Fund Focus

Broaden your income horizons to reduce dividend risk

reliable income fund manager multi-cap diversification options enhanced

The quest for reliable income has become key for today's investors, so fund manager Chris Wright at Premier has detailed two expert approaches to maximise payouts.

Fund profile: BlackRock UK Income

Investment fund manager strategy returns outperform UK income sector

This 30-year-old 'value' fund has seriously outperformed its sector the last three years. Marina Gerner gets the low-down on how it works and why it's invested in Lloyds.

My recipe to beat the market

S&P 500 US markets recipe to beat market value cheap stocks dividend reinvested

The S&P 500 is a difficult index to gain an edge on, but James Hackman at Neptune believes he has found the recipe to outperform over the medium- to long-term.

Winning funds with staying power

Money Observer's Fund Awards: winning funds with staying power

Actively managed funds are losing out to cheap trackers, but not so our award winners, which have proved to be excellent predictors of superior returns.

Two funds to buy ahead of a 'Brexit' vote

investment funds protect portfolio brexit EU referendum #EUref multi asset class

Uncertainty over the outcome of the Brexit vote has opened up some great buying opportunities, says Simon Evan-Cook at Premier Asset Management.

A medium-risk portfolio still beating the market

Bravo model portfolio outperforms funds investment trusts medium term risk

Our 'Bravo' model portfolio may be built for medium-term, medium-risk investors, but it's walloped the FTSE All-Share in the past year. Marina Gerner explains its success.

April's 10 most-bought funds

top 10 most bought investment funds Woodford equity income Smith Fundsmith

Despite investors cutting exposure to equity funds, 'star' managers Neil Woodford and Terry Smith still make our most-bought table, reports Kyle Caldwell. But have they moved up or down?

Smart beta equity assets to push $1 trillion by 2020

ETFs tracker funds smart beta new pensions landscape annuities retail investors

The UK's new pensions setup will see a growing band of 'sophisticated' retail investors piling into smart beta products, reckons Hector McNeil at WisdomTree Europe.

Model Portfolios' diverse fund choices keep losses in check

Model Portfolio diverse fund investment trusts returns beat volatility

Our Model Portfolios performed much as we intended to start 2016, with the short-term growth portfolios recording the best results.

Why funds must come clean on hidden transaction costs

Woodford fund managers transaction costs fees research portfolio turnover rate

Woodford may have stopped billing investors for research, but pressure must be placed on all fund managers to stop hiding fees and misleading clients, argues this expert.