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Fund Filter

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With almost 4,000 funds, here's a useful filter to cut the universe down to a manageable shortlist.

Watch the number of funds decrease with each step.

1. Capital growth or income

Do you want funds focusing on capital growth or regular income/dividends?

Select whether you want to keep all of your money growing within the fund or whether you wish to derive income from it.
2. Investment type

Which investment types are you interested in? Select one or more

Denotes the underlying investment instruments in each fund (shares being the most prevalent).
3. Level of risk

Which levels of risk are you comfortable with? (currently unavailable)

4. Investment region

Which investment areas are you interested in? Select one or more

5. Past performance

How important is the funds past performance to you? (over 3 years) Select one or more

A funds past performance is no indication to its future performance.