Why CAPE is relevant: A current study

Why CAPE is relevant: A current study

Ken Fisher's critique of the CAPE ratio was "refreshing", but Edmond Jackson believes what happens next will be crucial for its role in investment analysis.


Wall Street is still hitting records, and UK equities are holding up, but can it last? Edmond Jackson analyses the issues likely to determine direction near-term.


Overall, the outlook for 2017 looks positive, but with markets at record highs, Edmond Jackson has identified key risks to keep an eye on. At some point, there will be a moment of truth.


Two weeks after the US election, Edmond Jackson gives his post-mortem on the global market reaction. With Trump's fundamentals 'dodgy at best', are construction groups and miners really a safe bet?


Equity markets are struggling to make progress currently, but Edmond Jackson knows why we're not seeing a much bigger sell-off.


Investors are taking a 'buy the dips' approach amid vast monetary stimulus. Edmond Jackson asks how long this 'Goldilocks economy' can underpin equities.


Markets have rallied in an era of easy money, but Edmond Jackson worries the Goldilocks story is heading for a sticky end.


Sometimes major deals can portend an eventual financial collapse, says Edmond Jackson. Watch out for the shorters on this one.


Amid market chaos over the UK's 'Leave' vote, it's hard to spot pricing opportunities, says Edmond Jackson - but a few post-Brexit dynamics are pretty clear.


There's no sign yet of a genuine so-called 'black swan' event. Find out why Edmond Jackson is broadly encouraged by the case for equities.


Should you really 'sell in May' as stimulus efforts fizzle? Edmond Jackson examines the big issues all investors should understand as summer approaches.


It's going to need more serious bad news from companies reporting to dent this equities recovery, argues Edmond Jackson. Buy the dips to capture dividend yields.


Risks in the macro environment can rear up anytime, but the long-term equity bull has legs yet, argues Edmond Jackson.


Britain has one of the fastest-growing economies in the developed world, but there have been alarming indicators. Edmond Jackson examines macro risks to your dividend income.


Our resident stockpicker has had some notable successes in 2015. Here, Edmond Jackson shares important lessons learned, and predicts which stocks will do well in 2016.


Share prices have risen sharply in the past week, yet a slew of profit warnings is concerning. But there's something else worrying our resident stockpicker.


A number of companies have hit trouble recently, but Edmond Jackson strikes a positive note for stock-picking and the real economy. He also names a core portfolio holding to buy on the dips.


Ignore the secular stagnationists; technology never stops, and the next decades will see wonders we can't fathom today, says Ken Fisher. The investment guru names a share to buy before optimism returns.


Talk of a recession is getting louder, but Edmond Jackson believes there are opportunities to take advantage when markets over-shoot on the downside.


For trading it's helpful to grasp essentials in the battle between warm and cold fronts, says our resident stockpicker.


The global situation is fragile and interest rates are about to rise. Despite this there are useful contrarian opportunities.