Global Equity Income

Introduction to Global Equity Income

Equity income strategies focus on those companies that pay a dividend to shareholders rather than reinvesting all profits in the company. Companies that pay a dividend tend to be more established and stable companies and therefore an equity income strategy will often prove more defensive in falling markets, though may lag a rapidly rising market. Find out more about Global Equity Income

The tax treatment of investments is subject to tax law and HMRC practice which are subject to change. The value of investments may be affected by exchange rate movements where the underlying investments are not denominated in Pounds Sterling.

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
Aberdeen World Equity Income I Inc29.3717.8443.3390.133.70Buy
Aptus Global Financials B Inc GBP36.4045.02-227.394.90Buy
Artemis Global Income I Inc30.8047.08130.103,526.763.00Buy
Aviva Inv Global Equity Income 2 Inc25.7850.1388.39128.842.85Buy
Baillie Gifford Global Income Growth B Inc31.1549.5092.53392.172.58Buy
BlackRock Global Income D Inc29.9049.0897.39157.732.62Buy
CF Canlife Global Equity Income C Inc GBP29.0740.39-30.903.22Buy
CF Miton Global Infrastructure Income B Inc GBP---10.43-Buy
CF Miton Global Infrastructure Income F Inc GBP---10.43-Buy
Fidelity Global Enhanced Income W Inc25.2751.81-213.024.66Buy
Fidelity Global Enhanced Income W Monthly Inc24.8851.39-213.024.55Buy
Fidelity Global Dividend W Monthly Inc24.5752.44115.09831.002.87Buy
Fidelity Global Dividend W Inc26.2254.41117.82831.002.93Buy
Fidelity Global Dividend Y GBP25.9453.32115.82831.002.93Buy
Henderson Global Equity Income I Inc28.4345.61-824.243.30Buy
Invesco Perpetual Global Equity Income Z Inc28.5340.50102.86813.453.18Buy
JPM Global Equity Income C Inc27.8947.2094.3964.153.17Buy
JPM Global Equity Income C Hedged Inc GBP14.0723.1473.7964.153.21Buy
Jupiter Global Equity Income I Inc29.0643.50-63.152.60Buy
Lazard Global Equity Income A Inc29.9621.3365.30156.673.90Buy

Investment Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)DiscountNAV
Scottish American Investment Company PLC31.6355.96101.745.80328.45Buy
Blue Planet Investment Trust PLC ORD 1P41.4440.67161.50-19.8658.65Buy
F&C Managed Portfolio Trust Income30.3330.6286.282.61134.98Buy
Henderson International Income Trust plc C Shs 10p-----Buy
Henderson International Income Trust plc35.0856.07102.812.26152.80Buy
Henderson Diversified Income Trust Plc Ord 1P9.3817.6558.393.0389.90Buy
Invesco Perpetual Enhanced Income Limited21.0028.25115.425.0976.60Buy
Invesco Perpetual Select Global Equity plc29.5647.46120.82-0.74195.45Buy
JP Morgan Global Growth & Income plc51.5666.15132.83-2.02300.58Buy
Murray International Trust PLC Ord 25p36.1133.7367.944.651,181.98Buy
Securities Trust Of Scotland31.9026.9872.08-6.43177.41Buy


Name6 Months (%)1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)CurrencySector
LYXOR SG Global Quality Income NTR UCITS ETF D GBP7.7424.2533.65-GBXEquity - InternationalBuy


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