Share Sleuth

ITE: Maximum stress

The robust businesses of ITE, a trade show organiser operating predominantly in Russia and neighbouring states, are being tested, almost to the max.

Sage: Maturing gracefully

Investors are paying quite a high price for current earnings, perhaps because they see many years of steady but unspectacular growth ahead.

Victrex: A PEEK into the future

Thermoplastic manufacturer Victrex has maintained its competitive advantage by innovation. As it evolves its strategy to develop more modern materials for dentures and sub-sea pipes, the story goes on…

Fenner: Too many moving parts

The usual yardsticks indicate shares in Fenner are good value, and the company is adapting to severe economic challenges. Forming a view on future profitability is daunting.

ECO turns on the sales

When ECO Animal Health published half-year results in December, traders may have been impressed by double digit increases in revenue, profit, and cash flow. Long-term investors may be celebrating too.

Brainjuicer joins Share Sleuth portfolio

While the portfolio will be paying top whack, and Friday’s trading update was mildly disappointing, it’s time to add a small stake in a company with long-term potential.

The slide to certainty

Psychologist Daniel Kahneman says sustaining doubt is harder work than sliding into certainty. That's why people (and investors) are so credulous.

AGM: Fenner flexes

At Fenner's AGM, the company explained it had gone into survival mode, cutting costs and capital expenditure to see it through a period of low commodity prices that affects the majority of its business.

Domino's full-colour future

Domino Printing Sciences is a leading manufacturer of printers for coding and marking products and packaging. Investment to break into the nascent digital label printing market, may be holding it back, temporarily.

The source of Fenner’s advantage

Conveyor belt and component manufacturer Fenner is a niche operator and a trader of businesses. There may be precedents for high profitability, but the company’s history warrants caution.

Ask me another

How profitable an investment is likely to be, is a difficult question to answer seriously. That is why we seldom try to answer it.

Fenner stress test

As indicated by the 60% decline in its share price since the beginning of 2014, Fenner’s strategy is being tested. Will a decade of growth and diversification enable it to withstand the worst-case scenario?

New Year will be full of resolutions

AGM resolutions, that is. This year, Share Sleuth resolves to attend Annual General Meetings.

EDP: Two steps sideways, one step backwards

Software company EDP is struggling to raise revenue in a competitive market. It’s profitable, though, and the shares may be cheap if it can stop shipping customers.

Treatt’s strategy contains the ingredients for success

Treatt broke something of a curse in its full-year results published last week. Not only did it increase profit, it increased revenue, which had been flat for three years.

Tristel’s purple patch

Disinfection manufacturer Tristel has experienced an eventful period in which it was driven out of one market but triumphed with a new product range in new markets.

Titon: Clear profit

After a decade of marginal results, tiny Titon has finally produced a definitive one, and it’s a profit!

Investing in illiquid shares

A wide spread and a small Exchange Market Size, doesn’t preclude long-term investment. A small free-float might.

MS International tests resolve

Disappointing half-year results may raise more fundamental questions about the manufacturer with an ailing defence division. It’s a question of trust.

ITE is down but far from out

Judging by the share price, you’d assume exhibition organiser ITE was in crisis. In fact it’s just reported a record (adjusted) profit. The company is weathering a geopolitical storm, but it’s faced challenges like this before.