Share Strategies

Quartix: Love at first sight

Quartix, a manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices, is a lovely company.

Bargain hunter: new manager and double-digit discount

cut price discount investment trust double digit Asia China emerging markets

Money Observer's Marina Gerner has hunted down another bargain investment trust, this time sporting a blockbuster 12% discount and a new manager with a cracking record.

Make money on these five quality AIM shares

quality AIM shares alternative investments profit from Brexit resilient invest

Uncertainty brings volatility which provides opportunities to turn a profit. Former AIM writer of the year Andrew Hore identifies a handful of AIM shares for the watch list.

An impressive profit generator

profitability machine meat packing Hilton Foods Tesco supplier high technology

This is not a glamourous business, but is a very successful one, says companies analyst Richard Beddard. Bosses also have a huge incentive to ensure it stays that way.

FTSE 100 chart analysis from referendum night

chart analysis UK EU referendum Brexit gold brent crude pound dollar technical

With UK markets reeling from a shock Brexit victory, technical analyst Alistair Strang has chimed in with key numbers for the FTSE 100, crude oil, gold and the pound.

Stockwatch: Hot spots to watch in Brexit tumult

Stockwatch: Hot spots to watch in Brexit tumult

Amid market chaos over the UK's 'Leave' vote, it's hard to spot pricing opportunities, says Edmond Jackson - but a few post-Brexit dynamics are pretty clear.

FTSE 100 latest targets

FTSE 100 London blue-chip index polling day rally smash targets where next

Technical analyst Alistair Strang's prediction that the FTSE 100 could top 6,363 has been proved correct. So, where next?  

Referendum optimism sparks banking breakout

Referendum optimism sparks banking breakout

The EU referendum is too close to call, but recent confidence has underpinned a banking sector rally and chartist Alistair Strang has spotted a breakout.

Best ways to invest in tech companies

Twitter anniversary shareholders US technology shares investment funds exposure

With its share price in the dumps, few investors are toasting Twitter's 10th birthday, writes Darius McDermott, who pitches better ways to invest in tech stocks.

FTSE 100 drama just hours away

FTSE 100 EU Referendum priced in expectations Brexit drama volatility markets

In less than 48 hours, markets will react violently to the EU referendum result. Lee Wild analyses the latest data and estimates of where the FTSE 100 will end up.

How referendum opinion polls influence markets

EU referendum opinion polls Brexit influence financial markets equities bonds

Opinion pollsters have taken flak for missing the mark in recent votes but, as Marcus Brookes at Schroders explains, poll data may have more influence than we thought.