Share Strategies

Quartix: Love at first sight

Quartix, a manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices, is a lovely company.

A share to reward shareholders handsomely

Next Directory fashion clothing retail company analysis annual results mobile

Traders have lost faith in this evergreen fashion retailer, but companies analyst Richard Beddard has ripped through the annual report and likes what he sees. 

Share of the week: A winning bank

star challenger bank aldermore technical analysis loan book EU referendum

It's been impossible to call where this volatile bank's share price is going next, but the past few days have been spectacular. Harriet Mann reveals this week's star performer.

Would a Brexit make you richer or poorer?

Brexit richer poorer EU referendum holidays currency investments pensions

A 'Brexit' or 'stay' result on 23 June will hit Britons' finances in very different ways. Ruth Jackson at our sister magazine Moneywise reveals what to expect from each outcome.

Insider: A forced sale and results frenzy

Insider ASOS clothing online retail windfall director dealings shares Homeserve

He's one of Britain's richest men, but this share sale will make him nothing, reports Lee Wild. Elsewhere, directors have spent a fortune on stock.

Five strategies to cope with a summer of uncertainty

startegies market uncertainty Summer period EU referendum Brexit wealth capital

This summer may seem full of destabilising factors for markets, but investors shouldn't panic, says Tom Stevenson at Fidelity, who offers some sound tactics to ride it out.

FTSE 100 - Friday analysis

FTSE 100 blue-chip index strength uptrend technical analysis target

Technical analyst Alistair Strang reveals the near-term trigger levels which could keep the FTSE 100 rally on track.

Time to buy Sports Direct?

Sports Direct clothing retail Mike Ashley time to buy technical analysis

Sports Direct shares look punch drunk after a string of bad news over the winter, but technical analyst Alistair Strang is tempted to buy.  

A dividend conceit every investor should know

scrip dividend trick conceit accounting cash protection

We're in a lull before a possible stampede of dividend cuts, argue research analysts at Deutsch Bank. Harriet Mann reveals what they think will happen next.

Are we about to witness the death of oil?

oil industry breakthrough energy technologies solar storage fertiliser plastic

Saudi Arabia's decision to flog part of the state oil company has got Money Observer's Douglas Chadwick thinking. Is it really time to start ditching oil stocks?

Why you can't predict future with equity risk premium

Equity risk premium future markets predictions mythbusters Ken Fisher

Some academics use equity risk premium (ERP) to foresee market movements a decade in advance. It's a load of 'bunk', says Investment legend Ken Fisher. Here's why.