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Trends and Targets for 29/01/2014

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This week, we've been looking at Ex-Divi Plays but due to a security foul-up, we managed to get locked out of our column on Interactive Investor. Obviously, we continue publishing our header section every evening on the TaT website but many thanks for all the complaining emails received. It's flattering to discover so many people who're not actually customers find value in this daily column.

A collection of charts against various world markets has been published below. It seems this week has brought an amazing degree of symmetry against index movements, regardless of continent! The impression given is certainly one for those who believe in conspiracy theories! 

Our subject today is DJAN and as usual, we've zero interest in who they are or what they do but they are handing out 35p on 5th February, so it's liable to have an effect on their share price. Currently, the share is heading to a long term 5799p, requiring to slink below 2973 (RED) to scrub this potential. It's important we take this view as we need consider whether the invariable growth of 35p before the Dividend Date is liable to take a share to a major target level. And alternately, we must consider if the drop of 35p on the day of dividend will take the price below any major triggers. Currently trading around 4918, Daejan is comfortably viewed as safe against any major changes. Near term, we'll be interested should it start trading above 5000p as growth to an initial 5045p looks probable with secondary 5100p. However, should it trade below 4880 for any reason, reversal to 4800 looks almost pre-ordained. In plain English, this lot look quite strong as the price would require breaking PINK at 4723 currently to signal the immediate UP trend is failing.



Tomorrow, we'll take a glance at Unilever as they're a candidate for next week. We're eager to get around to EasyJet as 77.6p seems a tad generous. But not even in the same ballpark as PNL's 140p in March!


Finally, our Access All Areas weekend commences this coming Thursday 30th at Midnight on Trends and Targets. There will be balloons, clowns, live closed session performances from world renowned musicians,  ample free food and loads of free booze. Pictures of which visitors looking behind the scenes at our website are encouraged to search for...

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GOLD.   Target met.  It remains the victim of our current hissy fit as the metal remains unwilling to show direction. It met our initial 1248 and the threat remains of movement below such a point now leading to 1xx5 next. As this would now move the price below RED, we can extrapolate 1xx4 as its possible real destination. Importantly though, if we're being faked (as is pretty probable), in the event of the stuff trading above 1280 for any reason, it's very easy to produce a target 1xx0 USD.

BRENT.  This stuff is still avoiding trigger levels rather carefully. Near term, movement below 107.1 has target 106.48. Stop can be fairly tight in the event of a trigger movement.




The DAX .  Gave a gap at the open, turning the entire session into something worthy of ridicule. As the chart shows, our expectation of 9000 remains valid unless it can somehow exceed BLUE and destroy the logic. The market was restrained from exceeding 9428 which is important as movement above such a level now challenges BLUE at 9500 with secondary 9530. On the flip side, movement below 9350 would indicate coming weakness to 9270 with secondary 9200



The Nikkei . The interesting point remains of movement above 15090 leading to 15227 points.  In fact, even an immediate 100 point potential looks confident given the effort being employed keeping this below 15090. On the flop side, moves below 14933 remains with 14900 and secondary 14870 points. If BLUE on the chart below has any credibility, optimism is perhaps allowed BUT ONLY if it exceeds 15090


The Nasdaq. Now regarded as taking a trip to 3977. To escape the path, it would require exceed 4135 currently. Growth above 4116 remains as leading to a near term 4145, ideally capable of producing escape velocity within the next few sessions with a longer term aspiration of 4175.

S&P500 .   The S&P has signed up to Club 1794 and only once the index manages exceed such a level can we dream of 1xx5 with secondary 1xx5 points. As BLUE indicates on the chart below, some optimism is perhaps allowed. If it's about to be delayed in any growth, movement below 1xx5 allows a ten point drop,




The DOW.   Similar to the FTSE and the DAX and the S&P. and the Nikkei and probably every other sodding market, the DOW has invented a glass ceiling at 15945 points. As a result, movement above this barrier level remains with an initial target 16xx0 points. As the chart shows, reaching our target in the next couple of days will take the index out of its immediate drop zone as the risk remains of CLOSURE below 16xx0 signalling a path to a longer term 16xx0 points.




