Open a SIPP Account

To open a SIPP account, first you need to apply for our Investment account. Once your account is up and running (applying only takes a few minutes) you can add a SIPP account online.

 In order to apply for a Investment account please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Open an Account
  2. Complete the application process.
  3. As long as we can verify your information online, your account should be up and running straight away.

Once your account is open and fully active you will be able to add a SIPP account. To do this, go to the Account Admin section of your account and select the Add Account option.

Your SIPP account will be confirmed within 72 hours by our SIPP team.

More information

SIPP Key Features

View the key features of an Interactive Investor SIPP, together with its benefits and risks.

SIPP Terms and Conditions

SIPP Account Forms

Below you'll find all the forms you will need to manage your SIPP account:

SIPP Transfer Forms

Transferring your SIPP to us - Transfer form

Transferring your SIPP away from us - Transfer out form

Contributions forms

Contributions form

Third party contributions form

Supplementary Contributions Form In Specie Contributions (paid gross)

Supplementary Contributions Form In Specie Contributions (paid net)

Carrry forward Contributions

Direct debit mandate form

Expressions of wishes forms

Expressions of wishes - pre drawdown form

Expressions of wishes - post drawdown form (please use this form if you are over the age of 75, or if you are currently in drawdown)

Retirement options

Retirement options form

Change of details

Change of details form