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Trends and Targets for 2/02/2015

ROCKHOPPER  (LSE:RKH) had a long term drop target level of 61p and painfully, the share price has now made it below such a point. This moves the share into the end game from our perspective as all we can now calculate is the potential of it bottoming, hopefully above 32p. In the event of closure below such a point, all further targets are prefaced with a minus sign.

So, what does the share need do to escape such a destiny?

Trends and Targets for 30/01/2015

RANK GROUP  (LSE:RNK) has something happening. By a stunning 1/2p, it has moved into a zone suggesting growth above 179 will lead to 187 with secondary 195p. The share price would require to slither below 145p to destroy confidence for its future. But when we view the shares performance since the beginning of time (1994 in the case of this company), we're really viewing the driving attraction as coming from a longer term 296p, the final box needing ticked being closure above 205p.

Trends and Targets for 29/01/2015

GULF MARINE  (LSE:GMS) has experienced a premature rise in its share price with a very odd set of circumstances.  We've been cheerfully waiting for the price to CLOSE a session above 104p as this would break a glass ceiling which has formed in recent months, allowing growth to an initial 115p and hopefully closure above BLUE. Such an event creates a scenario where we can illustrate longer term growth to 138p. Instead, the price was manipulated upward at the open. This created a gap on the chart, obviously sparing traders the inconvenience of profit and the price went directly to our target level.

Trends and Targets for 28/01/2015

TOROTRAK  (LSE:TRK) has made some interesting movements during the last few months. As the chart shows, for some reason the market has decided 16.25p is a glass ceiling for the share with the result that intraday trades above such a level should give a pretty clear signal it's going up. And of course, by intraday, we would warn against enthusiasm should it better 16.25 in the opening second. This is rarely a good signal. However, if we pretend confidence, movement now above 16.25p looks capable of 19p initially with secondary, if it closes above BLUE, at a longer term 22.5p. We've scribbled 33p at the top of the chart as, once above BLUE, positive news can easily provoke outperformance.

Trends and Targets for 27/01/2015

FLYBE  (LSE:FLYB) Whatever this lot have done to land themselves on the naughty step presents a problem. We'd be hopeful the price will find an ultimate bottom of 55p but should such a point break, our ultimate is at 38p, this being a point from which it almost must bounce. What is extremely irritating comes from the circled moves in November where the share had escaped into territory where common sense would allow it to grow. But in common with many stocks, it was manipulated back below its downtrend and into a position where any negative news would have maximum effect.

Obviously, there is the rational hope that this droop has been overcooked

Trends and Targets for 26/01/2015

THE EURO v THE POUND (FX:EURGBP) This relationship is probably worth a glance as it seems probable further changes are in store. While we've suspended near term Forex plays, our Big Picture stuff remains painfully concise with this pairing seen as heading to an initial 0.7354. In the event of it trading below the 0.73 level, we calculate 0.7075 is the next major point of interest. To utterly escape this path target, the relationship would need better 0.7950 and while even movements in 2015 suggest bettering 0.7750 should give early warning, we're tending to view near term Forex movements with similar levels of trust reserved for AIM shares.

Trends and Targets for 23/01/2015

THE FTSE  (FTSE:UKX) deserves a special mention.  It has managed an amazing emergency recovery, no longer sitting in a zone where we can argue for an ultimate bottom of 3620 points. We can illustrate some really absurd sounding growth characteristics but crucially, we need the market to actually CLOSE above 6937. This number keeps surfacing for an important reason. In the event of the market making above this trigger, it transits finally from a Recovery situation to a Growth situation.

Currently, if the FTSE were a share, we'd regard it as heading to 6840

Trends and Targets for 22/01/2015

SCOTGOLD RES.  (LSE:SGZ) is a share we keep a vague eye on, simply 'cos they are local to us in Argyll. As the chart illustrates with painful clarity, if it falls below RED at 0.3p, a reasonable belief would be 'game over' but whatever miracle drove the price on the 21st has created an interesting situation. In the event of the price now trading above 0.875p, we'd expect an initial 1.04p which is fairly useless. But in the event of it bettering this level, our secondary of 1.425p becomes perfectly believable. Unfortunately, it needs some pixy dust sprinkled as longer term stronger growth does not seem probable until such time the price is permitted to CLOSE above 1.6p

Trends and Targets for 21/01/2015

PETROFAC (LSE:PFC) allows us to prove spectacular naivety by discussing growth prospects against a share in the oil industry (we assume). But the share has done something interesting recently which is hopefully noteworthy. Scrawled along the bottom a the chart is a RED line, this being the uptrend since 2006. The price has bounced from this level, giving some hope. The next thing it's done was to be gapped above the immediate BLUE downtrend. This hopefully implies it's going to stop going down.

Trends and Targets for 20/01/2015

A.G.BARR (LSE:BAG) are worth a quick revisit. As the chart shows, the fizz has come off their price movements once it dropped below the trend in October 2014. However, the share hasn't exactly fallen off a cliff despite plenty of opportunity due to grotty market conditions. As a result, we'll be interested should it start trading above 610p (but not with an opening second spike upward) as this ticks the first box in an argument toward 637p with secondary, if bettered, at a longer term 665p..

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