Stockwatch: A "speculative buy" yielding 8%-plus

Stockwatch: A "speculative buy" yielding 8%-plus

If its broker's 2018 forecasts are correct, this AIM stock trades on a whopping 50% discount to NAV and has an attractive yield, says Edmond Jackson.


Edmond Jackson reckons this consumer discretionary stock rates a "long-term buy", but there are caveats to consider before rushing in.


The investment rationale with this pensions specialist is speculative, admits Edmond Jackson, but it's a business that's going places.


There's volatility ahead for this retailer and its rating could ease. Edmond Jackson reckons taking profits could be a shrewd move.


He's already made a 58% profit on this AIM-listed company, but Edmond Jackson still likes growth prosepcts and a well-covered 4% yield.


There's massive longer-term potential here as operational gearing kicks in, argues Edmond Jackson.


As a company able to benefit from a Brexit scenario, this luxury goods maker merits renewed attention and long-term buying interest, says Edmond Jackson.


As a long-term speculative play, it looks likely this AIM-listed firm will end up as part of a larger group, according to Edmond Jackson.   


This share has quadrupled since Edmond Jackson first covered it and there's still lots to like here, but what should investors do now?


This is a relatively small yet well-established business with a major opportunity, argues Edmond Jackson. Its US business also offers potential for upgrades.


It's been a game of Snakes and Ladders at this small-cap, but Edmond Jackson thinks a string of profit warnings is over and that earnings estimates are conservative.


This stock could 'easily double', said Edmond Jackson last year. It has, but there's still plenty of long-term upside potential.


It's intriguing how this tiddler's finance director is tucking stock away in his ISA, says Edmond Jackson.


After tripling in value since he backed this share last summer, Edmond Jackson tells us what existing shareholders and fresh money should do now.


This small-cap trades on a 'cheap' valuation multiple for a business becoming a global leader, argues Edmond Jackson. There's a possible 4% yield, too.


Full-year results led to substantial upgrades and big US dollar earnings are good for UK-based investors. One for the long term, says Edmond Jackson.


A steady developer like this offers capital protection relative to highly-rated growth stocks and cyclicals, argues Edmond Jackson. It may also attract bid interest.


Regulatory issues could be great news for this near-£1 billion UK firm, argues Edmond Jackson. There's a good chance pro investors could chase the stock to tech-boom highs.


Edmond Jackson has a soft spot for this successful share tip. A new boss joins soon, which refreshes the story here and tees the stock up for another run at a record high.


This AIM share still has to reap the benefits of recent acquisitions, but Edmond Jackson thinks now is the time to take advantage of its good cash profile and modest rating.


There's a chart break-out here and the weak pound makes it an attractive takeover target. Take a multi-year view and tuck this AIM stock away, says Edmond Jackson.