The FTSE..   The market managed to remain within our parameters for the (boring) day, despite a small glimmer of hope at 3pm which carries the suggestion the index intends head to 6595 soon. Obviously, in the event of it exceeding 6590 again, a trip to target is completely sensible and thus, worth ignoring as we'd tend to expect growth to continue to our 6xx3 points. Secondary now calculates at 6xx2 points.

On the flop side, movement below RED at 6xx5 would concern as 6xx2 remains a threat. Judging by the lack of emails, we're not the only folk less than confident as to current market direction.



--------- Email Gossip -------------

Do NOT for a minute assume we know anything about these companies. We only do the numbers and if clients give permission, include them here.

LSE:CNE We've had an expectation of this finding a bottom of 235p for an age it seems. However, the price managed to exceed our long term drop target on the 28th which is a nuisance as it seems not a calibration issue. Instead, it now faces further motion below 224 taking the share to a hopefully bouncey bottom at 213p, a point from which we'd hope for a back-test of our 235p aspiration. Perhaps it's rather arrogant but when we set a long term drop target, despite any share seeming to ignore it, in the fullness of time these targets invariably provide a pivot level for future movements. We've not been monitoring CAIRN but having run the numbers for just 2014, we'd have some hope of 24.15 providing some sort of bounce but should it break, 213 is it.

LSE:REM Rare Earth dropped into our master list for a while, then we dropped it for the sin of underperforming. Perhaps this has been an error as, despite a heck of an argument pointing at an ultimate bottom potential 0.25p, we cannot ignore the price moved above its long term downtrend during August 2013. It results in a near term situation where movements above 0.6p allows a sprint to 0.72 with secondary 1.1p. When we see a share in 'breakout territory' being carefully walked down above a long term trend, any positive news tends to provoke outperformance rather fast.



Our commentary is in two sections. Immediately below are today's updated comments. If our commentary remains valid, the share can be found in the bottom section which has a RED heading. Hopefully, this will mean you no longer need to flip back through previous reports. HYPERLINKS DISABLED IN THIS VERSION


Please remember, all prices are mid-price (halfway between the Buy and Sell). When we refer to a price CLOSING above a specific level, we are viewing the point where we can regard a trend as changing. Otherwise, we are simply speculating on near term trading targets. Our website is


UPDATE. We often give an initial and a secondary price. If the initial is exceeded, we still expect it to fall back but the next time the initial is bettered, the price should continue to the secondary. The converse it true with price drops.


We can be contacted at [email protected] Spam filters set to maximum so only legit emails get through...



Section One - Outlook Updated Today. Click here for Section Two - Outlook Remains Valid shares

Click Epic to jump to share: LSE:ACTA Acta** **LSE:AFC AFC Energy** **LSE:BARC Barclays** **LSE:BLNX Blinkz** **LSE:DEB Debenhams** **LSE:ESSR Essar** **LSE:INFA Infrastrata** **LSE:ISAT Inmarsat** **LSE:KAZ Kazakhmys** **LSE:LLOY Lloyds Grp.** **LSE:MOS Mobile Streams** **LSE:POG Petropavlovsk** **LSE:PURE Purecircle** **LSE:QPP Quindell Port** **LSE:RBS Royal Bank Scot** **LSE:RMG Royal Mail** **LSE:SOLG Solomon Gold** **LSE:SUMM Summit Corp** **LSE:TW. Taylor Wimpey** **LSE:XEL Xcite Energy** **


Updated charts published on : Acta, Barclays, Blinkz, Essar, Lloyds Grp., Petropavlovsk, Royal Bank Scot, Summit Corp, Taylor Wimpey,

LSE:ACTA Acta. Close Mid-Price: 6.38 Percentage Change: -19.05% Day High: 6.88 Day Low: 6.38

Target met. In the event Acta experiences weakness bel ........

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View Previous Acta & Big Picture ***

LSE:AFC AFC Energy. Close Mid-Price: 29.5 Percentage Change: -3.28% Day High: 30.5 Day Low: 29.25

Target met. If AFC Energy experiences continued weakne ........

