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Trends and Targets for 19/12/2014

FORTUNE OIL (LSE:FTO) had a surprising day and clogged our email, even bettering the idiots trying to sell us on Improving our Google Rank or selling something called Offshoring. A typical day sees our spam filter trap around 30 of these junk mails. Anyway, back to FORTUNE as we've a funny detail insofar as it need only trade above 9.5p to now have the hope of growth toward 9.8p next, perhaps not too exciting after a 50% day. However, our secondary - should the share ideally CLOSE ABOVE 9.8p or even experience intraday trades in excess of 10.25p is more interesting as it calculates at 12.75p. Usually once we've run the numbers, we paint the target levels on a chart and draw some lines to see if they make sense. The 9.8p level

Trends and Targets for 18/12/2014

Against the backdrop of a grotty market, our PR piece on BP PLC managed to hit our trigger level early in the session, provoking a collective in-house cringe. Amazingly though, as the session progressed it made it above our 384 for a second time and performed exactly as expected, even having the good grace to have a little stutter at our initial target level. It closed the session suggesting movement above 398 will continue to our 406p next but we'd advise caution should the share be spiked upward at the start of the day. Longer term, we're able to calculate moves above 407 will lead to 420p as a fairly major point of interest.

Importantly, if the RUBLE were a share,

Trends and Targets for 17/12/2014

BP (LSE:BP.) usually has to financially underwrite part of another country's economy before it's share price is trashed to current levels. Oddly, we've some slight hope the share price has reached a bottom as we've something we call the "50% rule", a rule recent price movements have adhered to. Essentially, we hope for a bounce half way to our drop target and should the bounce better the immediate downtrend, the drop is deemed a fake.

Trends and Targets for 16/12/2014

WOLSELEY ORD  (LSE:WOS) has seen its share price take up residence in an unhappy place. But as the chart for the last 5 years shows, it's not that big a deal as the indication of coming reversal to 3311p still leaves the price comfortably above its long term uptrend and viewed as heading to a long term 4359p.

Trends and Targets for 15/12/2014

WPP GROUP (LSE:WPP) has potentials which we rather suspect are about to be stuffed due to an adverse stock market. On the immediate price cycle, the share is showing the next target level at 1409 which is fairly encouraging. In the event of this share CLOSING above 1392p, it ticks the final box for longer term growth to 1577p with secondary 1903p. But recent market behaviour stinks and is creating a situation where this risks some reversal if it starts trading below 1271 as weakness to 1250 looks probable with secondary 1207.

Trends and Targets for 12/12/2014

ROCKHOPPER ORD 1P (LSE:RKH) has a daft number at 61.365p. If the share price closes below such a level, we're calculating it going to 56p and that's it. The price must bounce, simply because we cannot calculate anything sane below the 56p level. Surprisingly, we find some shares do indeed bounce just above their ultimate bottom levels whereas those which sink below seem to manage remain trading but effectively stuck in the realms of boredom.

Sp, if we pretend confidence, how can a bounce from current levels be measured to ensure a bottom is actually in?

Trends and Targets for 11/12/2014

WEIR GROUP (LSE:WEIR) is a company Alistair at TaT used to know quite well. His primary school was literally on the doorstep of Weir Pumps in Cathcart, Glasgow in an age where most pupils at the school would expect to find themselves working there later in life. He didn't but most did.  As the chart shows, something seems to be going on which has pushed this share off a cliff.

Currently trading around the 17 quid level.

Trends and Targets for 10/12/2014

UNITED UTILITIES (LSE:UU.) has experienced a cracking five years with RED on the chart illustrating its growth trend since 2009. Currently the share is in a zone with 1020 calculating as our next major point of interest and we rather suspect next time this share CLOSES above 915p, it will move fairly quickly. Or long term secondary is at 1172p.

So, where's the minefield?

Trends and Targets for 9/12/2014

ST JAMES'S PLACE (LSE:STJ) continues our FTSE meander. Currently viewed as heading to 845p, we'll be more impressed if it actually closes above this level as it comes with the expectation of 946p, probably sometime next year.

Trading at around 822p currently, the price would need melt below 762p to scrub its immediate growth potentials. We would tend not suspect such an event until it has messed around for a while at the 845p level but it seems fairly confident a further nudge above 845p should be worth a rise of around a quid.

Trends and Targets for 8/12/2014

TULLOW OIL (LSE:TLW) featured a few weeks ago (click to view) in our trample through the FTSE 100's. Given the traumatic nature of oil prices with associated Friendly Fire damage to the oilies, it deserves a second look in case anything has changed. It is, after all, a blooming popular share and therefore deserves deep distrust.

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