Regular Investing with Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder is the name of our regular investing service, which allows you to set up regular, monthly trades.

One of the biggest advantages of using the service is it gets you into a regular investing habit. To support you in creating that habit we make sure you’ll only pay a minimal £1.50 charge for every shares purchase (usually £10 for one-off real-time trades). This makes smaller-sized trades more viable when you’re starting out.

Of course you still have complete control over where you invest, how often and how much you spend.

Regular investing is simple to set up, so you can start building your financial future right away.

Please be aware of the risks involved. The price and value of investments and their income fluctuates and you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. If in any doubt, please consult a financial adviser.

Benefits of Trading with Portfolio Builder:

  • Buy UK shares for just £1.50
  • Choose how much to invest
  • Change the amount you invest and when
  • Invest with a regular or one-off payment
  • Invest in shares, ETFs and Investment Trusts
  • Available within your Investment, ISA or SIPP account
  • Please be aware of the risks involved

How does it work - why such low commission?

By making bulk orders, we're able to pass savings onto you.

With a Portfolio Builder regular investing plan you decide how much you want to invest and where. On 23rd of each month we collect everyone's requests and make bulk trades, allowing us to pass commission savings on to you. It is as simple as that.

When you set up your plan you can select a subscription date (when the money leaves your bank account).  You'll also choose the amount you want to invest each month and where you want to invest it. From then on the trades will be made automatically on a monthly basis.

The important advantage of Portfolio Builder is its flexibility. You can change where and how much you invest at any time. You can stop and start the plan whenever you like, and even stop payment for a month if you have other, more pressing, financial priorities. You can resume payments at any time. It's a truly flexible way to build up a portfolio of investments, while taking advantage of low commissions.

Who is Portfolio Builder suitable for?

Portfolio Builder is ideal for people who are just starting out as investors, or who want to take their first steps towards building a portfolio of shares for their long-term future.

Or it's for people who simply want to trade with low commissions. Investing with Portfolio Builder can be a good way of getting comfortable with buying stocks and shares. The £1.50 commission makes it more affordable to invest smaller amounts of money, as the lower commission means it cuts less severely into any profits you might make. It also makes it more cost-effective to invest in a variety of companies or sectors, which is a good way to spread your risk.

Making regular payments over a sustained period of time also helps your investments to smooth out the highs and lows of the market - meaning you can worry less about 'the right time to buy'. Do remember, though, the value of your shares can go up and down, and that you may not get back the amount you invested.

As with all financial products, Portfolio Builder may not be right for everyone. It’s important for some frequent traders, particularly day traders, for example to know exactly and at what price to buy their shares. For these instances our regular service with its low £10 commission, or £5 frequent trader rate, is more likely to suit (find out more on our charges page). However, with a Portfolio Builder plan you can still make real-time trades in the normal way in addition to your regular investment.

Portfolio Builder is therefore ideal for people who are looking to invest regular amounts into stocks and shares in order to build up a portfolio of investments for the future, and who want to take advantage of very low commissions.

What are all the advantages Portfolio Builder gives me?

Portfolio Builder gives you the flexibility to trade in a way that suits you, helping you to build a growing portfolio of shares and investments.

Portfolio Builder gives you all the following advantages when you invest in UK shares, with the very low commission of just £1.50:

  • Choose how much you invest in a share or investment trust
  • Choose whether to invest with regular monthly payments or a one-off lump sum
  • Choose where to invest from a choice of most UK companies
  • Start and stop investing whenever you want
  • Change the amount you invest or when you buy
  • Have no tie-in factors or charges if you change your mind
  • Buy little and often over the long term - helping to smooth out the ups and downs of the market and meaning less worry about the right time to buy

There are no tie-ins or charges when you change your mind about any of the details of your plan. And if you see an opportunity you want to take advantage of immediately, simply buy on any date of your choosing for our regular one-off low commission of £10 per UK trade.

How do I set up my Portfolio Builder plan?

Step 1

Login to your investment account

Step 2

Click on the Regular Investments tab

Step 3

First, check you are setting up regular investments from the account you want.
For example you may want to set up investments in your ISA or SIPP account.

Step 4

Begin by setting up your payment plan.
Click on the Create button to get started.

Simply decide how much you want to invest on a monthly basis, and when you want your payments to start. Money will then go from your linked bank account into your investment account on the date you’ve nominated, every month.

Remember, you can cancel this payment instruction at any time.

Step 5

Now set up your investment plan
Click on the edit portfolio button on the right hand box

To select the investments you want to invest in regularly, select ‘Add Another Item’ and start typing in the Name box. Decide how much you want to invest and save. You can easily add another invesment.

Once you’ve added your investments, confirm you’re happy to proceed. If you are changing your investment choices, selecting new ones will overwrite your previous choices).

That’s it! 

What is the minimum/maximum I can invest?

The minimum limit per investment is £20. There is no maximum limit.

The Portfolio Builder plan has been created for new investors. Its low investment minimums and reduced commissions are designed to help you start building your investment portfolio cost effectively.

How often can I change my Portfolio Builder plan?

You can change your Portfolio Builder plan as often as you like, with no penalty fees.

At any point, for the following month's transaction, you can change where and how much you invest. You can also start and stop the plan whenever you like, and even suspend any number of monthly payments.

The flexibility of our account allows you to:

  • Invest as much or as little as you want from as low as £20
  • Stop and start whenever you want with no penalty fees
  • Buy shares in most UK companies
  • Change the amount you invest or when you buy
  • Experience no tie in or charges if you change your mind

Can I make other trades as well as?


With your Portfolio Builder plan you can still buy or sell at a time of your choosing for our normal low trading commission of £10 for UK trades, or taking advantage of our £5 frequent trader rate (see our charges).