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View Previous AFC Energy & Big Picture ***

LSE:BARCLSE:BARC Barclays. Close Mid-Price: 273.3 Percentage Change: + 1.47% Day High: 274.5 Day Low: 270.25

Further movement ^up above 275.15 should prove capable ........

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View Previous Barclays & Big Picture ***

LSE:BLNXLSE:BLNX Blinkz. Close Mid-Price: 186.75 Percentage Change: + 6.26% Day High: 188.25 Day Low: 175.25

In the event of BLNX share price managing to exceed 18 ........

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View Previous Blinkz & Big Picture ***

LSE:DEBLSE:DEB Debenhams. Close Mid-Price: 75.7 Percentage Change: + 0.13% Day High: 76.85 Day Low: 75.6

Target met or near enough. If the price of Debenhams m ........

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LSE:ESSRLSE:ESSR Essar. Close Mid-Price: 59.4 Percentage Change: + 3.76% Day High: 59.75 Day Low: 55

This is causing concern as we continue viewing the sha ........

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LSE:INFA Infrastrata. Close Mid-Price: 9.88 Percentage Change: -28.18% Day High: 12.13 Day Low: 9.88

Target met. And then some. We'd guess a suicide note w ........

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LSE:ISATLSE:ISAT Inmarsat. Close Mid-Price: 719.5 Percentage Change: + 0.49% Day High: 725 Day Low: 706

Target met. Weakness on Inmarsat below for 706 will in ........

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View Previous Inmarsat & Big Picture ***

LSE:KAZLSE:KAZ Kazakhmys. Close Mid-Price: 178.9 Percentage Change: + 3.53% Day High: 179 Day Low: 171.4

Movement above 179 remains with an initial 180.25p. Of ........

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LSE:LLOYLSE:LLOY Lloyds Grp.. Close Mid-Price: 82.85 Percentage Change: + 3.05% Day High: 83.11 Day Low: 80.25

Unfortunately, Lloyds still has not cancelled the pote ........

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LSE:MOSLSE:MOS Mobile Streams. Close Mid-Price: 64 Percentage Change: + 14.29% Day High: 64 Day Low: 56

We are hopeful that 55p is close enough to our bottom ........

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LSE:POG Petropavlovsk. Close Mid-Price: 71.5 Percentage Change: -4.98% Day High: 75.75 Day Low: 70.75

If Petropavlovsk experiences continued weakness below ........

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View Previous Petropavlovsk & Big Picture ***

LSE:PURELSE:PURE Purecircle. Close Mid-Price: 605 Percentage Change: + 9.50% Day High: 605 Day Low: 555

In the event of Purecircle enjoying further trades bey ........

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LSE:QPPLSE:QPP Quindell Port. Close Mid-Price: 27 Percentage Change: + 8.00% Day High: 27.25 Day Low: 24.75

Target met. All Quindell Port needs are mid-price trad ........

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LSE:RBSLSE:RBS Royal Bank Scot. Close Mid-Price: 343.9 Percentage Change: + 3.52% Day High: 344.3 Day Low: 327.5

RBS was (thankfully) spiked down at the open and now h ........

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LSE:RMGLSE:RMG Royal Mail. Close Mid-Price: 578.5 Percentage Change: + 3.49% Day High: 580.5 Day Low: 558

Near term trades against RMG with a mid-price ABOVE 58 ........

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LSE:SOLGLSE:SOLG Solomon Gold. Close Mid-Price: 8.5 Percentage Change: + 4.29% Day High: 8.63 Day Low: 8

Target met. Near term, further movement against Solomo ........

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LSE:SUMMLSE:SUMM Summit Corp. Close Mid-Price: 11.38 Percentage Change: + 3.41% Day High: 11.5 Day Low: 11

Managing to get the share price BELOW 11 is the next p ........

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LSE:TW.LSE:TW. Taylor Wimpey. Close Mid-Price: 115.1 Percentage Change: + 3.51% Day High: 115.9 Day Low: 111.2

In the event of Taylor Wimpey enjoying further trades ........

