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Partners and resources

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Partners and resources
The research and development of a new business idea isn't often achieved alone. There are opportunities for companies to collaborate with academic institutions, research and development specialists and specialist information providers, and to base their operations in the appropriate physical space. For all innovative companies, considerable knowledge and expertise is available to help drive innovation and growth.

Below are links to research partners and organisations that can provide support and advice for the research and development of your new business ideas.

Catapult Centres

Seven centres where the UK's best businesses, scientists and engineers collaborate in late stage research and development. Many offer access to equipment and specialist facilities to test ideas in reality

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A UK-wide programme to enable companies, including third sector organisations, form partnerships with academic institutions and research and technology organisations

British Library Business & IP Centre Research Service

Information search services for inventors, designers and entrepreneurs are available from the British Library


Find a business mentor who can offer advice on exploiting the Intellectual Property assets of your business