC (LSE:LLOY) AND THE AIM MARKET. A bank with share price movements which echo the old silent movie star, Harold Lloyd, is somehow apt. In a sad comedy sort of way... Lloyds bank is one of ours, a share we monitor for clients on a daily basis but recent movements allow us to use it to illustrate some charty basics which most folks ignore. We'd better admit, we're taking an optimistic view against Lloyds (despite our necessary sarcasm about ALL UK retail banks) and the share really does not do much to generate some recovery toward 90p or so.

Trends and Targets for 26/04/2016

HSBC Hldgs UK PLC (LSE:HSBA) A strong argument exists suggesting this is heading to 532p in the fullness of time. It just needs move above 490p, the BLUE line, to signal some growth has commenced. And that's about the end of the good news as until the price actually betters the dashing line at around 600p currently, it's trading in a region with a logical bottom down at 218p.

Trends and Targets for 25/04/2016

THE FTSE WEEK (FTSE:UKX) All the stuff about a dead Prince reminded of a song he didn't actually sing but was worth listening to again . A Bon Jovi lyric, "feeling like a Monday but one day it will be Saturday night" rather aptly described recent stock market movements with far too many days "feeling like a Monday" and sod all feeling like Saturday!

Trends and Targets for 22/04/2016

SKY PLC (LSE:SKY) and FRIDAY' FTSE (FTSE:UKX) We last viewed SKY PLC in May 2015 (link here) and appear to have gotten it wrong. The share was supposed to get to 1260p but the rise cycle fizzled out at 1180p, nowhere near our growth aspiration. In a bid to appear less than incompetent, we've drawn a BLUE line which dates back to the year 2000 when the price was in the 20 quid range. When we view what has happened to the price since the high of 1180p, it appears a new trend has formed - for absolutely no reason!

Trends and Targets for 21/04/2016

THE AIM UPDATE (FTSE:AXX) and SHANKS GROUP PLC (LSE:SKS) We last viewed SHANKS GROUP in June 2015 (link here). We'd moaned about the shares lack of oomph, assiduously avoiding breaking above 120p and indeed flushing itself down to our 70p bottom. Crucially for the future, the price was not permitted closure below 70p with the result we're now looking for proper growth signals. Currently trading around 84p, it only needs a burst now above 89p to tick a box favouring 109p. In itself, this is fairly useful but our secondary of 134p is perhaps more interesting for the longer term.

Trends and Targets for 20/04/2016

THE DOW JONES (DOWi:DJI) and FRONTERA RES PLC (LSE:FRR) We last viewed Frontera in November 2015 (link here) and it has, rather annoyingly, performed pretty much according to our rule book. The share failed to better 0.8p, now mumbling its way toward our "ultimate bottom" (hopefully) of 0.35p. There was something a bit interesting about moves on the 19th April, so perhaps this will prove worth watching in the near future.

Trends and Targets for 19/04/2016

FERRARI again... (NYSE:RACE) and GULF KEYSTONE We spent the 18th watching New York, trying to figure out whether Ferrari's unfortunate comedy performance at Shanghai was effecting their share price or not. The team actually did not too badly, collecting just 3 points less (from memory) than the winning Mercedes achieved. It seems the market was similarly non-plussed as, while the price has moved into a region where movement above 44.2 still gives growth to an initial 45 with secondary 46.15 on the immediate cycle, there is a lack of oomph for our longer term 52. Perhaps a team 1-2 finish will be the only thing which really tells whether the share price is actually being influenced by Grand Prix performance. Otherwise, next time the team mates try to trash each others cars, a collective return to the team minibus without completing the race may also produce a definitive price movement...

Trends and Targets for 18/04/2016

THE FTSE this week (FTSE:UKX) Last week started with a pretty solidly defined "well this is a waste of time" feel to the market. Then everything changed on Wednesday and the market finally made the sort of movement we associate with our 'Glass Ceiling' theory, shooting up above our initial 6273 and coming pretty close to our secondary 6395 points. In fairness, we're a little concerned as the markets only reached 6376, spending three days thereafter painting a new glass ceiling for utterly no reason we can see! It was supposed to be 20 points higher, giving us a degree of confusion as we try to find a movement logic we hadn't noticed...

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