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Trends and Targets for 7/02/2018

Versarien (LSE:VRS) & some FTSE thoughts. Obviously, we're in a bit of a tizzy with FTSE movements but thankfully there are early indications today - Wed - promises some recovery. Whether it's genuine or not remains to be seen but even above 7302 points will give some hope.

Trends and Targets for 6/02/2018

IQE (LSE:IQE) & some DOW thoughts The media will be awash with scare stories of the DOW JONES suffering its biggest drop ever, all designed to grab headlines and frankly misinform. Aug 24th, 2015 was considerably worse, -6.67% while 16,000 points, but as the DOW is now 24,000+, mislaying 1600 points in a single session was frankly careless.

Trends and Targets for 5/02/2018


Trends and Targets for 5/02/2018

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FTSE THIS WEEK. (FTSE:UKX) Something quite off colour happened on Friday evening with FTSE Futures. We'd been bathing in a smug afterglow (due to our prediction on the FTSE proving pretty concise) when a loud flushing noise on the Futures market at 6:30pm scared us silly.

Trends and Targets for 2/02/2018

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) As feared, our 100% success rate fell apart last Friday when the expected FTSE scenario didn't even happen. At least this should not have caused any friendly fire incidents but it does worry us, due to potentials being shown from Friday 2nd!

Trends and Targets for 1/02/2018

SAVILLS & EURO/USD (LSE:SVS) There's something a bit funny going on with EURUSD as it appears pretty certain for this pairing to strength to 1.274 with anything above 1.254. Secondary, if bettered, calculates at 1.288 where some reversal becomes almost certain. Nothing to do with Savills, just something we noticed.

Trends and Targets for 31/01/2018

SAGA (LSE:SAGA) It used to be the case, when you turned 50, SAGA bombarded you with mail. Nowadays - in Scotland anyway - when you turn 50 you are sent a Bowel Cancer test kit. Eventually, Mrs T&T became the victim of a practical joke £100 fine c/o the Scottish NHS due to her tardiness in returning the sample.

Trends and Targets for 30/01/2018

MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS (LSE:MERL) Our last report on Merlin (link here) gave a pretty cynical, almost nasty, opinion on how the market has seen fit to manage this share price. Unfortunately, it appears we were correct with our overdose of cynical.

Trends and Targets for 29/01/2018

FTSE THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) Now Davos is complete, aside from the unseemly spectacle of politicians still digging around in the snow to find expense receipts, the FTSE has a fairly key level to exceed in the coming week. Alas, it also has another key level to avoid, one capable of trashing February.

Trends and Targets for 26/01/2018

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) Our 100% success rate over FTSE for FRIDAY movements managed to remain intact last week but we're losing confidence due to the markets frequent inability to match secondary targets. This, often, can be a sign of coming trend changes.

Trends and Targets for 25/01/2018

BRAVEHEART INVESTMENT GROUP (LSE:BRH) As befitting Haggis Day in Scotland when we're all forced to recite poetry by a historical figure, thoughts of Mel Gibson immediately spring to mind and his outstanding performance as the countries national hero... In Braveheart!

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