Quotestream Features

All for a low cost price of just £24 (including VAT)

Desktop Features

Level 2

Desk Level2

Streaming LSE Level 2 keeps you up to date with bid and ask data. Essential for the active trader.

Streaming Portfolios

Desk Portfolio

Monitor all of your stocks, funds and options. Create up to 10 portfolios or watchlists of up to 52 symbols in each.

Historical Charting

Desk Historical

Looking for long-term trends? Run comparisons, zoom into specific timelines, or plot technical studies.

Interactive Charting

Desk Intraday

Dynamic and interactive charting gives you superior visual representation of what a particular equity is doing.

Time and Sales

Desk Timesales

Delve deeper into what is going on with a particular company. See what trades are happening, and when.

Detailed Quote

Desk Snapquote

Looking for fundamental data at a glance? Complete details are readily available for any company or fund.

Market Indices

Desk Indices

Monitor the markets as well as stocks or funds. Instant quotes and graphs are a click away.

Market News & Discussions

Desk Market News

Keep informed with recent press releases specific to your portfolio.

Active Gainers and Losers

Desk Actives

Keep informed as to which companies are active. Actives, gainers and losers are grouped by exchange.

Symbol Lookup

Desk Symbollookup

Cannot remember a company's symbol? No problem. Quotestream has an easy to use symbol search.

Easy Editors

Desk Edit

User-friendly screens make portfolio management easy for all.

Custom Settings

Desk Userprefs

A wide selection of options available, including: column selection and sorting and background colours.

Website Enhanced Features

Advanced Charting

Complete technical analysis suite with news overlays and trigger points that move markets.

Streaming Real-Time Portfolio

Watch your portfolio update in real time while you concentrate on the trading. No need to reload.

Streaming Trade Data

Monitor volumes, prices and trade types as trades are made. Follow the day's trading as it unfolds.

Streaming News & Discussions

Get news and messages streamed directly to your desktop.

Real-time Company Announcement Alerts

Stay informed with real-time RNS alerts sent directly to your email inbox.