Share Sleuth

Quartix: Love at first sight

Quartix, a manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices, is a lovely company.

Howden Joinery: As simple as rolling out new depots

Kitchen supplier Howden Joinery tries to do one thing very well. It’s succeeding.

Science: Mixed results mask value

Research and development consultancy Science experienced growing pains in 2015. They should pass.

InterContinental Hotels: Asset light and cash heavy

The owner of InterContinental, Holiday Inn, and other famous hotel brands is in good shape, having sold its hotels.

Tristel: Caught in the expectations trap

Tristel’s share price has dived because it’s not doing as well as managers led credulous investors to believe it would. That isn’t to say it’s doing badly.

Ten years of Wynnstay

Steadyish growth in profit has earned Wynnstay a reliable reputation. A closer look at the numbers reinforces it.

XP Power: Transformed

XP Power’s results confirm the businesses’ decade long transformation. On 15 times adjusted profit it may be good value.

ARM: Tech titan on sale

ARM is empowering widespread technological change yet, the shares are cheaper than they have been for some time.

Trading our way to FTSE 45,000

Kerry Balenthiran, an expert in market cycles, is trading his way to 2018, when he predicts the start of a 17.6 year golden age for buy and hold investors.

The next bear market low is on 22 May

Three years ago Kerry Balenthiran predicted the end of the commodities bull market in 2015 and the “final crisis” of a 17.6 year bear market for shares. His predictions are getting more precise…

Wynnstay: Sell-off achieves fair value

Wynnstay’s share price has lost a lot of the froth that stopped it being an attractive investment

Rolls-Royce: Halved dividend is price of profitability in future

Rolls-Royce is doing what needs to be done to weather storms in its marine division and finance the next generation of aero engines.

Victrex AGM: The cost of domination

Even for a proven market leader the future is far from certain, but Victrex is building on what has made it successful.

ITE AGM: If not now, then when?

The problem for investors timing ITE’s recovery is that by the time it’s recovering, it may be too late to profit.

Even God couldn't escape market panics

A long-term investor with perfect foresight, let’s call her God, wouldn’t be able to avoid the pain of stockmarket crashes.

Dewhurst: AGM surprise is a warning

The best place you can be when a company issues a profit warning, is at the AGM.

Unilever: The contrarian's nightmare

Saying something negative about Unilever feels like beating up Mother Teresa. There’s got to be some dirt though.

SThree: People profit may be a chimera

Recruiter SThree’s people are both the biggest strength and the principal weakness in the case for investing in the company.

Porvair: Filtration business is profitable and robust

Another year of results from the designer and manufacturer of filters provides more evidence it is putting aside its unreliable past and strengthening its niche.

Topps Tiles: Revenue up, profit up, dividend up

With all the numbers moving in the right direction and recovery turning into growth, what’s not to like about the UK’s leading tile store?