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Trends and Targets for 11/02/2016

BARCLAYS (LSE:BARC) The last time we featured Barclays was in November last year. (click here to view) At the time, it was trading around the 230p level and we provided criteria for it shuffling down to 151p. Given the share managed 154p earlier this week, hopefully that will prove close enough and a bounce is experienced. We have a serious problem with this should it close below 151p as that number is supposed to be "ultimate bottom" on this trading cycle. Closure below means we need to look at reversals powered by the highs from 2010, meaning we shall complete this report with some really grotty numbers.

Trends and Targets for 10/02/2016

We need to talk about The FTSE. Again! And TalkTalk too...

FTSE The criteria given earlier this week for a drop to 5750 unfortunately proved viable and the FTSE has taken a thorough hammering. To make sense of what we're seeing, we need revisit last weeks colourful FTSE chart as it illustrates the last straw has now broken with the market closing below our Third Trendline of Doom.

Trends and Targets for 9/02/2016

THE AIM MARKET and  (LSE:POG) too! The AIM market remains, thus far, aloof from the Lemming tendency evinced by the FTSE. Don't get us wrong, the AIM stinks but it's still not throwing itself off the cliff with the same vigour as the grown up FTSE market. In fact, when we drill down to minute by minute movements this year, the decline appears to be carefully stage managed and results in the situation where near term weakness below 680 will doubtless lead to 670 next with secondary a hopeful bottom at 654 points.

Trends and Targets for 8/02/2016

ROLLS ROYCE and THE FTSE too (LSE:RR.) It's one of these painfully obvious things we've spent nearly 4 years not noticing. When we view what provokes the most email questions, it's a toss up between The FTSE and Gulf Keystone. But for some reason, we only choose to cover the FTSE in our headline section if it's done something we find mildly interesting, quite forgetting rather a few folk are interested in it all the time. Now the penny has dropped, we shall cover the FTSE in our Sunday evening / Monday outlook slot from now on and thankfully, this means we no longer spend the weekend agonising what to write about. After so saying, perhaps we read the wrong newspapers but the coverage given to Rolls Royce also merits its inclusion here as it appears some 'stuff' is about to happen. 

Trends and Targets for 5/02/2016

Friday FTSE and The NK225 (NIK:N225) Firstly, FTSE currently needs better 6100 to indicate some optimism. Or below 5660 to suggest buying running shoes. By any standards, the market has experienced a crazy week and we're supposed to believe anything now below 5805 will lead to an initial 5770 with secondary at a trend and courage testing 5662 points. The funny thing is, the God of Glass Ceilings decided to paint a line at 5939 during the session on the 4th. The result is, with breakage above, we'd tend anticipate growth to an initial 5980 with secondary a very probable 6045 points.

Trends and Targets for 4/02/2016

RBS then THE ASX200 (ASX:XJO) We choked a bit when reviewing RBS' share price. Reaching 232p during the session, it must be remembered this is 23.2p in old money before they 'faked' the share price with a 10:1 Split to make it look less dire. Guess what, it looks dire again. We are hoping bottom is at 225p as should such a point break, we've got clean air until 117p. Or 11.7p in only money, aka "Hello 2009, we missed you!"  Given our fondness of movement gaps, the share DID have a remaining one at 233.5 from September 2012.

Trends and Targets for 3/02/2016

THE DAX (DBI:DAX) As is our habit, we've painted a Purple FTSE overlay to illustrate how strongly the UK is performing against the weak DAX... Rather amazingly, the Big Picture suggests the DAX is heading to 13,900 in the fullness of time unless it breaks 7,400 currently, the RED line since the lows of 2009. The funny thing is, should 9400 now break, we would view it as heading to an initial 7,800 with secondary a trend breaking 6250!

Thankfully, this market has a drop dead obvious BLUE line

Trends and Targets for 2/02/2016

THE DOW JONES (DOWi:DJI) The leading US indicator continues to make the strongest economy in the known universe (ie, politicians speechwriters within the M25) look utterly pathetic. Just for a giggle as we're trying to be funny this week, we've shown the FTSE as a GREEN overlay against the DJI. Since late 2011, the DOW JONES has made the FTSE look pathetic. Our lesson against the FTSE on Monday dealt with repeated trend breaks and the implications for the market. Similar to the FTSE, the DJI also has three lines and the situation now exists of a break below 15,400 leading to a bottom at 12900 or so. Perhaps 13800 will provoke a bounce on the way down, perhaps not.

Trends and Targets for 1/02/2016

THE FTSE AGAIN (FTSE:UKX) This week we're doing a Big Picture refresh against the major world indices. (FTSE, DOW, DAX, AUS, NK225)Given the behaviour of the markets in the latter part of the last week of January, it feels like the wind has changed, so we need look for key levels to back up such a naive stance. But first, there's a funny story too ridiculous not to make it to print. And it highlights the dangers of assumptions.

Trends and Targets for 29/01/2016

CONDOR GOLD (CNR) Is a share we haven't looked at for ages. It had a theoretical "ultimate bottom" of 15p and when it broke trend back in 2014, the client advised he'd lost interest so we dropped it. Amusingly, it came pretty blooming close to our drop target at the start of this year, blipping down to 16p but thankfully no further. And the bounce has been truly impressive and doesn't look like the market is finished with it. Further movement above 60p looks capable of a visit to 72p next, a point where the visuals suggest some stutters are possible.

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