Venture Capital Trusts

What is a VCT?

Venture capital trusts started life in 1995. They were launched to encourage investment in early stage companies by offering attractive tax breaks to investors. VCTs must be approved by HMRC in order for investors to receive the tax breaks, and there are limits on the size of companies in which VCTs can invest.

When investors subscribe for new shares in a venture capital trust, the tax breaks are extremely attractive. Investors can receive income tax relief of 30 per cent of the amount invested, up to £200,000. All dividends paid out of VCTs are tax-free, and all capital gains are also tax-free. This can make VCTs a viable addition to pension planning, particularly when pension limits for tax relief have been reached.

However, these are early stage investments and as such carry considerably higher risks than investing in more developed, stock market-listed companies. That said, the sector has cleared out in recent years and experienced investment managers now dominate the market.

Are VCTs right for me?

Investors should feel comfortable that they meet the following criteria:

  • High net worth and sophisticated investors who are UK residents.
  • Investors who have a sufficient income tax liability to reclaim income tax relief at 30% of the amount subscribed.
  • Investors who have realised a capital gain that would attract Capital Gains Tax.
  • Investors who will not need access to their capital for at least five years and are comfortable with higher risk investments.

Why us?

  • We charge a market-leading one-off fee of £30 (inc VAT) to process your VCT application
  • Most VCTs offer broker discounts ­- which we will reinvest fully for you in new shares
  • Unlike some other brokers, we credit all the trail income we receive from your VCT investments, as cash in your account

How to Apply

Whether you are a new to Interactive Investors or an existing client the application or transfer in process for VCTs is straightforward.

The VCT Market

With the growth of the VCT market they have become considerably more diverse. There are generally four main types of VCT for sophisticated investors to consider:

  • Generalist VCTs - These VCTs invest in a wide range of companies in different sectors and stages of development.
  • AIM VCTs - As the name suggests they only invest in companies listed, or about to become listed, on the Alternative Investment Market
  • Specialist VCTs - Tend to focus their investment expertise on one particular sector eg. Healthcare
  • Limited Life VCTs - Set out on a 5+ year plan and will wind up the VCT at the end of this period.

Risk Warning

The price and value of investments and their income fluctuates: you may get back less than the amount you invested.The tax treatment of investments is subject to tax law and HMRC practice which are subject to change.

New Issue VCTs

Name Type Min Invest Amount Raising Amount Raised Initial Charge Total Discount* 100% Trail Refund** Prospectus Factsheet
Unicorn Top-upAIM£2k£15m£10.1m5.5%3%0%Apply Factsheet
Amati VCT
AIM £3k £3.5m £2m 2% 1%
0.75% Apply Factsheet
Amati VCT2 AIM £3k £3.5m £2m 2% 1% 0.75% Apply Factsheet
Albion VCTsGeneralist£6k£25.5m£17.3m3%0%0.4%ApplyFactsheet
Foresight VCTGeneralist£3k£20m£13m5.5%2% for new investors, 2.5% for existing investors (ends 19.12.14)0.5%Apply 
ProVen VCTGeneralist £5k £25m £12m 5.5% 3% Initial or 2.25% Initial plus trail0% Apply Factsheet
Pembroke VCTLimited Life£3k£25m£5.1m5%3%0.25%ApplyFactsheet
Puma VCT 11Limited Life£5k£30m£20m3%2% (ends 09.01.15)0.35%ApplyFactsheet
Octopus VCT 1&2AIM£5k£20m£18m3%2% (ends 30.09.14)0.5%ApplyFactsheet
Octopus Titan VCTsGeneralist£5k£50m£31m3%2.5%0.5%ApplyFactsheet
Octopus Apollo VCTGeneralist£5k£20m


2.5%2.5% for existing Octopus investors0.5%ApplyFactsheet
Hargreave HaleAIM£5k£20m£15.2m3.5%1% for existing holders0%Apply 

*Early bird discount. Initial discounts reinvested for extra shares

**All trail commission, if available, is credited to your account as cash. Trail is paid annually up to 5 years after initial investment. Terms vary

The rates above have been checked with the VCT providers but are subject to change

