Share Sleuth

Oil: It’s what you don’t know you don’t know that gets you

Low oil prices continue to take some surprising casualties.

Ferreting out the fat cats

In good years, bonuses allow executives to multiply their salaries. This company multiplies the multiple. Kerching!

Latchways: Hiring, not firing

Reflecting the wider debate about austerity or growth, Latchways is choosing to grow. Mind you, it wasn’t mired in debt to start with.

Dart: Bums on seats

Dart’s airline Jet2 is adept at filling planes. The financial complexities of the airline business are daunting though.

Solid State: Step-change

Fast growing Solid State’s valuation looks stretched to say the least. That’s because traders think they can see what’s coming.

Sprue Aegis: Be prepared for the backwash

Sprue Aegis tripled profit in the first-half of the year. Be prepared for the backwash.

Sepura: Putting walkie-talkie company on hold

Walkie talkie designer and supplier Sepura is going all out for growth. The imponderables are mounting up almost as quickly as expectations.

James Latham: Dull but worthy

The timber and panel importer may have penned one of the dullest preliminary results statements ever. That’s not a bad thing.

Embracing uncertainty

An incontrovertible truth about the future is that it is uncertain. Those of us who invest for the long-term must deal with that.

Cohort: The year everything went right

Cohort is a collection of small, semi-autonomous defence companies thriving in a moribund market by being quicker at giving the customer what it wants.

Avoiding biases the easy way

Avoiding all the psychological biases bandied around in academia and the media might drive an investor insane. Help is at hand, from an unlikely source.

An investment decision engine

The Share Sleuth spreadsheet gets a major upgrade. It’s now a decision engine anyone can use.

Inside Xaar

A visit to Xaar’s recently expanded manufacturing facility in Huntingdon provides a glimpse of the future

Universe: Polishing up the jewel

Mysteriously, Universe’s profitability is declining now it’s focused on its most profitable business.

Investing in stability

Active fund managers are finally mounting a challenge to passive fund management, which could bring more stability to markets, and more prosperity to all of us.

Money, Blood and Revolution

Money, Blood and Revolution is a thrilling book about economics and scientific progress. It may also be right.

Latchways: Deep dive reveals signs of treasure

A deep dive into safety equipment designer and manufacturer Latchways’ last ten years shows that if the past is a guide to the future, the shares may be undervalued.

MS International: Bargain business, inscrutable investment

If you just look at the business, MS international is a bargain. There's a little bit more to the investment decision than that though.

Latchways: Traders and management anticipate recovery

Management and traders agree recovery is on the cards, but the last two years have shown working in fall protection does not necessarily prevent a fall in profit.

Impressive Trifast back in form

Trifast’s results marked a return to the performance levels it achieved a decade ago. The question is, will they stay there?