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I've added 872 ITE shares to the Share Sleuth portfolio at a fraction below £2.10, the actual price quoted by a broker. The trade was made in haste, but is not regretted.

Allowing £10 for broker fees and £9.18 for stamp duty, the total cost was £1,847, 3% of the value of the portfolio.

I added the shares somewhat hastily yesterday, fifteen minutes after declaring ITE a value opportunity. Normally I'd have slept on the decision but I was excited about the prospect of including a company I'd intended to add to the inaugural Share Sleuth portfolio in September 2009 until I baulked at its high valuation.

I'm still happy with Tuesday's decision, but disappointed I didn't wait a day. Sleeping on decisions adds distance and promotes objectivity. From now on I'll wait at least a day between deciding I'd like to add or remove shares from the portfolio and actually doing it.

Then I'll report the trades immediately in the Share Sleuth blog.


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