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Investment checklist: Xaar

Digital printhead designer and manufacturer Xaar has gone from being a jam today stock to a jam tomorrow stock in six months.

Xaar - Aaaargh!

The staged collapse in Xaar’s share price seems to have thrown up a glaring value opportunity. The company’s volatile business model makes it difficult to love though.

Share Sleuth Digest: News you can use

It’s an article of faith among long-term value investors that news is noise best ignored. But even for those with the longest time horizons, there’s news you can use.

Investment checklist: Goodwin

Goodwin’s full-year results, reported in July, revealed another year of strong and profitable growth. It’s almost the perfect long-term investment.

Air Partner: Flying into turbulence

Air charter broker Air Partner issued a profit warning last month, precipitating a crisis of confidence among traders holding the shares. Long-term investors need not be so concerned.

Investment checklist: NWF

Distributor NWF’s full-year results reported earlier this month describe business as usual for this relatively stable company.

Share Sleuth Digest: Comparing new ideas with old holdings

This week: A chance to reflect brings a change in methodology; Analysis of BrainJuicer, Games Workshop and Northgate; What’s wrong with the news?

Investment checklist: BrainJuicer

It may be slightly on the pricey side but quirky, innovative, market research firm BrainJuicer ticks all the other boxes.

Share Sleuth's investment checklist

To take an independent view of a company's results investors must challenge the headlines. Half the battle is knowing the right questions to ask.

Looking more juicy: Brainjuicer

Brainjuicer’s declining share price is bringing this innovative and quirky market research company nearer value territory.

Mechanical investing: Taking the plunge

Investing real money in computer generated share trades for the first time feels like a leap of faith, so how do you gain the confidence to do it?

Games Workshop: Is the rest of the world crazy?

Two things are concerning about the rhetoric in Games Workshop's annual report for the year ending June 2014. Tom Kirby, the longstanding guardian of the fantasy wargaming hobby is as florid and zealous as usual, but he also comes across a little unhinged.

Northgate: All about the financing

Van hire company Northgate is recovering, but is it dependable?

Share Sleuth Digest: Whither small caps?

This week: Technicians and fundamentalists turn on small-caps, an orderly liquidation and the art of thinking clearly.

Colefax papers over economic cracks

An improvement in trading at fabric and wallpaper designer Colefax is welcome, but it also requires interpretation.

Share Sleuth's digest: Anatomy of a failed investment

This week: It’s easy to blame companies when an investment goes wrong but unless there’s been a fraud, the analyst’s to blame. Also: Animalcare in value territory.

Grafenia exits Share Sleuth portfolio

I’ve just removed 7,140 shares in Grafenia from the Share Sleuth portfolio. The actual deal price quoted by a broker was 19.3p a share, which after a £10 deduction in lieu of the broker's fee, returned £1,368.

Grafenia and the mother of all risks

If printer Grafenia’s new software and franchise services bear fruit, the unloved shares are extraordinarily cheap. But if faces the mother of all risks...

Cohort’s canny acquisition

Cohort’s partial acquisition of Marlborough Communications last week complicates the accounting, but probably makes the company a more attractive investment.

Share Sleuth Digest: Harnessing the investing power of social media

This week: distracted by hype, grappling with Twitter, and Immunodiagnostics’ business model demystified. Plus: scientists detect bubble warning system in traders’ brains.