Money Observer Model Portfolios

An exciting way to invest - just £10 per portfolio

multi fund portfolioCreated by Money Observer editor Andrew Pitts and his team, our model portfolio range consists of 12 portfolios catering for medium and higher risk profiles, income or growth aims and different time horizons.

Your investment amount will be evenly split amongst the underlying assets.

Each portfolio has its own 'fund fact sheet', which is accessed via the Model Portfolio Directory, below.

Since inception on 1 January 2012 these model portfolios have achieved the following performance:

The Income Portfolios Medium risk ID Higher risk ID
Immediate Income 40.7% Golf 45.6% Juliet
Balanced Income 40.2% Hotel 53.3% Kilo
Growing Income 51.0% India 61.9% Lima
The Growth Portfolios Medium risk ID Higher risk ID
Short Term Growth 5-9 years 20.4% Alpha 32.5% Delta
Medium Term Growth 10-14 years 31.6% Bravo 31.8% Echo
Longer Term Growth 15 years+ 38.0% Charlie 44.4% Foxtrot

Period from 1 January 2012-1 October 2014, bid-to-bid, net income reinvested. Source: FE Analytics.

Wealth Management Association benchmark performance for this period:

FTSE WMA Stock Market Income Index: +23.7%

FTSE WMA Stock Market Growth Index: +33.5%


These portfolios are available at just £10 per portfolio, saving you up to £60 on dealing fees (quarterly account fees apply). 

To see all 12 portfolios in the same place, scroll through the Model Portfolio Directory that contains brief descriptions of each.

After your investment

The portfolio constituents will be reviewed regularly by Money Observer. Any new selections and analysis will be distributed to you as an investor in one of our model portfolios. At that point you will have the option to act on the recommendations.

Important information

A full overview of the portfolios and constituents was published in Money Observer's annual review.

These products are ‘Execution Only’. We will present information to you so that you can make an informed decision – but the decision is yours as to which investment you decide to invest in.

As some of these portfolios contain Investment Trusts and Funds please be aware that due to different settlement times you may not see all investments within the Model Portfolio confirmed within your portfolio at the same time. Investment Trusts settle within 15 minutes whilst the market is open and Funds settle within 2 business days depending on the time of day purchased.