Ready-made options

Ready-made fund selections

See our selection of hand-picked diversified fund selections across different investing themes. You’ll pay one £10 per investment transaction (or use £10 of your quarterly credit). We’ll also rebate 100% of income and commission we receive on your funds.

Each ready-made selection holds four separate funds, all of which beat their benchmark over three and five years.

Although we have put together fund packages that may suit your needs, the decision to invest in these packages is yours alone.  If you are in any doubt whether these investments are suitable you should consult your financial adviser.

Ready-made portfolios

Created by Money Observer editor Andrew Pitts and his team, our model portfolio range consists of 12 portfolios catering for medium and higher risk profiles, income or growth aims and different time horizons. Your investment amount will be evenly split amongst the underlying assets.

Winter model portfolios

To create our consistent and aggressive winter portfolios we screened the FTSE 350 for those stocks with the best record of returns in this period. From this pool of shares we selected the five that reflected the aim of the portfolio.