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Share Sleuth is the online diary of value investor and companies editor Richard Beddard, including research notes, watchlist and a model portfolio.

  • Mon, 1st February 2016 - 10:42

    Saying something negative about Unilever feels like beating up Mother Teresa. There’s got to be some dirt though.

  • Mon, 1st February 2016 - 10:09

    Recruiter SThree’s people are both the biggest strength and the principal weakness in the case for investing in the company.

The Colonel

The Colonel knows his onions. Retired from the military with grown up children, this super-savvy empty-nester divides his time between walking the dogs, the golf and/or race course and hunting down great investment propositions. With his personal motto of Sinil Labore Nihil (or, roughly, Do Your Own Research for those without a Google translator) The Colonel spends more time on the web with ‘sharpener’ in hand than almost anyone else. And being a Colonel of course, he just can’t keep it to himself...

  • Fri, 5th December 2014 - 13:25

    The Colonel provides a review of his portfolio: ITV and Facebook have brought home the bacon, while Tesco and Barclays remain total stinkers.

  • Thu, 2nd October 2014 - 16:22

    The Colonel is not normally a fan of IPOs, but found the attractions of Saga's elderly-focused proposition irresistible.

Peter Temple

Peter Temple was an equity analyst for 18 years. In the decades since he quit the City he has been a widely published journalist and author. Here we get straight to the wisdom from the man who makes his living from investing.

  • Wed, 11th July 2012 - 16:18

    The two months since the ETF Portfolio was last updated have been what might be described a "steady as she goes" period. The market has recovered some poise, compared to the periodic bout of euro-itis with which it was afflicted last time round.

  • Tue, 22nd May 2012 - 15:53

    It is a little-known fact that the iShares powerhouse, a big player in the now well-established market for exchange traded funds, actually began life as a joint venture between US bank Wells Fargo and the Japanese investment house Nikko.

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  • Mon, 8th February 2016 - 23:42

    THE AIM MARKET and  (LSE:POG) too! The AIM market remains, thus far, aloof from the Lemming tendency evinced by the FTSE. Don't get us wrong, the AIM stinks but it's still not throwing itself off the cliff with the same vigour as the grown up FTSE market. In fact, when we drill down to minute by minute movements this year, the decline appears to be carefully stage managed and results in the situation where near term weakness below 680 will doubtless lead to 670 next with secondary a hopeful bottom at 654 points.

  • Thu, 4th February 2016 - 22:55

    Friday FTSE and The NK225 (NIK:N225) Firstly, FTSE currently needs better 6100 to indicate some optimism. Or below 5660 to suggest buying running shoes. By any standards, the market has experienced a crazy week and we're supposed to believe anything now below 5805 will lead to an initial 5770 with secondary at a trend and courage testing 5662 points. The funny thing is, the God of Glass Ceilings decided to paint a line at 5939 during the session on the 4th. The result is, with breakage above, we'd tend anticipate growth to an initial 5980 with secondary a very probable 6045 points.