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Share Sleuth is the online diary of value investor and companies editor Richard Beddard, including research notes, watchlist and a model portfolio.

The Colonel

The Colonel knows his onions. Retired from the military with grown up children, this super-savvy empty-nester divides his time between walking the dogs, the golf and/or race course and hunting down great investment propositions. With his personal motto of Sinil Labore Nihil (or, roughly, Do Your Own Research for those without a Google translator) The Colonel spends more time on the web with ‘sharpener’ in hand than almost anyone else. And being a Colonel of course, he just can’t keep it to himself...

  • Fri, 5th December 2014 - 14:25

    The Colonel provides a review of his portfolio: ITV and Facebook have brought home the bacon, while Tesco and Barclays remain total stinkers.

  • Thu, 2nd October 2014 - 17:22

    The Colonel is not normally a fan of IPOs, but found the attractions of Saga's elderly-focused proposition irresistible.

Peter Temple

Peter Temple was an equity analyst for 18 years. In the decades since he quit the City he has been a widely published journalist and author. Here we get straight to the wisdom from the man who makes his living from investing.

  • Wed, 11th July 2012 - 17:18

    The two months since the ETF Portfolio was last updated have been what might be described a "steady as she goes" period. The market has recovered some poise, compared to the periodic bout of euro-itis with which it was afflicted last time round.

  • Tue, 22nd May 2012 - 16:53

    It is a little-known fact that the iShares powerhouse, a big player in the now well-established market for exchange traded funds, actually began life as a joint venture between US bank Wells Fargo and the Japanese investment house Nikko.

Trends and Targets - a new name, but the same old team of analysts with their magic secret software! Formerly Precogz, they provide Interactive Investor’s clients with daily movement forecasts before trading commences, covering nearly 50 of the most popular traded shares.

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  • Thu, 30th July 2015 - 23:19

    THE FUTSIE. (FTSE:UKX) We managed to select a pretty handy week to showcase our talents with the FTSE. The market has moved from a low of 6495 to a high of 6697 (so far), a rise of 202 points in four sessions. Our ethos is to establish 'sane' movements rather than running around like headless chickens trying to find a trade for the sake of a trade. While this attitude will often miss some of the points of a movement, we prefer to cherry pick trades which match our criteria.

  • Wed, 29th July 2015 - 23:14

    THE FUTSIE. (FTSE:UKX) The market met our initial target of 6604, spending the day pivoting around that level like a bad smell at someone else' desk. It didn't get to our 6677 but we really didn't anticipate superman movements from London. However, we'd expect movement above 6634 on UKX to take the market the next step to 6677. And here's the problem writing about the markets as there are two different markets. The REAL FTSE and FTSE futures. At time of writing, futures are at 6648, safely above the trigger level and in a zone where something odd can happen. With the UK market closed, it's entirely possible UK futures will hit our target level before London opens at 8am. Invariably, what will happen is the FTSE will be opened UP, hopefully able to continue to our 6677 before suffering some kind of retrace.