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Trends and Targets for 16/05/2017

MYSQUAR (LSE:MYSQ) Zombie movies ARE NOT Sci-Fi. Who-ever confuses listings by including Zombie rubbish should be taken outside to be eaten by Scottish Midges. Equally, people who use MYSQL ARE NOT programmers any more than spreadsheet users are software gods. Two pet hates, one generated by searching Google for info on this share code, the other from trying to find a good Sci-Fi book. Google really wants to pollute its response with MYSQL information rather than MySquar Limited PLC results.

Trends and Targets for 15/05/2017

FTSE FOR THIS COMING WEEK (FTSE:UKX)  As the UK General Election draws ever closer, the FTSE continues to exhibit surprising degrees of optimism. If it were a share, we'd assume it to be in the "Buy on The Rumour, Sell on The News" phase of movement. Or in other words, regardless who wins this election we should expect a tumble afterwards.

Trends and Targets for 12/05/2017

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) This week on the FTSE has been pretty interesting and a bit rubbish too. For some reason, the market has found our 7385 a fascinating concept, managing closure at this level twice. At least it proved we're watching the correct trend but we just wish the market would close above this level. The risk of this malaise, from a software perspective, is future moves proving half hearted should the market actually now better 7400 points.

Trends and Targets for 11/05/2017

LLOYDS BANK (LSE:LLOY) By far, the most common item emailed regards the Retail Banks, so it's time to step back and remember the song "Bring on the Clowns". Lloyds, by closing TWO sessions at 70p has left us aghast with apathy for its future as it's supposed to be going up!

Trends and Targets for 10/05/2017

LAURA ASHLEY (LSE:ALY) Earlier this year, we proposed a basket of "ISA" shares with Laura Ashley (Report link here) mentioned, along with the criteria it needed before being sane. Our group of shares are collectively showing at 16.4% UP but we're painfully aware some folk will have bought ALY as a 'punt' and the share continues to avoid trigger levels with similar atelicity to Theresa May and interviewers questions.

Trends and Targets for 9/05/2017

DRAX GROUP (LSE:DRX) Before getting into the boring stuff relating to DRAX share price, we've a Wheelie Bin panic going on. You know, that horrible awakening at 5am when you remember the Wheelie Bin Gestapo are visiting in an hour and you've forgotten to place their Recycled BLUE suspect on the pavement? Rushing outside - invariably in early morning rain - you wheel the thing down, taking a glance left and right to see anyone else in boxers, t-shirt & trainers. Then see rows of GREEN bins.

Trends and Targets for 8/05/2017

Trends and Targets for 4/05/2017

ANGLO AMERICAN (LSE:AAL) and even BMR stuff. Sometimes, it's difficult finding ideas for our daily blurb, other times - like now - we find ourselves trying to restrain from writing a book. Tonight's problem started when we decided to directly compare AAL to the Major Miners Sector index, the well known NMX1770. This was to prove an error, opening the door to a whole range of stupid ideas. Oh, our previous article (link here) merits a Smug Git award!

Trends and Targets for 3/05/2017

WILLIAM HILL PLC (LSE:WMH) Many thanks for all the emails regarding yesterdays bankers commentary. We felt it needed said, thankfully we were not the only folk irritated. At this part of the political shambles, the media will often resort to reporting "bookies odds" on election results in the absence of opinion polls. As a result, we must assume the betting industry does actually benefit by offering bets on how often someone will say "Strong & Stable" in any given 2 minute interview...

Trends and Targets for 2/05/2017

BARCLAYS, RBS, & FTSE for the week ahead (LSE:BARC LSE:RBS FTSE:UKX) When we refer to the retail banking sector as the 'clown' sector, it's because we've grown to expect such utter nonsense as occurred on the 28th Apr with Barclays & RBS share price.  For a while, the synchronicity of RBS being UP 5.2% while BARC moved DOWN 5.2%  was funny then became the stuff of ridicule and finally irritation.

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