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Trends and Targets for 13/06/2017

GULF KEYSTONE (LSE:GKP) Firstly, thanks to the (many) folk who picked up us describing a FTSE movement of 105 points as a useless trade. We like to slip this sort of thing in to check people are paying attention. In reality, we should have written 7540 rather than 7450 as the trigger point. Oops. At least we didn't call a General Election when we really meant to call for a takeaway!

Trends and Targets for 12/06/2017

FTSE FOR THE WEEK (FTSE:UKX) Understandably, the UK market is proving a little volatile currently. On Friday, the index had signalled pretty firmly it intended to droop, this notion lasting until it became clear we're to be governed by an amalgamation of clowns. Unsurprisingly, the jokers at the FTSE took this as good tidings, presumably because another general election being called immediately would be a bad thing. Stuck in the middle, between the Clowns and Jokers are of course; the punters...

Trends and Targets for 9/06/2017

THE DOW JONES (DOWi:DJI) and THE DAX (DBI:DAX) The DOW JONES is now proving relatively interesting as the immediate cycle now shows a Big Picture top at 21329. This is a point at which we'd normally anticipate some volatility but in the last month, there's been early warning the market "may" attempt even higher. It results in the situation where anything now above 21329 points at 21600 points. 

Trends and Targets for 8/06/2017

THE ELECTION & THE FTSE (FTSE:UKX) Having spent the afternoon fitting Snow Wheels to a lawnmower, it's with some surprise we note a plethora of emails expecting us to know what's coming next on the market. Kidding aside, the weight of expectation is quite overwhelming given our prior success with calculations during previous UK political shenanigans. (More on the snow wheels later)

Trends and Targets for 7/06/2017

SAN LEON (LSE:SLE)  Our last update against this mob (link here) was rather cautious as unlike politicians, we hate extrapolating the future with little data to back it up. However, rather bizarely, the share has achieved our initial upward target of 55.5p. And just to keep everyone laughing, it has also achieved our lower long term target at 31p. Before expecting folk to abase themselves in awe, we suspect the share price is actually unsure of direction.

Trends and Targets for 6/06/2017

Aberdeen Asset Management (LSE:ADN) One of the great pleasures of long daylight in Scotland comes from two purple lights in a box. Evenings are punctuated with sharp "cracks" when midges immolate themselves. We fear rather a few investors face similar fate as they experience a dangerous fascination with low share prices in the OIL sector. We'd advocate some caution if hunting bottoms unless they tend coincide with Brent Crude around the $47 point.

Trends and Targets for 5/06/2017

FTSE FOR THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX)  Given the UK faces a General Election in the coming week, any form of accurate near term projection is liable to face repeated mincing with each Opinion Poll result published. Our suspicion remains, almost regardless of who actually wins on Friday morning, the market will experience some sort of slump. The "only" problem is calculating how bad it could be. And there's another major problem.

Trends and Targets for 2/06/2017

FTSE FOR FRIDAY & THE AIM (FTSE:UKX & FTSE:AXX) We last glanced at the AIM market (link here), back in March, and it has finally reached target. Actually, despite showing a truly intimidating growth curve following the BREXIT vote, the index isn't quite at target yet and has used the last four sessions to dance teasingly just below our 996 ambition.

Trends and Targets for 1/06/2017

GB POUND v US DOLLAR (GBPUSD) "Giant Asteroid to wipe out entire planet", an Express / Mail / FT type of headline where the devil will be in the details. It could be next week, it could be a million years ahead, it might just be a movie. Unfortunately, many of the financial gurus resort to this sort of nonsense even when tweeting and it's really irritating knowing we're about to be deluged with email questions.

Trends and Targets for 31/05/2017

RED ROCK, COAL OF AFRICA, and CONDOR GOLD (LSE:RRR, LSE:CZA, LSE:CNR)  One of these stupid philosophy questions, "if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound if no-one hears it?" sprung to mind when walking the dogs. With a sound like two shotgun blasts, a large pine tree snapped when assaulted by a very slight breeze. My two Golden Retrievers discovered warp speed despite me being rooted in place at the sudden spectacle - 100 yards away.

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