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Trends and Targets for 25/05/2016

ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND (LSE:RBS).  While most folk probably spend time collating profanities to match the acronym RBS, it's hard to ignore the price has risen by nearly 20% so far this month. From our perspective, we distrust the share - perhaps to absurd levels - but shall admit that should the price now close above BLUE on the chart (currently 252.97p) then our next ambition is for recovery to 270p. Hopefully this will attract a host of people who rely on chart patterns and they shall all exclaim at the same time, "Double Bottom", and plan for future growth.

Trends and Targets for 24/05/2016

FERRARI and GULF KEYSTONE (NYSE:RACE, LSE:GKP) and the race to the bottom...  Before we indulge the vanity project which is Ferrari (and whether race performance effects the sodding price), Gulf Keystone deserves a mutter or two. As victims are painfully aware, the share isn't really going up. Currently, we require the mid-price to CLOSE a session above 4.915p to signal the immediate downtrend has eased and there's a chance for useless growth to an initial 6p, maybe even 7.7 if the sun is shining on the markets.

Trends and Targets for 23/05/2016

THE FTSE THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) In our outlook last week, we gave a number (6149) the market needed better to escape the downtrend from hell. The index gleefully bettered our trigger level, surged to the useless initial target of 6194, came nowhere near our secondary 6270 as the high of the week was 6220. Then it fell off a cliff and plunged once again below the ruling downtrend. We're inclined to invent a weasel manoeuvre here by suggesting the trend we were watching wasn't actually the trend. Sometimes this happens and it's always a little annoying watching a price bouncing straight through a carefully constructed argument.

Trends and Targets for 20/05/2016

THOMAS COOK (LSE:TCG) As clients are aware, we've been warning since February this looked like heading to 74p on the immediate cycle. And despite our update earlier in May reading ;"... it now appears 74p will prove hard to avoid"  we still managed to be surprised when the share price finally obliged and worse, managed to actually close the session below 74p. Obviously, this was not an encouraging signal as we've a number below such a level.

Trends and Targets for 19/05/2016

AUSTRALIA 200 (ASX:XJO) and the UK AIM too.  T

Trends and Targets for 18/05/2016

SAN LEON (LSE:SLE)  This provoked a flurry of emails on the 17th, all essentially asking where this share will go once it relists. This, unfortunately, is one question we utterly dread. Investors become excited due to gossip which, when mixed with confusing reports, will often produce expectations unlikely to be fulfilled.

The harsh reality against this share is, we show it as last trading just below 30p

Trends and Targets for 17/05/2016

Ferrari , UBISOFT (EU:UBI) and a grumble about Gulf Keystone (LSE:GKP)  The folk who believe FUNDAMENTALS are important doubtless have a giggle every time we discuss Ferrari. It is literally the only share with which we have tried to establish a link between Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) share price and performance on track. For a few minutes, it appeared Mercedes had laid the groundwork for a Ferrari victory, when their drivers attempted a messy mating position which ended badly. Unfortunately, that bloke from Red Bull managed to emulate Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones when he was faced with a big bloke wielding a bigger dinner knife. Ferrari's ambition for a win was shot down with the best managed being a 2 and 3. And it did absolutely sod all for Ferrari share price.

Trends and Targets for 16/05/2016

FTSE for the coming week. Hopefully! And Free Ferrari The TaT team each opted to view the FTSE separately in the hope of reaching a consensus as to coming market direction. While folk would assume this approach makes sense, the usual reality is our Futures projections being produced by one person. That's about the end of the good news as the consensus approach produced mixed messages. While perhaps some of this could be due to a drinking game which focussed on when Alonso would retire from the Spanish GP - lasting until a wine soaked Lap 45 out of 66 - the markets have been similarly undecided.

Trends and Targets for 13/05/2016

FTSE, FERRARI and it's FRIDAY too. (FTSE:UKX, NYSE:RACE) We like to pretend Friday's are just another day but when they coincide with a Grand Prix weekend and the weather outlook doesn't mention monsoons, some enthusiasm for the coming weekend becomes apparent. Even if it is only the Spanish GP... Once again though, we've a reason to monitor Ferrari as the share price still has not shown a causal link with race performance. In fact, if we believe share price movements are an indicator of Ferrari performance, it seems there's a probability of the team experiencing a pretty grotty weekend.

Trends and Targets for 12/05/2016

BARCLAYS PLC (LSE:BARC) We're opting to cover a major retail bank every few weeks. With Barclays (BARC), despite our optimism last time (link here) the share has failed to close above 174.8 and therefore, remains within the land of "Stuffed". At time of writing, the share needs close above 175.914 roughly to better the ruling downtrend since 2014 and suggest coming growth to 190p, maybe even 204p if someone gags all politicians. However, our outlook at present is rather less happy.

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