Existing VCTs

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)NAVDiscountNDYSector
Maven Income and Growth VCT 1 Plc Ord 10P7.0446.84109.7367.47-6.639.37VCT GeneralistBuy
Maven Income and Growth VCT 2 Plc Ord 10P20.8037.0296.7460.76-11.127.13VCT GeneralistBuy
Maven Income and Growth VCT 3 Plc Ord 10P8.7230.49105.0785.40-10.426.86VCT GeneralistBuy
Maven Income and Growth VCT 4 Plc 10p Ord4.71-5.2673.9996.78-11.655.56VCT GeneralistBuy
Maven Income and Growth VCT 5 PLC Ord 10P35.70142.9998.0040.90-13.207.04VCT GeneralistBuy
Maven Income and Growth VCT 6 Plc Ord 50p6.2886.35129.3557.27-24.041.38VCT GeneralistBuy
Octopus Titan VCT13.9585.1582.9297.94-5.685.41VCT GeneralistBuy
Unicorn AIM VCT plc Ord 1P5.62101.11117.72137.57-10.594.88VCT AIM QuotedBuy
Albion Development VCT PLC D Ord 50 P10.7325.3025.95107.00-6.545.00VCT GeneralistBuy
Albion Development VCT PLC6.5039.1655.6270.75-2.477.25VCT GeneralistBuy
Albion Enterprise VCT PLC3.3240.3644.4294.77-7.145.68VCT GeneralistBuy
Albion VCT PLC5.6520.1436.7169.14-4.547.58VCT GeneralistBuy
Albion Technology & General VCT1.8630.6057.4181.58-6.236.54VCT GeneralistBuy
Amati VCT 2 PLC Ord 5P-11.3312.8460.88106.51-3.306.55VCT AIM QuotedBuy
Amati VCT Plc-6.927.0326.8670.07-2.957.35VCT AIM QuotedBuy
Artemis VCT PLC-3.5158.9774.4972.78-12.063.13VCT AIM QuotedBuy
Baronsmead VCT 23.1746.4588.3497.96-3.794.77VCT GeneralistBuy
Baronsmead VCT 32.1042.2075.45102.57-5.439.28VCT GeneralistBuy
Baronsmead VCT 42.7634.1257.7595.50-5.233.31VCT GeneralistBuy
Baronsmead VCT 56.0764.3060.1078.96-5.655.37VCT GeneralistBuy
Baronsmead VCT plc3.8144.9985.9975.46-3.594.81VCT GeneralistBuy
British Smaller Companies VCT 2 PLC Ord 10P4.0425.9047.8563.63-11.998.04VCT GeneralistBuy
British Smaller Companies VCT7.4732.8682.4799.16-12.269.20VCT GeneralistBuy
Chrysalis VCT PLC65.40101.4698.2881.76-14.999.71VCT GeneralistBuy
Core VCT IV119.0529.58-0.9257.43-19.90-VCT GeneralistBuy
Core VCT V88.89-5.56-11.6260.57-29.83-VCT GeneralistBuy
Core VCT plc142.2262.6879.1082.38-33.84-VCT GeneralistBuy
Core VCT plc B157.1444.00517.140.01179,846.34-VCT GeneralistBuy

Featured VCT Manager

  • Maven Capital Partners is a leading Private Equity, VCT and Alternative Asset Manager, providing growth capital to UK SMEs and tax-efficient investment opportunities for investors. Maven is one of the most active private equity fund managers in the country, managing around £340m of assets for a variety of client funds, including six Venture Capital Trusts, the Scottish Loan Fund, Capital for Enterprise Fund A, the Greater Manchester Loan Fund and a number of family offices and high net worth individuals.

  • Unicorn Asset Management Limited is an independently owned and managed investment management company. Founded in 2000, Unicorn offers both open and closed ended investment funds, including an AIM Venture Capital Trust, designed to satisfy a variety of investor requirements.

    Building value over time for our shareholders and clients depends on one factor, and one factor alone – performance: investment performance and business performance.

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Risk Warning

Any investments in VCTs should be viewed as a high risk and long-term commitment. (i.e. five years for VCT schemes, but plan for a longer time-frame). Due to the nature of the underlying assets these schemes are highly illiquid. Investors must be aware they may have difficulty or be unable to realise their shares at levels close to that which reflect the value of the underlying assets. The risk reward ratio of investing in smaller companies is inflated as the risk of failure is higher. Tax incentives available to investors exist in order to attract investment into an asset class that warrants high risk categorisation, but are subject to tax law and HMRC practice, both of which can change. These are complex products and are only suitable for sophisticated investors. Please ensure you understand the risks involved. If you are unsure about the suitability of any investment please seek financial advice.

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Interactive Investor does not endorse any particular product. If you are unsure about whether an investment is suitable for you please seek advice from a financial advisor.