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Victrex joins the Share Sleuth portfolio

It’s been a long courtship, but I’ve added 150 Victrex shares to the Share Sleuth portfolio this morning, at a price, quoted by a broker, of 1,487.56p. The spread was 1487p to 1489p.

RWS: Perfect numbers belie challenges ahead

Judging by the numbers in patent translator RWS’s annual report, the firm is the perfect business. Developments, though, are slightly worrying.

Dewhurst: Fundamentals of stability

Ten years of results from the supplier of electronic components for lifts and keypads show how its wrought stability from unstable markets

Treatt: Two charts tell of transformation

Changes in the flavour company’s business model are beginning to change the its results for the better.

Victrex: A case study in growth

Ten years of results show how a highly profitable manufacturer can reinvest to increase capacity and grow.

ITE: The quest to be #1 in emerging markets

ITE aims to be number one in emerging markets just as emerging markets have gone out of fashion. It could be a contrarian’s dream.

When algorithms go awry

Mechanical investing promises the returns without the effort, but is anybody achieving it in practice?

Victrex's eight times ambition

An Olympian company sets itself a Herculean task, to bring its product to a market eight times bigger than its current one.

Games Workshop: In denial

There’s bad news about revenue and profitability in Games Workshop’s half-year report and no adequate explanation. Maybe the company’s in denial.

Goodwin: Short-term pain, long-term gain

In December, Goodwin reported revenue down 16% and profit down 55%. As the fog of war is clearing, we can begin to assess the damage.

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