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Janus Henderson’s oldest business

We have been managing investment trusts since 1934 – over 80 years. Today you can benefit from:

Extensive knowledge and experience in successfully managing investment trusts over the long term

A well-established range of 13 investment trusts covering different geographies and asset classes

Investment trusts aiming for income, capital growth, or a combination of both

A dedicated team solely focused on investment trusts

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Recent awards

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
Henderson All Stocks Credit I Acc3.1616.4427.001,275.562.80Buy
Henderson Asia Pacific Capital Growth I Acc17.9461.6683.60208.850.90Buy
Henderson Asian Dividend Income I Acc12.2549.0666.56157.946.20Buy
Henderson Cautious Managed I Acc5.6718.4338.332,230.423.10Buy
Henderson China Opportunities I Acc25.2994.65149.20863.600.30Buy
Henderson Core 3 Income I Acc4.3316.6126.2812.763.10Buy
Henderson Core 4 Income I Acc5.6120.42-19.733.90Buy
Henderson Core 5 Income I Acc7.4025.3042.8226.924.10Buy
Henderson Core 6 Income & Growth I Acc9.3830.65-7.633.90Buy
Henderson Emerging Markets Opportunities I Acc9.8749.0051.59501.311.40Buy
Henderson European Focus I Acc19.1060.14107.91553.841.40Buy
Henderson European Growth I Acc20.0079.16119.751,301.651.40Buy
Henderson European Smaller Companies I Acc35.50129.35182.15200.340.70Buy
Henderson European Selected Opportunities I Acc17.0856.96100.922,437.541.40Buy
Henderson European Absolute Return IH Acc USD9.5912.88-85.531.10Buy
Henderson European Absolute Return I Acc8.8912.1950.6685.531.10Buy
Henderson Fixed Interest Monthly Income I Acc GBP8.31--875.634.80Buy
Henderson Gartmore United Kingdom Absolute Return I Hedged Acc USD4.1918.3340.574,291.570.13Buy
Henderson Global Equity Income I Acc GBP13.0460.2093.42842.633.30Buy
Henderson Global Financials I Acc GBP16.1749.6095.2863.491.20Buy

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
Henderson All Stocks Credit I Inc3.1816.4826.981,275.562.80Buy
Henderson Asian Dividend Income I Inc12.2249.0966.64157.946.20Buy
Henderson Cautious Managed I Inc6.9419.8739.962,230.423.10Buy
Henderson Core 3 Income I Inc4.3116.5326.4512.763.10Buy
Henderson Core 4 Income I Inc5.6220.43-19.733.90Buy
Henderson Core 5 Income I Inc7.4825.1143.0426.924.10Buy
Henderson Core 6 Income & Growth I Inc9.3430.59-7.633.90Buy
Henderson European Selected Opportunities I Inc17.0356.80100.962,437.541.40Buy
Henderson Fixed Interest Monthly Income I Inc GBP8.3221.7939.36875.634.80Buy
Henderson Global Equity Income I Inc13.1160.2396.91842.633.40Buy
Henderson Global Care Growth I Inc15.8065.65121.68593.130.50Buy
Henderson Global Care UK Income I Inc10.7041.6584.15192.423.70Buy
Henderson Index-Linked Bond I Inc-3.7230.1455.75179.50-Buy
Henderson Inst High Alpha UK Equity Inst Inc11.6138.2873.1545.834.00Buy
Henderson Inst Long Dated Credit I Inc2.3625.0739.21472.833.00Buy
Henderson Inst Overseas Bond I Inc-8.6520.9713.69254.731.00Buy
Henderson Inst UK Gilt I Inc-1.1512.4515.91319.611.00Buy
Henderson Multi-Manager Income & Growth I Inc7.2825.8744.60323.462.00Buy
Henderson Multi-Manager Distribution I Inc6.0422.6641.13100.732.90Buy
Henderson Multi-Manager Diversified I Inc4.0214.3729.0369.482.60Buy

Investment Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)DiscountNAV
Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust PLC Ord 25P16.5226.5630.50-14.45342.62Buy
Henderson Euro Trust28.2976.46144.68-3.871,225.40Buy
Henderson Far East Income Ltd Ord16.7444.3571.002.52376.50Buy
Henderson High Income Trust Ord8.6436.0580.37-0.63194.10Buy
Henderson Opportunities Trust26.6224.91132.94-17.731,245.30Buy
Henderson International Income Trust plc19.8470.5588.17-0.06166.10Buy
Henderson European Focus Trust Ord 50P32.2577.19158.540.421,402.10Buy
Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust Ord34.5679.37161.63-14.93969.80Buy
Henderson Diversified Income Trust Plc Ord 1P8.5325.3853.144.7191.20Buy
Lowland Investment Company Ord16.8932.0776.74-7.031,630.10Buy
TR European Growth Trust PLC62.24182.95315.232.551,233.60Buy
The Bankers Investment Trust Ord27.5573.80116.73-2.28871.90Buy
The City of London Investment Trust 10 1/4% Deb Stk 2020-3.69-5.59---Buy
The City of London Investment Trust 4.2%Cum 1St Prf Stk0.070.200.27--Buy
The City of London Investment Trust Ord11.6937.2069.391.92422.90Buy
The City of London Investment Trust 4.2%Non-Cum 2Nd Prf Stk 14.4714.0224.44--Buy


Interactive Investor does not endorse any particular product. If you are unsure about whether an investment is suitable for you please seek advice from a financial advisor.

Please remember that past performance is not a guide to future performance.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount originally invested.

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