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Trends and Targets for 23/06/2017

FTSE FOR FRIDAY & GOLD too (FTSE:UKX & COMEX:GC) During June, quite a few shares across various sectors broke upward through their long term downtrend. Prices in the period since have behaved like the UK Prime Minister faced with a member of the public, doing the unthinkable, slithering below the trend and out of sight. When we view GOLD , BRENT, even FOREX prices, this phenomena against major trends is repeated.

Trends and Targets for 22/06/2017

BARCLAYS (LSE:BARC) Following our grumble last month about Barclays ridiculous share price shuffle, it appears our maxim, "if it ain't goin' up, it's goin' down" has again proven correct. This piece of silliness, applied when a share has ticked all boxes for rise ( but doesn't ), increasingly seems one of the more valuable lessons about trend theory. It isn't the trend which is important but how a price reacts to it.

Trends and Targets for 21/06/2017

SKY PLC (LSE:SKY)  We decided give it six months before binning our SKY subscription but the phone call has now been made, due to the change in viewing habits provoked by the Amazon Firestick. As it's currently legal to watch "content" via Kodi (apparently only illegal if you don't install the add-on yourself or actually record programs!) we cannot help wonder how many folk are leaving Sky.

Trends and Targets for 20/06/2017

LAURA ASHLEY & THE EURO (LSE:ALY & GBPEUR) Our last review of Ashley (link here) suggested 9p as an "ultimate bottom", one of these things where often a share shall experience a proper bounce as we cannot calculate below. Of course, sometimes this attitude can go horribly wrong with a "flushing toilet" sound effect.

Trends and Targets for 19/06/2017

FTSE FOR THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) At time of writing on Sunday evening, FTSE futures are tending suggest some optimism is possible near term.  We're a little concerned as the levels of optimism are frankly not terribly convincing. While the DOW JONES has a heck of an argument favouring 21630 as the next major stuttery level, the FTSE feels like it shall be challenged to better 7575 points.

From where the market closed, the argument is of movement now above 7480 leading to 7528 points initially with secondary, if bettered, at 7575 points. The immediate market downtrend is currently loitering with intent at 7530 points, so we'll not be surprised to see this used as an excuse for some reversal. Unfortunately, the plot thickens.

As FUTURES - at time of writing - are flirting with the 7500 level, there's a quite strong potential of the FTSE itself being opened up to match futures. Unfortunately this sort of nonsense, especially on a Monday, will tend suggest any opening surge is followed by some reversals, potentially to around the 7420 point. This, effectively, will tend ensure the market spends a few days marching on the spot. Our usual rule of thumb, if an opening spike is NOT bettered within 90 minutes then expect reversal, remains valid though it'd be churlish to ignore a couple of recent occasions when this has been ignored.

Trends and Targets for 16/06/2017

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) It's ridiculous, this habit of getting up during the night for a loo run and finding oneself turning on a TV to check if more bad news has broken. In honesty, the TV ON thing wasn't new but it was to glance at the Asian stock markets. Quite odd, 4am and Mrs T&T wakes up, asks absently how Australia's doing and I've not checked. What does this have to do with markets? For a change, absolutely nothing, just a casual observation of a phenomena almost forgotten since the après 9/11. Dread.

Trends and Targets for 15/06/2017

SERCO GROUP (LSE:SRP) With both grand-daughters "enjoying" their obligatory bout of childhood Chicken Pox, it was easy to find inspiration for Serco due to our habit of circling manipulation drops with red circles. Perhaps that's why Serco Group have been referred to as "that poxy company" and nothing to do with their apparent reputation...

Trends and Targets for 14/06/2017

A good giggle is often aligned with "don't tell anyone!". Watching my wife stride up to a Porsche Cayenne and jump in the empty passenger seat certainly ticked all the right laughter boxes. We'd parked in a disabled bay while she collected Chinese takeaways - something I hate doing. Seeing a new space appear literally outside the restaurant, I moved the car. Then watched as she walked straight to the Porsche now in our old parking place. In her defence, our bronze Mitsibushi SUV is the same colour

Trends and Targets for 13/06/2017

GULF KEYSTONE (LSE:GKP) Firstly, thanks to the (many) folk who picked up us describing a FTSE movement of 105 points as a useless trade. We like to slip this sort of thing in to check people are paying attention. In reality, we should have written 7540 rather than 7450 as the trigger point. Oops. At least we didn't call a General Election when we really meant to call for a takeaway!

Trends and Targets for 12/06/2017

FTSE FOR THE WEEK (FTSE:UKX) Understandably, the UK market is proving a little volatile currently. On Friday, the index had signalled pretty firmly it intended to droop, this notion lasting until it became clear we're to be governed by an amalgamation of clowns. Unsurprisingly, the jokers at the FTSE took this as good tidings, presumably because another general election being called immediately would be a bad thing. Stuck in the middle, between the Clowns and Jokers are of course; the punters...

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