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Trends and Targets for 30/09/2016

FTSE for FRIDAY & TWITTER (FTSE:UKX & NYSE:TWTR) We'd recently knocked together a report on Twitter, full of doom and gloom as the share had just one further hurdle to trip over before it commenced a slide to 15. A day later, in a move which was eerily generated by news reports, the price was sharply propelled upward (circled) out of the immediate drop zone, thus ensuring we'd wasted our time running the numbers against it!

Trends and Targets for 29/09/2016

FERRARI and XCITE ENERGY (NYSE:RACE & LSE:XEL) The crime scene which is XCITE deserves a glance, though, like shareholders, we'd prefer pretend a murder isn't happening. We'd a calculation which stated, if XEL managed below 1.18, bottom target was -2.55p and this was from a near term perspective. As clients are painfully aware, the share price has been trading - from Big Pic formula - with Minus Signs decorating drop targets for quite a while.

Trends and Targets for 28/09/2016

GBP vs EURO and Deutsche Bank (FX:GBPEUR & LS:DBK) It has been a while since we reviewed the GBP - EURO relationship. No need to read further, it's stuffed...

If GBP EUR were a share, we'd be comfortable it intends relaxation in the longer term to

Trends and Targets for 27/09/2016

FORBIDDEN TECH, HIGHLAND NATURAL RESOURCES (again) and a word on SOUND (LSE:FBT & LSE:HNR) We're revisiting HNR due to a strange anomaly which has made itself known. Essentially, we've three arguments proposing action very soon on the share price. Two of them state HNR needed to CLOSE above 40.314p before we can suspect rises, the other (the longer term one) demands it needs now CLOSE above 42.791. On the 26th, the share closed the session at 40.5p

Trends and Targets for 26/09/2016

FTSE this Week. (FTSE:UKX) and a BMR Quickie At this part of the week, at T&T we should groan at facing another 5 days of numeric drudgery but reality is quite different. While the ever present fear of getting things wrong asserts itself, we still get a buzz looking forward to new challenges. This time, we've a feeling of deja vu. Again, if that's possible. Since the BREXIT vote in June, we've seen the number 6903 calculate as a major point of interest on the FTSE no less than THREE times.

Trends and Targets for 23/09/2016

FTSE for Friday (FTSE:UKX) In the last week, we covered 5 shares which were Top 10 chat topics in an effort to drive millions of folk to our website. We'd finally conceded to accept website adverts in an attempt to ensure we eat regularly.  Our articles on Interactive Investor - and mirrored on the TaT website the next day - received record numbers of readers. We also experienced a reduction in the number of folk clicking adverts which was just weird. So, we're returning to writing about instruments we find interesting and today, it's our FTSE for Friday spot.

Trends and Targets for 22/09/2016

Sepura and 88 Energy (LSE:SEPU & LSE:88E) Sharp eyed market watchers will have noticed The AIM made it above our magic number of 813 points. For just 3 minutes with an upward spike just after the market opened for the day. While the market failed to close above 813 points, we're hopeful it's early warning of some good times ahead for members of the lesser market. Otherwise, Sepura's share price is looking a bit stuffed as, while the recent plunge to 10p seems designed to look like a bottom, when we run the numbers, bottom calculates at 4.25p. Worse, the very obvious downtrend signals the price needs a miracle above 44p currently (BLUE) before we dare describe bottom as "in". The dangerous thing is, any near term weakness below just 18.5 risks the start of a slope down to 6p on the immediate cycle which is certainly in the ballpark of the bottom target.

Trends and Targets for 21/09/2016

CHARIOT OIL (LSE:CHAR) Back in 2012, this was one of the first shares we employed our "real life" targeting methods, successfully mapping the rise to just over 2 quid with exquisite precision. Unfortunately, what happened once it reached our upper target also was to prove precise as, when the price reversed below 175p, some grotty drop potentials made themselves known. And of course, when the price was gapped down by 55p on May 12th, it entered an entirely new phase of existence, one which calculated with a bottom at 3p eventually.

Trends and Targets for 20/09/2016

CLUFF NATURAL and SCOTGOLD (LSE:CLNR & LSE:SGZ) feature next and both shares exhibit quite different potentials. Cluff needs to close a session above just 5.154 mid-price (currently) to allow us to exhibit optimism for coming growth toward an initial 9p, maybe even 11p if the recent surge to 7.675 was indeed a harbinger of good times ahead. The funny thing about this share comes from the BLUE line on the chart.

Trends and Targets for 19/09/2016

FTSE for the week, the AIM, and a story about a potato. We'll get the potato story out of the way first. Regular readers will recall we planted a crop of tatties in an effort to illustrate what happens if you exercise patience. We've finally harvested the potatoes, turning some into chips and can report, rather disappointingly, our potato crop tasted just like potatoes. We'd somehow thought, as we'd grown them ourselves. they would be even better than shop bought potatoes... When we produced the potato analogy, it was in relation to the AIM market and the need for it to better 813 points. And of course, the need for patience in the interim.

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