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Trends and Targets for 22/07/2016

LLOYDS BANK (LSE:LLOY)  When we previously wrote about Lloyds (link here) we speculated of a ridiculous drop potential to 48.5p and worse, if it broke, any future weakness below such a point risked 33 with ultimate 22p. Just to amuse us, the market opted to trash Lloyds intraday down to 47p with the price closing the day at 47.5p, below our next trigger level. As can be guessed, this is not comforting information to write, nor is the important detail Lloyds Share Price has not really recovered with any integrity.

Trends and Targets for 21/07/2016

ANGLO AMERICAN (LSE:AAL)  The price of AAL bothers us a bit as, despite the shares status on the markets, from a Big Picture perspective it is now trading in a region with an ultimate drop ambition around Minus 45p. Last time we viewed this, we had given 280p as a drop expectation but for two months until February this year, the share price managed below our drop target fairly substantially. This results in the situation where any future moves below 280p risk seriously dire consequences.

Trends and Targets for 20/07/2016

International Consolidated Air (LSE:IAG)  This share experienced a precise reversal to a logical bottom during June. And, after some dramatics, it has generated a bounce from 337p which has created the situation where price movements now above 440p should trigger some growth to an initial 484p. As the chart shows, this will signal recovery above the uptrend since 2012, something which should give considerable hope.

Trends and Targets for 19/07/2016


ROYAL SUN ALLIANCE (LSE:RSA)  It's not often the subject for our report is inspired by the weather but... things seem to be coming together for RSA. As the chart shows, the share has a BLUE line since 2013 and we've become interested in recent price moves in relation to the downtrend. Essentially, a degree of care has been taken to ensure the price does not close above BLUE and this results in the situation where closure now above a rather pedantic 498.279 should trigger moves to an initial 525p with secondary a longer term 664p.

Trends and Targets for 18/07/2016

THE FTSE AND DEUTSCHE BANK (FTSE:UK & LS:DBK)  There have been numerous snippets on the news about the primary German bank, so we took a look at their share price potentials. The recent trip to 11.25 probably scared the lederhosen off a lot of people and thankfully the share price has bounced as that level represented a very logical bottom. We would expect any future break of 11.25 to find another bouncy bottom at 8.45 but should really mention the price is trading in a zone with absolute bottom of 1.93. To start climbing out of this mess, the share price needs better 20.32 as this triggers an argument for 26 and hopefully above. As for The FTSE, while the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 continue to illustrate all time highs for share prices, the London market has been doing its own thing.

Trends and Targets for 15/07/2016


DOW JONES & KAZ (LSE:KAZ & DOWi:DJI)  The DOW did something quite remarkable on the 14th July and we opted to give it a day before commenting 'lest we were being thrown a curved ball. The US Index closed at 18372, just above its historical HIGHEST EVER of 18352 points. Today, on the 15th July, the index was opened at 18414, a small gap up movement solidly above the historical trend. It results in the situation where movements now are regarded as heading to an initial 19179 with secondary a longer term 20456 points.

Trends and Targets for 14/07/2016

We are experiencing difficulties this week with our Interactive Newsletter contributions. Hopefully the server issue is resolved soon. The article below was scheduled for the 14th July.


Trends and Targets for 12/07/2016


LONMIN & FERRARI (LSE:LMI & NYSE.RACE) As promised, we're covering some major miners this week and LonMin seems like as daft a place to start as any. This share is one of 'ours' and clients are aware we're somewhat puzzled as the share price has started trading in a region with a long term target at 940p. Given it's currently 245p, such a price multiplier is generally something we prefer avoid lest we fall into the realms of promising multibagger potentials. But unfortunately (for us) LonMin has completely outperformed itself recently and we had not anticipated it actually managing to close above 235p, a trigger level which meant we had to take 940p seriously. For the last few sessions, the price has been stuttering above and below 235p, suggesting the target level was indeed valid and on 3 out of 4 sessions, it closed the session above our trigger level.

Trends and Targets for 11/07/2016

FTSE FOR THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX ) We'd a line in the sand last week at 6588 as a calculation needed the market to complete the week above this level to signal it intended growth in the near term to 6641. Given the market closed the week at 6590, we can now report (apparently in absolute safety) that anything near term above 6607 should make its way toward 6641 initially, perhaps even 6903 if the market intends completely undo the damage inflicted by the EuroShambles forced drop.

Trends and Targets for 8/07/2016


FTSE FRIDAY &  Ecclesiastical Insurance Office PLC  (FTSE:UKX & LSE:ELLA) Ecclesiastical completes our glance at Insurance Sector shares and we'd to work hard to find ELLA as they've never crossed our radar before. Unsurprisingly, in spite of us knowing nothing of the company, the price has been moving anyway and despite recent high jinks on the market, we'll be interested should ELLA manage to trade above 144p. Such a divine intervention suggests growth coming toward 152p initially with secondary a very probable 162p.

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