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Bargain hunter: new manager and double-digit discount

cut price discount investment trust double digit Asia China emerging markets

Money Observer's Marina Gerner has hunted down another bargain investment trust, this time sporting a blockbuster 12% discount and a new manager with a cracking record.

Brexit or Bremain? 10 trusts to beat Friday's rush

Brexit Bremain EU referendum vote investment trusts profit from either result

Whichever way the EU vote goes, investors will rush to cash in on the result come Friday, so Money Observer's Marina Gerner names the top trusts to buy to benefit from either outcome.

Five doomsday funds to safeguard investors' cash

Funds doomsday capital protection defensive absolute returns recession risks

With a slew of global headwinds stoking fears of recession, Money Observer's Kyle Caldwell reveals five ultra-defensive funds aimed at protecting your cash, come what may.

Bargain hunter: 8% dividend growth and widest discount in years

cut price discount investment trust dividend growth income

Money Observer's own investment trust bargain hunter Kyle Caldwell reveals another gem: a trust run by a Woodford protégé, delivering 8% dividend growth and at a record discount.

A short-term growth portfolio for higher-risk investors

model portfolio delta high-risk short-term growth investment funds trusts return

This portfolio returned nearly 20% over three years, leaving its index in the dust. Money Observer's Marina Gerner explores how it's built, who it's for and why it's done so well.

Shares to buy, hold or sell: Fidelity Global Dividend

shares buy hold sell fund manager expert global equity income valuations invest

This fund leads its sector over three years, with almost double the average return. Money Observer's David Brenchley gets the lowdown on the manager's recent trades.

Do you have too many holdings in your portfolio?

portfolio investments funds stocks allocations rebalancing strategy long-term

Diversifying holdings to safeguard returns is a core tenet of the investor's creed - but just how far should you go? Money Observer's Danielle Levy asks the experts.

Six in 10 trusts gear up ahead of EU vote

investment trust gearing ahead of EU referendum 23 June Brexit Leave Remain

While more investors shelter in defensive funds, investment trusts are maintaining borrowing levels ahead of the EU referendum, writes Money Observer's Kyle Caldwell.

Neil Woodford's Brexit strategy

Neil Woodford fund manager Brexit strategy EU referendum Leave Remain risks

Star fund manager Neil Woodford has released an update on his investment strategy ahead of the EU referendum next week. Lee Wild details the key points.

Bargain hunter: High yield at big discount

investment trust bargain hunter buy on dip 10% discount

A trust that buys UK-listed shares is offering an eye-catching yield, with the added bonus of a 10.2% discount, writes Money Observer's Kyle Caldwell.