Short & Leveraged ETFs

Introduction to Short & Leveraged ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) aim to track a sector, market or index. In general they trade like shares in that they are bought and sold on recognised investment exchanges; however unlike individual shares they offer wider exposure to a particular asset class or index. Short and Leveraged ETFs use complex financial techniques to increase the potential return of their investment. 

Short ETFs aim to deliver inverse performance to an underlying index through the use of derivatives and short selling techniques. Leveraged ETFs amplify gains and losses relative to the underlying index.

Short and Leveraged ETFs are high-risk investments and are not suitable for all investors. Investors who wish to buy these products will have to complete an appropriateness test to confirm their suitability.

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ETF Securities is one of the world’s leading exchange-traded product (ETP) providers and a pioneer in commodity ETPs. Our work in this asset class is complemented by a range of other investment solutions including currency and thematic equity ETPs.

ETFS 3x Daily Short FTSE 100 (UK3S)

ETFS 3x Daily Long FTSE 100 (UK3L)

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ETFS 3x Daily Long WTI Crude Oil (3CRL)

ETFS 3x Daily Short WTI Crude Oil (3CRS)

Name6 Months (%)1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)CurrencySector
ETFS Short CNY Long USD GBP-7.76-14.323.83-8.12GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short EUR Long GBP1.88-2.48-20.27-8.85GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short EUR Long USD GBP-1.08-7.4014.4521.40GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short GBP Long USD GBP-3.67-6.8532.5219.57GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short INR Long USD GBP-0.13-3.200.82-11.09GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short JPY Long GBP-0.211.41-27.87-15.45GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short JPY Long USD GBP-2.79-3.267.2617.39GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short NOK Long GBP-0.63-1.61-12.496.97GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short NOK Long USD GBP-3.57-6.5724.3140.59GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short NZD Long GBP-1.050.39-19.56-17.13GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short NZD Long USD GBP-3.84-4.4915.4110.69GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short SEK Long GBP4.972.68-12.768.17GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short SEK Long USD GBP1.85-2.6124.7043.49GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Short USD Long GBP0.500.63-22.17-21.88GBXHedge/Stru Prod - CurrencyBuy
ETFS Tin USD7.403.3935.36-0.79USDCommodity & EnergyBuy
ETFS WTI 2mth GBP25.9237.37-8.62-44.69GBXCommodity & EnergyBuy
ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical Gold GBP-2.12-0.85-2.19-15.10GBXCommodity & EnergyBuy
ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Brent Crude29.0751.67-16.87-50.31GBXCommodity & EnergyBuy
ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Longer Dated Agriculture0.07-6.74-16.46-38.17GBXCommodity & EnergyBuy
ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Longer Dated All Commodities4.187.72-12.76-29.46GBXCommodity & EnergyBuy

Risk Warning

The price and value of investments and their income fluctuates: you may get back less than the amount you invested. The tax treatment of investments is subject to tax law and HMRC practice which are subject to change.

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Risk Warning

Short and leveraged ETF's are complex financial instruments that carry significant risks. They are generally designed for day traders and not suitable for investors who plan to hold them for more than one trading session. They are only suitable for experienced short-term investors who fully understand and accept these risks. These types of ETF can exaggerate market movements and can be extremely volatile. There is a risk that you could lose all or some of your money. Before investing in these instruments you should read the individual prospectus carefully.