UK Mixed Asset

Introduction to UK Mixed Asset 

A portfolio that holds a number of different asset classes should provide investors with a smoother, more predictable return over time. Managers of UK mixed asset portfolios will hold a blend of sterling-based equities, bonds, property, cash and alternatives, aiming to tilt the portfolio to those assets they believe are most likely to do well. However, they will always keep a balance in the portfolio to ensure diversification.

Once the asset allocation decision has been made, investment managers implement their views either by investing directly in the stock, bond or property markets, or by investing in other funds. Some managers only invest in their own in-house funds, others will use external funds and exchange traded products.

Mixed asset funds should provide a consistent year in, year out return, with few surprises. Investors would not expect to experience the volatility of, say, the stock market when investing in this type of fund. Mixed asset managers argue that delivering a return consistently, rather than shooting the lights out one year and then sliding the next, is important for compound growth over the long-term. Investors will often use mixed asset funds for one-stop-shop exposure to a broad range of asset classes.

The tax treatment of investments is subject to tax law and HMRC practice which are subject to change.

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
AXA Defensive Distribution Z Gr Acc3.3316.8730.45314.181.30Buy
AXA Defensive Distribution Z Acc3.1515.9528.02314.181.16Buy
AXA Distribution Z Acc5.5616.2336.52851.152.48Buy
AXA Ethical Distribution Z Acc8.6924.7150.09218.501.99Buy
AXA Framlington Managed Income Z Gross Acc8.4521.9657.02409.044.77Buy
AXA Framlington Managed Income Z Acc8.1618.9449.52409.044.30Buy
CF Canlife Managed 0%-35% C Acc GBP---29.60-Buy
CF Canlife UK Equity and Bond Income C Acc GBP6.1524.0053.1984.024.02Buy
Consistent Unit Trust Acc-1.026.1029.1412.544.27Buy
Elite Balanced B GBP9.7623.0146.4324.650.32Buy
Elite Balanced C Acc GBP9.2121.1941.4424.65-Buy
Elite Income B Acc GBP6.8717.4522.0336.072.01Buy
Elite Income C Acc GBP6.3315.7121.9636.072.01Buy
F&C UK Equity Linked Gilt 2 Acc6.0042.8082.01175.341.10Buy
F&C UK Equity Linked Gilt 3 Acc6.0442.9782.34175.341.10Buy
FP Matterley Regular High Income C Acc3.2511.5224.1168.274.31Buy
Fidelity Moneybuilder Balanced Y Acc1.0917.6743.72624.193.21Buy
HSBC Monthly Income C Acc5.3716.2142.39164.454.63Buy
Jupiter Distribution I Acc4.0919.1437.051,008.762.60Buy
Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio I Acc6.3516.2633.323,042.292.90Buy

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
AXA Defensive Distribution Z Gr Inc3.2816.8430.44314.181.31Buy
AXA Defensive Distribution Z Inc3.1615.9227.97314.181.16Buy
AXA Distribution Z Inc5.5816.2036.42851.152.51Buy
AXA Ethical Distribution Z Inc8.7924.6650.13218.502.02Buy
AXA Framlington Managed Income Z Gross Inc8.4521.9957.12409.045.44Buy
AXA Framlington Managed Income Z Inc8.1818.9849.65409.044.46Buy
CF Canlife Managed 0%-35% C Inc GBP---29.60-Buy
CF Canlife UK Equity and Bond Income C Inc GBP6.0623.9154.2084.024.16Buy
Consistent Unit Trust Inc-0.956.1629.2412.544.27Buy
Elite Income B Inc GBP6.9617.6532.8336.072.03Buy
Elite Income C Inc GBP6.4215.5326.8736.072.05Buy
F&C High Income C Inc4.664.627.7476.834.90Buy
F&C UK Equity Linked Gilt 2 Inc5.9842.4980.99175.341.10Buy
FP Matterley Regular High Income C Inc3.2511.6025.7268.274.37Buy
Fidelity Moneybuilder Balanced Y Inc1.0717.6543.70624.193.91Buy
HSBC Monthly Income C Inc5.3716.2742.49164.454.55Buy
Jupiter Distribution and Growth I Inc8.3823.0555.20494.253.70Buy
Jupiter Distribution I Inc4.0719.1737.081,008.762.60Buy
Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio I Inc6.3516.2633.343,042.292.90Buy
Jupiter Monthly Income I Inc13.0231.6172.04163.024.70Buy

Investment Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)DiscountNAV
Aberdeen Smaller Companies Income Trust PLC Ord 50p34.2551.11134.33-17.30314.99Buy
Acorn Income Ld Ord30.9353.31165.63-5.57469.12Buy
Acorn Income Ld RED ZDP 1P6.9614.5129.493.34141.28Buy
CQS New City High Yield Fund Limited Ord NPV15.2915.4139.365.3058.64Buy
City Merchants High Yield Trust Limited11.7925.8559.851.55195.34Buy
Henderson High Income Trust Ord8.2625.6580.432.15188.70Buy
JP Morgan Elect Managed Income11.5721.6363.707.46101.90Buy


Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)NAVDiscountNDYSector
Puma Vct 10 PLC Ord GBP0.0005-0.45-2.51-85.30-2.707.23VCT GeneralistBuy


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