Share Sleuth

Unilever: The contrarian's nightmare

Saying something negative about Unilever feels like beating up Mother Teresa. There’s got to be some dirt though.

SThree: People profit may be a chimera

Recruiter SThree’s people are both the biggest strength and the principal weakness in the case for investing in the company.

Porvair: Filtration business is profitable and robust

Another year of results from the designer and manufacturer of filters provides more evidence it is putting aside its unreliable past and strengthening its niche.

Topps Tiles: Revenue up, profit up, dividend up

With all the numbers moving in the right direction and recovery turning into growth, what’s not to like about the UK’s leading tile store?

Victrex joins the Share Sleuth portfolio

It’s been a long courtship, but I’ve added 150 Victrex shares to the Share Sleuth portfolio this morning, at a price, quoted by a broker, of 1,487.56p. The spread was 1487p to 1489p.

RWS: Perfect numbers belie challenges ahead

Judging by the numbers in patent translator RWS’s annual report, the firm is the perfect business. Developments, though, are slightly worrying.

Dewhurst: Fundamentals of stability

Ten years of results from the supplier of electronic components for lifts and keypads show how its wrought stability from unstable markets

Treatt: Two charts tell of transformation

Changes in the flavour company’s business model are beginning to change the its results for the better.

Victrex: A case study in growth

Ten years of results show how a highly profitable manufacturer can reinvest to increase capacity and grow.

ITE: The quest to be #1 in emerging markets

ITE aims to be number one in emerging markets just as emerging markets have gone out of fashion. It could be a contrarian’s dream.

When algorithms go awry

Mechanical investing promises the returns without the effort, but is anybody achieving it in practice?

Victrex's eight times ambition

An Olympian company sets itself a Herculean task, to bring its product to a market eight times bigger than its current one.

Games Workshop: In denial

There’s bad news about revenue and profitability in Games Workshop’s half-year report and no adequate explanation. Maybe the company’s in denial.

Goodwin: Short-term pain, long-term gain

In December, Goodwin reported revenue down 16% and profit down 55%. As the fog of war is clearing, we can begin to assess the damage.

Productivity for private investors

It’s obvious really, but once you’ve nailed down the investing basics, productivity determines investing success.

Advantage Tristel

Chief executive Paul Swinney assuages concerns that history might repeat itself at Tristel.

Four steps to a better AGM

Annual General Meetings get a bad rap. Depicted as stuffy formalities they are, actually, your best opportunity to learn about a business.

Victrex: Let the headwinds blow

Headwinds are unlikely to blow apart the investment case for this highly profitable company.

Tristel: Would you buy now?

Deciding whether to sell shares is difficult. One way is to turn the question on its head and ask: Would you buy now?

Tristel AGM: Breakthrough products and untapped markets

A trip to Newmarket yesterday reveals breakthrough products, untapped markets, plenty of answers and even more questions about how much it’s all worth.