Richard Beddard

Richard is companies editor of Interactive Investor and a columnist at Money Observer magazine. A keen private investor through his Self Invested Personal Pension, he manages two virtual portfolios. The Share Sleuth portfolio is a hand-picked collection of mostly small-cap value shares, while the Nifty Thrifty is a mechanical portfolio designed to pick large, successful companies at cheap prices.

Darwen dares, madness at Meldex

Last month Andrew Brian, Darwen (DHP) chief executive, explained how he planned to shake up bus manufacturing and create a range of hybrid diesel-electric buses,  but there are a couple of surprises in the detail now he's putting the acquisition of  rival bus manufacturer Optare to shareholders.

A company and a book to cheer you up

If you thought my last post on Dairy Crest was a reluctant vote of confidence, you're right.

Posting links to news stories like the ones in the right sidebar of this blog it's hard not to let gloom seep into my stockpicking brain.

Giving Dairy Crest the benefit of the doubt

With a suite of strongly growing brands like Country Life, Clover, Utterly Butterly, Frijj drinks and Cathedral Cheddar and its less profitable but nevertheless essential milk distribution business you might expect Dairy Crest (DCG) to be immune to a faltering economy, for no better reason than the old 'you've got to eat' argument.

In fact, Dairy Crest investors have the jitters just like the rest of us.

Dechra – good, but not that good

Every good growth story has a price attached. Veterinary supplies and pharmaceuticals company Dechra has a good growth story, but it's not that good.

How to call the financial director

...And get him to call you back. The best way to check you understand how a company makes money is to call its financial director, yet for some reason most investors are too shy!

In fact we're not just shy, some of us are down right sceptical.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, I hope you've noticed I've approached each company as an investor, not a journalist. In fact I've used the same method I use when evaluating companies for my own portfolio.

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