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Trends and Targets for 5/10/2017

BAE SYSTEMS (LSE:BA.) We were going to cover the US Firearm industry, specifically focussing on ammunition sales on the basis a gun is sold just once. But the fuel it requires is an ongoing industry. Adopting the UK moral high ground fell apart when realising, as a guitarist, owning 5 of the instruments is very far from unusual. Chums with motorcycles also tend buy different machines for different jobs. Who are we to judge others? (except trainspotters...) So instead, a look at a local warmonger makes sense!

Trends and Targets for 4/10/2017

GULF KEYSTONE (LSE:GKP) Our lack of trust for this share is well documented but recent price movements raise some questions. We're in the somewhat silly position of speculating something might happen, 'cos something really bad hasn't happened (yet). And the computer says...

Trends and Targets for 3/10/2017


THE AIM MARKET & ASIAMET RES. (FTSE:AXX & LSE:ARS) With so much to be miserable about, the AIM market appears on the verge of yet another upward surge. Currently the index is trading around 1009.6 points, needing only better 1016 points to signal the potential of 'some happy times' for 'some' promising AIM components.

Trends and Targets for 2/10/2017

FTSE FOR THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) There's a fairly large question mark over SPAIN as, regardless the referendum result, the countries truly shocking antics appears to have thrown a spanner in the works of Europe. As a result, we tend expect some jitters against European indices but wonder whether Brexit UK will escape a doze of collywobbles.

Trends and Targets for 29/09/2017

FRIDAY FTSE, RYANAIR & BOOHOO (LSE:RYA & LSE:BOO) While no-one has actually asked about Boohoo nor Ryanair, we've been wanting to comment. If only due to utter dislike of Ryanair as a people carrier (due to travel experience) and Boohoo as having a silly name!  There's also a fascination about Ryanair' seeming attempts to drive their own share price down with ongoing PR competence!

Trends and Targets for 28/09/2017

PETRA Diamonds, The Card Factory, and Cruises for under 10 pounds. (LSE:PTA, LSE:CARD) Our location on Scotlands West Coast attracts silly mega-prices for cruising but Mrs T&T managed achieve 90 minutes afloat for just 9 quid, complete with her car. The ferry journey to the mainland usually is 20 minutes but a combination of heated seats, bluetooth, Robbie Williams at full volume ensured she made the crossing multiple times while awaiting the RAC. Her flat battery just sniffed at the emergency jump leads on the ferry!

Trends and Targets for 27/09/2017

Trends and Targets for 26/09/2017

BARCLAYS AND GBPUSD (LSE:BARC FX:GBPUSD) It's that time of the month, when we discuss the disgusting and take a look at the Pound v The US Dollar. A headline caught our eye, mentioning Mitsubishi Bank expected GBPUSD to hit 1.40, causing our hackles to rise. This sort of thing strays into our territory, provoking a rush to immediately dismiss their nonsense AND explain why.

Trends and Targets for 25/09/2017

THE FTSE THIS WEEK & A UFO (FTSE:UKX) Our outlook on Thursday evening was delayed slightly, due to one of our number wandering around in the dark trying to take a photograph of the Milky Way - the sky above his part of Scotland was unusually clear. Unsurprisingly, he failed to find an entire universe but did see something odd. A high altitude jet or perhaps a satellite suddenly turned right, literally executing a 90 degree turn with no apparent change in speed.

Trends and Targets for 22/09/2017

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) This week started well, then stopped. In fact, it was rather like Ferrari' performance in last Sundays grand prix, though not quite as funny. We're a bit concerned, 'cos rather a few shares have triggered downward travel though, quite oddly, the clown sector - the retail banks - are showing signs they wish increase in price. Let's just say we don't entirely trust 'em.

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