Share Strategies

Quartix: Love at first sight

Quartix, a manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices, is a lovely company.

Share of the week: Recovery begins

share of the week electicals retailer European revenue Germany profits growth

These shares have halved in 18 months, but they've had a great week following a cracking first quarter. They could be worth two-thirds more, writes Harriet Mann.

Top 20 shares to buy and hold

20 shares buy and hold decision engine Share Sleuth company analysis

This month, three former stockmarket darlings appear in companies analyst Richard Beddard's Decision Engine of top 20 shares to buy and hold.

Insider: Perfect timing nets quick profit

Insider director dealing St Ives printing profit warning rally BCA car dealer

The reason we write these Insider articles is because directors should know their company best. Lee Wild highlights new trades already deep in the money.

Why we're 'neutral' on equities for first time in 5 years

fund manager neutral on equities 5 years Brexit depressed economic activity

The stockmarket bull run since referendum day has many thinking Brexit could be a winner for equities. Mark Burgess at Threadneedle argues it's quite the opposite.

Stockwatch: This share just got exciting

stockpicking internet of things technology lasers ARM long term growth share

It's cheap, a useful hedge for sterling-based investors, and a possible takeover target. This sector should also buck the wider stagnant economy, reckons Edmond Jackson.

Happy times for Lloyds shares?

Lloyds Banking taxpayer share price technical analysis rally post Brexit

His previous prediction was spot on. Now, technical analyst Alistair Strang has come up with new numbers for the popular high street lender.

Property funds offer post-Brexit opportunity

Property funds offer post-Brexit opportunity

UK property felt Brexit's sting in July, with several funds having to suspend trading as investors bailed out - but Phil Cook at Thomas Miller reckons it could be worth a buy.

Share Sleuth: helpful texts for value investors

Share Sleuth: helpful texts for value investors

DIY in the world of investing can be harder and a lot riskier than the shelves-and-wallpaper kind, but there are some invaluable books out there. Richard Beddard offers a reading list.

Time to invest in Biotech?

Time for Biotech pharmaceutical research M&A Clinton Shkreli drug prices

Investors jumped the biotech ship in 2015 as a drug price row rocked the sector. Marina Gerner asks if it's time to get back on board and reveals the experts' equity and fund picks.

How a 60% rally at Anglo American is 'very possible'

Anglo American FTSE 100 miner rally further to go 60% technical analysis

It's crashed and burned then risen from the ashes in a fourfold surge, but technical analyst Alistair Strang suggests the recovery has only just begun.