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Trends and Targets for 28/11/2014

As it is the last Friday of the Month, our Friday Freebie isn't x'd out against futures.

GB Pound vs US Dollar (Forex:GBPUSD) is in a really funny place currently. Apparently the relationship must be viewed as heading to 1.5252 with secondary, if broken at a probably fake bounce bottom of 1.4620.

Trends and Targets for 27/11/2014

RSA INSURANCE GROUP (LSE:RSA) had a calculated bottom level of 390p and it achieved it in December 2013. What bothers us a bit is the share hasn't really done much since other than flaff around in a fairly tight 1 quid trading range in the year since. As our 390p thing was a Big Picture level, should it find an excuse to break such a level now, we'd be pretty confident the share will head to 317p.

However, when we view movements during this year, it seems fairly probable that in the event of the share trading above just 485p, it would be j

Trends and Targets for 26/11/2014

THE AIM MARKET (FTSE:AXX)  is starting to look capable of some growth. As our update below shows, the index is currently fondling our Light Blue line with the result that should it start trading above 730, some growth to an initial 747  

Trends and Targets for 25/11/2014

 QUINDELL ORD 15P (LSE:QPP) once again presented us with a Smug Git Award for projections. Three days and movement from 54 to 88p.  For more information on its future movements, just subscribe!

PRUDENTIAL GBP0.05 (LSE:PRU)  is approaching a major point of interest in its price cycle. Essentially, we'd tend expect some volatility somewhere around the

Trends and Targets for 24/11/2014

Formula One and Louis Hamilton ended the season with a cracking race and it made us wonder, while reading about Caterham's crowd funding success, why a F1 team is not represented in the AIM market? It would certainly make for some interesting price movements both prior AND following each race weekend and perhaps help finance a team. (The bunch at TaT are F1 fans...)

QUINDELL ORD 15P (LSE:QPP) merits one of these BEFORE & AFTER screen shots, thankfully

Trends and Targets for 21/11/2014

QUINDELL ORD 15P (LSE:QPP) seems to have indeed joined the Royal Stuffing club with some irrational movements but alas, not exceeded our critical 70p level. Yet! We've a couple of rules which we use to attempt to figure if a bottom is 'in' or not.

In the case of QPP,  near term movement (as opposed to an opening second spike) which exceeds

Trends and Targets for 20/11/2014

QUINDELL ORD 15P (LSE:QPP) has certainly excited a few people recently with everyone (and their dog) contributing an opinion. So we thought we'd add a little "yap" too but to be fair, only on the numbers. We remain dispassionate about the rest of the tale. But do have some fairly strong feelings regarding the method used to manage the shares price sine July 14th of this year as basically, price movements since went completely against all logic.

Trends and Targets for 19/11/2014

THE FTSE (FTSE:UKX) is starting to look slightly encouraging as near term movement bettering 6756 should favour an initial 6802 with secondary at a long term 7054 points, indicating the dawning of a new age for the UK stock market. We're surely not alone in wondering what politicians are up to, attempting to derail this recovery by threatening recession. Remember, above 6937 = true growth!

PETROFAC (LSE:PFC) gave the one thing we didn't expect which running the numbers. Presumably this lot have something to do with the oil industry and thus, we did not anticipate delivering some optimistic results. It seems further growth above 1177 has a target at 1253p with secondary at a lo

Trends and Targets for 18/11/2014

AMINEX (LSE:AEX) doesn't give much away in the company name, so as usual we're clueless about what they do. We've had a flurry of emails asking that we run the numbers due to an impression of 'something happening'. This seems to be the case as it need only grow above 2.25p to signal a near term potential at an initial 2.65p with secondary, if bettered, at 3.025p. Hopefully they do not introduce an opening spike UP to our initial target as this will tend slow things down horribly. In fairness, once above 3p this share allows quite strong upward oomph.  It would need fall sub 1.65 to indicate running shoe requirements.

TULLOW OIL (LSE:TLW) is in a bit of a mess and the share price seems to be suffering in equal measure to the price of Crude.

Trends and Targets for 17/11/2014

The FTSE looks like starting the week still in optimistic territory with us arguing in favour of growth to a longer term 7040 points. Before assuming true enthusiasm, the market would only need trade below 6550 to justify panic as this would send a really dismal signal.

PERSIMMON (LSE:PSN) has used the last couple of sessions to let us know it's heading to 1593p next. Secondary, if bettered, is at a longer term 1652p. While both aspirations illustrate record highs for the share, we find it hard to ridicule them

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