Grafton Group 5.5% 2020 Retail Bond Offer


Interactive Investor is pleased to announce our participation in the latest bond offer from Grafton Group plc.

Grafton Group plc has launched a retail bond paying interest of 5.5% and due for expiry on the 15 July 2020.

This offer is open until 8 July 2013.  You should be aware that if demand is high, the Issuer may close the offer before this date so please make sure you apply ahead of the closing date.

The company:

Grafton Group plc is predominantly a UK and Ireland-based building materials group with 591 branches and a turnover of over €2 billion. With new operations in Belgium and Poland, further geographical expansion is planned as part of Grafton's strategy.

The Group has developed strong regional and national market positions in builder’s merchanting, DIY retailing and mortar manufacturing in Ireland and the UK. The Group's portfolio of businesses incorporates a number of market leading brands in each business activity.

The Retailing segment incorporates the market leader in DIY retailing in Ireland by turnover, trading nationally from 38 stores under the Woodie's DIY brand and a kitchens business that trades from 7 stores under the In-House and Panelling Centre brands.

Find ou further information on fundamentals and historic performance or visit Grafton Group plc site for further information.

Key documents

The Offer information below should be read in conjunction with the attached Information:

Grafton Group plc Information Booklet

Grafton Group plc Prospectus

Offer Features

Grafton Group Finance plc
FormatUnsecured, pari passu to all existing debt
Target size
Coupon5.5%pa, paid semi-annually
Settlement15 July 2013
Maturity15 July 2020 (7 years)
Listing/denomLondon / minimum subscription £2,000, tradable at face value of £1,000 plus increments of £100 thereafter
LeadInvestec Bank plc
Books open
24 June 2013, expected close 8th July 2013 (but may close earlier)

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Product Risks:

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The market value of the bonds is subject to normal investment and market risks.  If you choose to sell your Bonds in the open market at any time prior to the Maturity Date, you may receive a lower price than what you paid for your initial investment. If you have any concerns about the suitability of this investment then you should contact a financial adviser.

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Grafton Group Finance plc