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Trends and Targets for 1/10/2014

If that bloke at Sports Direct subscribed to TaT, he'd not be viewing a current £1.31 million loss on his Tesco purchase.

COMPASS GROUP (LSE:CPG) has had a cracking positive history as the chart shows. The share price is actually showing seriously long term potentials of 1210p with secondary, if bettered, at 1556p. The next growth phase will be seen commencing in the event of the share CLOSING above 1050p. In the event of the movement triggering, the price would require to fail below 880p to spoil these target levels.

At the end of September, the price did something stupid and perhaps it was a fake designed to scare

Trends and Targets for 30/09/2014

COCACOLA HBC AG ORD CHF6.70 (CDI) (LSE:CCH) is regarded as heading to 1236p currently. It needs better 1443 to escape the path. Rather more worrying is the detail that should the share manage to actually CLOSE below  1236 for any reason, our secondary is at 972p which visually is a bit silly looking.

Perhaps the market is punishing them for these stupid 1.85 Litre Diet Coke bottles which don't fit cupboards whereas the old 1.5 Litre ones fitted perfectly! Of course, this is as close to fundamentals as we will ever get...

Trends and Targets for 29/09/2014

CENTRICA (LSE:CNA) has had a drop target of 298p and we've been waiting all year for it to be met. So far, the closest the share has come has been 303p and we're starting to experience some concerns as an issue has developed. In the event of this share closing below 305p, it now has a problem as it enters a weakness cycle toward an initial 241p with secondary, if broken, at 189p.

What bothers us are the three circled areas on the chart belo

Trends and Targets for 26/09/2014

CARNIVAL (LSE:CCL) was a share we approached with the excitement only displayed by sad gits. We've never even heard of this company, despite them being a FTSE 100 component, and therefore it was with a strange thrill we ran the data. As mentioned previously, a bunch of saddo's.

Trends and Targets for 25/09/2014

FRONTERA RESOURCES (LSE:FRR) has been featuring in our emails rather a lot recently. It was a share which used to feature in our master list but was dropped due to the price going below a level from which we could calculate a bottom.

It needed a miracle and surprisingly, seems to have produced one.

Trends and Targets for 24/09/2014

BURBERRY GROUP (LSE:BRBY) look close to presenting an opportunity but, from our perspective, it's a little bit dangerous. The RED line is an uptrend since 2008 and it has been pretty well respected over the years. However, if you wake up one morning and see Burberry dangling a carrot at 1420 or less, snatching a bargain may prove to be a slight error.

Trends and Targets for 23/09/2014

The VAT Rate was TEMPORARILY increased by 2.5% to 20% due to the events of 2009. As the UK has apparently recovered, why has the VAT increase not been abolished? If nothing else, it would allow the price of fuel to reflect the reduced price of Brent Crude!  It would get people spending again and may even get TESCO out of a little trouble...

BUNZL (LSE:BNZL)  proved of special interest to a grand-daughter when giving her a simple reading exercise at bedtime. For a three year old, she immediately picked this from a listing of FTSE100's as worth further investigation. In fairness, it would be safe to assume Rapunzel was her motivation tho'.

 n keeping with the fairy tale theme, if we toss our Timeframe Logic against this share, it really cannot afford close below 1561  

Trends and Targets for 22/09/2014

GOOD NEWS for a change from Scotland. Now the country is back in its box,  we were utterly delighted when our small basket of trading opportunities on Friday lunchtime triggered and met target with utter precision. Since the start of August, price and index movements have been dreadfully unreliable from our perspective as the markets behaved in a fashion we'd never experienced before. A situation which hadn't occurred for 307 years tends to make a lot of sense as culprit for the recent market shambles.

BT GROUP (LSE:BT.A)  are  guaranteed to irritate nearly 50% of Scotland simply due to the BT moniker being used by the

Trends and Targets for 19/09/2014

B SKY B GROUP (LSE:BSY)  is a share on the edge of the naughty step.  The RED line on the chart is currently at 855p and the price need only CLOSE below such a level to indicate coming weakness to an initial 808p.

The nuisance factor with such a motion would be breakage of RED, a closing price trend which has been valid since 2008.  Every more

Trends and Targets for 18/09/2014

BRITISH LAND CO (LSE:BLND)  a FTSE 100 component we've never heard of. Its discussion area on Interactive is positively underwhelming with a user "nk1999" working hard to keep everyone well informed. It's a share which was remarkably dangerous from our perspective as, until 2011, it was illustrating the potential of weakness to 165p and we couldn't illustrate anything below such a point.

However, the price has now moved into the realms of sanity and is currently viewed as heading to 795p initially with secondary, should it close above such a point, at a longer term 963p. Currently trading around the 700p poin

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