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Trends and Targets for 23/07/2014

THE DOW JONES (DOW:DJI) has managed to place itself in a positive zone, suggesting the index intends a visit to 17251. Before everyone rushes out to open a long position, there's a couple of elements bothering us. We routinely watch 'the real market' and increasingly, we've started mapping 'the futures market' in the hope of utterly confusing ourselves. In real life, when the DOW is trading, the futures market moves in harmony, sometimes a little ahead, sometimes a little behind.. The chart below is for DOW FUTURES. Please remember this.

The argument favouring coming movement to 17251 is fairly s

Trends and Targets for 22/07/2014

OILEX (LSE:OEX) has done right by their share price recently and whatever is pushing the upward cycle tends to suggest continued movement above 9.6p should drive the price in the direction of an initial 11.4p. We can calculate a longer term potential of 15.5p and notice it even makes sense given such an aspiration closed the circled gap on the historical chart.

If the rise intends to turn into a pump

Trends and Targets for 21/07/2014

SAGE (LSE:SGE) share price looks like it may be in a little trouble. Lots of people will be watching the gap from 347p and tending to suspect the current share path will be capable of 'closing' the gap. Indeed, we're showing the price as heading to 348p, the share needing exceed 400p (BLUE) to cancel the argument. The problem is, should the price manage to CLOSE below 348p, it breaks the immediate uptrend and ticks the first box in a long term logic pointing at 248p. We'd tend expect some foul

Trends and Targets for 18/07/2014

BERKELEY MINERAL. RES (LSE:BMR) has the potential of once again making people 'walk funny'. To quote an old market joke, it's a share which has previously awarded each Private Investor two acres and once again seems poised to strike. (For the punch line, ask any 12 year old boy!) We're currently showing this share as heading to 1.15p again but thankfully, this time there's a difference.

It might not!

Trends and Targets for 17/07/2014

 RANGE RESOURCES (LSE:RRL) has managed a miracle movement in the last few months, something very few shares achieve once their price has been trashed as thoroughly as this was. Perhaps there's a lesson here as the share price had been methodically reduced by 12% every single month over a year. Perhaps if such control is taken on the way down, it signals that when the control is eased, growth can be rapid in comparison.

To get the good news out of the way first, we're showing near term movement above 2.69 has having a target of

Trends and Targets for 16/07/2014

 RECKITT BENCKISER (LSE:RB.) certainly does not have chat areas overflowing with speculation but somehow, the share manages to move in price anyway!  Currently trading around the 50 quid level, the share is regarded as heading to 4851p next with secondary, if broken by the price CLOSING below such a level, at a longer term and frankly scary 4710p.

Trends and Targets for 15/07/2014

Euro v GB Pound (FX:EURGBP)  As promised, we're taking a holiday time update against this currency pair. As the chart shows, the relationship looks doomed with the current cycle pointing to a bottom of 0.7075 which is a puzzle. This aspiration breaks the long term uptrend since the year dot and carries with it a strange logic pointing at further reversal to 0.5750.

Of course, the area where we're clueless is timeframes but visually, the pair is now at a point where tradition almost demands the price 'back test' the point of trendbreak back in May of this year. Or in plain English, it will probably bounce anytime soon and therefore, we'll look for any miracle levels. Near term, it looks wor

Trends and Targets for 14/07/2014

Sports Direct (LSE:SPD)  featured rather heavily in our weekend emails, thankfully removing the need of trying to select something interesting to start the week. When we run the numbers on it, the share price looks destined to head for 672p, a point from which we'd normally hope for a bounce. Last straw looks like intraday motion below 688p.

What's odd

Trends and Targets for 11/07/2014

 Banco Espirito Santo (EU:BES) aka THE CULPRIT rather neatly rounds off our week viewing shares outside the UK but tradable on most SB platforms. We refer to it as the culprit as once trading was suspended against this Portugal entity, the entire financial sector in Western markets went into meltdown. It stopped trading at 0509 Euros and to turn the next paragraph into wasted time, it needs exceed 0.79 Euro. So, there's a fairly simple stop loss point.

To cut a long story short, in the event of it recommencing trading and the price getting below 0.5, we're looking at reversal to

Trends and Targets for 10/07/2014

BNP PARIBAS (EU:BNP)  priced in Euros and has a glass ceiling at 60.85. In the event of the share actually CLOSING above such a point, there's a pretty convincing argument favouring long term growth to 99EU. And that's the end of the good news.

The share price is in a pretty nasty position, needing only CLOSE below RED at 47.7 EU to tick the final box pointing at reversal to 42.3 initially. Our secondary should such a point break is at 33.25 EU and, horror of horrors, i

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