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Trends and Targets for 16/09/2014

BP (LSE:BP.)   Is causing concern and as the inset shows, we've ample reason for some eyebrow action. Recent movements took the share price below RED, a long term trend and while it has shown some emergency recovery,  it need only now trade below 450p to signal coming weakness to 419.75p initially with secondary, if broken, at 406.5p.

However, we're perhaps being drama queens

Trends and Targets for 15/09/2014

BHP BILLITON (LSE:BLT)   Is a company Jeremy Clarkston must love. It's got all the good stuff in the company name.  Brake Horse Power is an obvious attraction and Billiton is close enough to Billtong, the perfect dog treat for humans only. (if you've not tried it, do so.)  But we've some doubts over the Lettuce and Tomato in the LSE epic awarded against it and in fact, bacon is something we've lost taste for due to health warnings. Perhaps next year it will be safe again.

Friday Forex & Index Freebie

It has been an age since we gave a Friday Freebie. This is what our lunchtime report looks like.


Please remember, each Broker has different parameters and you will need to tweak the numbers below to match your Broker. And for index trades, add points to be safe! As for our stop loss levels, they are the tightest scenario. Wider would perhaps be better.


Trends and Targets for 12/09/2014

BG GROUP (LSE:BG.)   A share in need of a miracle! While the price still not has thrown itself under the bus, it's presenting what looks like an ideal short position. Across the top of the screen is an innocent BLUE line and currently this level is at 1286p, just a quid above the price currently.

The problem the share has is, unless it makes it above 1286p, we're forced to view it as heading to 686p

Trends and Targets for 11/09/2014

BAE SYSTEMS (LSE:BA.)   "A TREESHAKE" is one of these endearing terms often used but rarely understood. For me, the meaning finally became clear on a sunny Wednesday here in Scotland. I'm a Hazel tree in the garden and during September, I battle Red Squirrels for my share of the Hazelnuts. For some reason, my wife finds it hilarious watching me patrol the ground under the thing at night to search for dislodged nuts (which look dangerously similar to Brussels Sprouts). Finally, I invented an invention!  A Tree Shaker.

Trends and Targets for 10/09/2014

Trends and Targets for 9/09/2014

THE POUND STERLING (FOREX:GBPUSD)  Scotland sure as heck's being blamed for a grotty day against Forex and also the FTSE. Those who've been following our Big Picture outlook will remember we'd hoped for a bounce from 1.622. Alas,  it was not to be as the Forex pair was manipulated below our 1.622 level rather nastily prior to trading commencing on Sunday evening. From our perspective, this is both flattering (while making our teeth curl) as it confirms we'd previously been running calculations on the correct trend.  While it was blamed on Scotland, it was curious the market managed to spare speculators the inconvenience of actually trading the drop and unfairly created panic without profit.

Trends and Targets for 8/09/2014

ASTRAZENECA (LSE:AZN)  is viewed going to 5630 next. And we'd add the caveat it needs flop below 3070 to utterly cancel. The share has experienced a nightmare of price moves so far in 2014 with more gaps in price movements  than a two year olds teeth. If there's to be any initiative in tackling these gaps, unfortunately the earliest sane signal would be motion below 4170 (RED) on the chart as this will probably be warning of coming weakness to around the 36 quid mark.

From a near term perspective, when we view the dance steps in recent months, it has created sufficient energy for the price to take a look at 4877p b

Trends and Targets for 5/09/2014

ASHTEAD GROUP (LSE:AHT) continues our look at FTSE 100 constituents. Every now and then we come across a share where our software stops working and AHT illustrates this odd phenomina perfectly. Since 2012, every single time the price of Ashtead has managed to reach our maximum target level, the market has opted to manipulate the price upward with the simple expedient of an opening gap to start a new trend. As our scattering of RED circles shows, Ashtead has just been tweaked upward again. Historically, these manipulation gaps have not been closed, that is until the one in March of this year. But once again, it looks like the price is wanted to grow, so it's a case of either waiting to see if they close the gap before pouncing or alternately,  going on blind faith as we're now lo

Trends and Targets for 4/09/2014

ARM HOLDINGS (LSE:ARM) is looking a little interesting fairly near term as the price is viewed as heading to an initial 1048p. Acceleration should improve rather nicely in the event of it trading above above 996p anytime soon.

Perhaps of greater note will be any future motion bettering 1110p as it enters the share on an uphill path to 1286p with secondary at a surprising 1500p. It's quite an unusual share insofar as there are currently no early warning signals capable of suggesting any important words of wisdom.  As the chart shows, the price has be

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