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View Previous Taylor Wimpey & Big Picture ***

LSE:XEL Xcite Energy. Close Mid-Price: 97 Percentage Change: -1.77% Day High: 100.5 Day Low: 97

XEL remains heading toward 94.8p with further weakness ........

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View Previous Xcite Energy & Big Picture ***

*** End of "Updated Today" comments on shares. Listed below are those where commentary remains valid.

Click Epic to jump to share:LSE:ABG African Barr.** **LSE:AFR Afren** **LSE:AGL Angle** **LSE:AGQ Arian** **LSE:AQP Aquarius Plat,** **LSE:AV. Aviva** **LSE:AVN Avanti Coms** **LSE:BAG A G Barr PLC** **LSE:BDEV Barratt Developments** **LSE:BG. BG Group** **LSE:BKIR Bank of Ireland** **LSE:BLT BHP Billiton** **LSE:BLVN Bowleven** **LSE:BMR Berkeley Min.** **LSE:BOR Borders & Sth** **LSE:BP. BP** **LSE:BPC Bahamas Petroleum** **LSE:BZT Bezant Resources** **LSE:CAPC Capital & Country** **LSE:CAZA Caza Oil and Gas** **LSE:CCE Camco** **LSE:CEY Centamin** **LSE:CHAR Chariot** **LSE:CMS Communisis** **LSE:CNA Centrica** **LSE:CNR Condor Gold** **LSE:COMS Coms** **LSE:CWD Countrywide** **LSE:DXNS Dixons Retail Group** **LSE:EME Empyrean** **LSE:EMED Emed Mining** **LSE:EMG Man Group** **LSE:ENEG Enegi Oil** **LSE:EVR Evraz** **LSE:FLYB FlyBE** **LSE:FRES Fresnillo** **LSE:FXPO Ferrexpo** **LSE:GBO Globo** **LSE:GDL Greka** **LSE:GKP Gulf Keystone** **LSE:GLEN Glencore Xstra** **LSE:HOIL Heritage Oil** **LSE:HWDN Howden** **LSE:IMG ImaginationTechnologies** **LSE:IOF Iofina** **LSE:IPF International Pers. Finance** **LSE:ITV ITV** **LSE:JKX JKX Oil & Gas** **LSE:JPR Johnstone Press** **LSE:KMR Kenmare Resources** **LSE:LAM Lamprell** **LSE:LOGP Lansdowne Oil** **LSE:LOND London Mining** **LSE:MAGP Magnolia** **LSE:MML Medusa Mining** **LSE:MONI Monitise** **LSE:NWS Smiths News** **LSE:PER Perform** **LSE:PFD Premier Foods** **LSE:POLY Polymetal** **LSE:PPR Pentagon Prot.** **LSE:PROX Proxma PLC** **LSE:PSN Persimmon Homes** **LSE:QFI Quadrise** **LSE:RIO Rio Tinto** **LSE:RKH Rockhopper** **LSE:RPO Ruspetro** **LSE:RRR Red Rock** **LSE:RRS Randgold** **LSE:SDL SDL** **LSE:SDY Speedy Hire** **LSE:SGP Supergroup** **LSE:SHG Shanta Gold** **LSE:SLE San Leon** **LSE:SOU Sound Oil** **LSE:SXX Sirius Minerals** **LSE:TALK Talk Talk** **LSE:TCG Thomas Cook Group** **LSE:TPL Tethys** **LSE:TRAP Trap Oil Group** **LSE:TRP Tower Resources** **LSE:TSCO Tesco** **LSE:UEN Urals Energy** **LSE:VED Vedanta** **LSE:VOD Vodaphone** **LSE:VOG Victoria Oil** **LSE:WEIR Weir Group** **LSE:WSG Westminster** **

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck for today. Please feel free to mention us after something goes right!



Risk Warning & Notice to Investors

Buying, selling and investing in shares is not without risk. Market and company movement will affect your performance and you may get back less than you invest. Neither Trends and Targets Ltd, Shareprice, or Interactive Investor will be responsible for any losses that may be incurred as a result of following a trading idea.



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